Top 10+ Best Things to Do in Cambodia 2023

Cambodia is a perfect destination. As soon as you get off the airport and are surrounded by the typical aroma of Southeast Asia, you should kick off your trip. Yes, the pleasure of traveling always begins with the five senses. These are the top 10+ best things to do in Cambodia that you won't forget in a lifetime!

Do you tend to stay at home after you can't easily travel? You may feel dull or have trouble moving your emotions. In such a case, why not try flying abroad to broaden your five senses and enjoy your trip? Cambodia is a perfect destination. As soon as you get off the airport and are surrounded by the typical aroma of Southeast Asia, you should kick off your trip. Yes, the pleasure of traveling always begins with the five senses.

Stimulate your eyes at the historic temple, listen to the market's lively voices, and enjoy authentic food. These are the top 10+ best things to do in Cambodia that you won't forget in a lifetime!

1. Explore Cambodia Temples

On the list of the top things to do in Cambodia is explore Cambodia temples. Culture and architecture are two categories that interact and influence each other. The Cambodia Temple complex is a sacred relic symbolizing the ancient empire's vast political, religious, and social centers.

You can't help but come to Siem Reap with the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat or Angkor Thom. This place will surprise you with its majesty and magnificence. It will take you a few days to go through this relic area. The city of Phnom Penh - the capital of Cambodia, is equally beautiful, with golden and silver pagodas and a splendid Royal Palace.

In the case of the Angkor complex, it is difficult for tourists to visit all in a short time due to the large area. However, there is an excellent way for visitors to use a hot air balloon. Angkor seems miniature as the temples loom hidden in the old forests.

Best Things To Do In Cambodia - Explore ancient temples

Discover the ancient temples in Cambodia

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2. Learn about Cambodia's History

Cambodia provides a national learning tour for anyone interested in history. The visitors better understand the heritages recognized by UNESCO as Angkor Wat. The form of the tour is a combination of narration with 3D technology and video presentation to bring new perspectives and experiences to visitors.

Besides, content is updated, supplemented, and renewed in approach, whereby information is introduced at different levels to serve the diverse needs of the public. The supplement of information from generalization to experience, 3D interaction, or material exploitation are available anytime. Furthermore, there are redirected programs for online learning. No matter where the vacationers are, they only equip a device with an internet connection and receive a code from the Museum staff. Then, it's ready to join the webinar!

Practical learning at monuments and museums is an effective form since it links theory with fact, creating a good effect in learning about history, culture, and words. For those who know to appreciate the traditional values ​of the nation, learning history is one of the best things to do in Cambodia.

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Learn Cambodia History

Learn about the history at the Cambodia museum

3. Relax in Nature at Koh Rong Samloem

As fondly called the island of paradise, Koh Rong Samloem attracts visitors with its beautiful natural scenery and its peaceful space. Under the romantic golden sunshine, the turquoise blue sea water and white sand make the tranquility of greenery. In addition, murmuring streams surrounded by giant limestone rocks and unspoiled fishing villages are something you can't miss, too. Take off your sandals and walk around the beach to feel the smoothness and relaxed feeling like never before!

In addition to swimming, you can also participate in many other exciting activities such as discovering the famous pearl breeding place, walking at the night market, and visiting many famous tourist attractions.

Especially, don't miss the moment when the sunset slowly falls on the sea. When the bright sunlight of the day has gradually subsided on the sea, the sky turns from yellow to red and then purple. The peace that sunset brings about is evident!

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Relaxing In Nature

Have fun in nature at Koh Rong Samloem (@momentsofyugen)

4. Ride A Cambodia Quad Bike

Off-road vehicles are relatively specially designed vehicles that can move very well on uneven terrain, especially terrain such as sandhills and deserts. In the case of Cambodia, the locals have turned the sport into an unlimited one and are suitable for most tourists. When participating in racing, you should prepare suitable cycling clothing. When racing off-road, you will be exposed to different environmental factors. You should wear waterproof socks, mountain biking shoes, and gloves.

When coming to the outskirts, visitors will have the opportunity to ride on 4-wheel terrain motorcycles and overcome steep sand slopes. It's time to freely conquer the white dunes. Once you've mastered the driving technique, test your skills and try to accelerate. While traversing rough and stimulating terrain, you'll be treated to stunning views. The feeling of driving is also the feeling of entering a world of your own. The roar of the car engine seems to create more excitement for players and viewers. After driving through the bends, the wheel's friction with the ground causes the dust to spread like a professional racing track.

