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Plan to Open Bus Route across Thailand - Laos - Vietnam

July 02, 2022 - 272 views

Thailand is considering the possibility of bus lines connecting Laos and Vietnam. It's a great chance for those planning to visit the three countries on a budget vacation. Let's get details about the bus routes from Thailand, Laos, to Vietnam.

The Thai government is moving swiftly to build a bus route that would run along the R12 Highway from Nakhon Phanom, Thailand to Thakhek, Laos, and then to Ha Tinh, Vietnam.

Great news! Visitors may join the adventure and explore well-known locations in the three countries.

There are about 300 kilometers separate between Nakhon Phanom and Ha Tinh. The three cities are particularly appealing to tourists because of their proximity to natural beauties, including waterfalls, mountains, and beaches, as well as local temples and religious places.

The Distance From Nakhon Phanom To Ha Tinh Is Approximately 300 Kilometres

The Distance From Nakhon Phanom To Ha Tinh Is Approximately 300 Kilometres

Compared to the typical automobile travels on land borders or by flight, the bus excursion will provide a completely fresh experience.

This will be an excellent opportunity for you to travel to Indochina. So do you have any plans yet? Check your plan tour to hit your road now!!!

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