There are many well-known places in Cambodia which are ideal places to satisfy quad bike adventure, and Quad bike in Phnom Penh is one of these 

So, don't hesitate and let's try Sunset by Quad Excursion Tour to uncover the hidden charm of Cambodia!

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Ride Cambodia Quad Bike

Enjoy sunset quad bike in Siem Reap (@foreverchasingwanderlust)

5. Try Horse Riding in Cambodia

In addition to the traditional form, horseback riding and its techniques have become an increasingly popular sport. Actually, it is a must-do in Cambodia. Whether you are a beginner to excursions or a professional rider, the tour operator will arrange the type of horse and provide trustworthy guidance for any audience.

Controlling the horse wandering through the wilderness will bring valuable experiences in your travel. Please remember to bring a camera to save the most beautiful and impressive moments during your horse riding excursion.

What can you do? It's to enjoy a relaxing ride by sitting leisurely on the backs of horses walking on the narrow paths, enjoying the peace of the cool air and the sound of the wind. If you go to the coastal area, the white sand surrounded by the crystal clear sea and the fresh scent of salt on the gentle sea breeze are things you can't ignore. This is a true paradise on earth, where the stress and bustle of modern society fade away, leaving only the beauty of nature.

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Try Horse Riding

Try horse riding in Cambodia (@thehappyranch)

6. Trek through the Jungle

One of the primary purposes of trekking is to see famous landmarks. Therefore, people can say that the journey to admire natural beauty is everyone's precious memory. At the same time, Cambodia trekking is also an opportunity to overview the life around us.

Nature return is the first goal when you come to this type of tourism. You come across the vast forest - clear blue sky - murmuring stream - green hillsides under white clouds. These are all about nature- things you can't find in the city, never feel through pictures.

After traveling, the visitors will reach the gathering point to rest. Everyone set up tents and tarps and prepared for dinner. In the evening, in the cold of the mountains, members sit around the campfire and share things in common. It's a good chance for any single to find a partner, right?

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Trek Through The Jungle

Go for a trek through the jungle trails

7. Taste Cambodian Local Street Food

Cambodia is one of the best street food destinations globally, with diverse and flavorful dishes. It will be a miss if you forget this best thing to do in Cambodia. Visitors can discover the brilliant cuisine scene in any street or alley without logging in to the luxury restaurants. While the street food of many other countries is more about fast food, you can also find the most sophisticated dishes in the alleys. Many tourists think they can only eat most of the restaurants' dishes easily found on the streets.

A typical example is a curry. This dish is usually made from beef, chicken, or fish, with eggplant, green beans, potatoes, and fresh coconut milk. Despite various ingredients, Khmer red curry has a greasy and fatty taste that is very simple to eat. This dish is often served with bread. Another thing is duck eggs are sold everywhere on the street. They are often boiled and then skewered on sticks and served with salt and pepper at meager prices.

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Best Things To Do In Cambodia Taste Local Street Food

Sample appetizing local street food

8. Cruise along the Mighty Mekong

Different from other tourist destinations, a cruise along the mighty Mekong follows the form of a yacht restaurant, creating a spacious and luxurious space. It allows the guests to enjoy the freshness while offering entertainment and food services. Thanks to the convenience, it makes your travel journey worth trying!

Each guest will have a different cabin, and all have a view of the surrounding river; the rooms are also highly comfortable. The significant point is that freshwater is served free, so you don't need to reserve water. Beer and wine will be accessible at lunch and dinner every day.

If you are looking for a simple but unforgettable experience, try to watch the sweet sunset on the Mekong River and enjoy the simple life of the locals. However, it's usually crowded on weekends, so you should book in advance or come early to choose a cable if you don't want to miss a great appointment.

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Cruise Along The Mekong

Experience a river cruise along the Mekong

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9. Witness The Khmer Performance with Apsara Dance

The Khmer people have a unique cultural heritage of dances, which were formed and developed during the development of this nation. The dance art of the Khmer people converges on the talent, knowledge, culture, and aesthetic values ​​of the community.

When drums catch up, each couple flexibly blends into the collective folk dances that are very soft and graceful. You will see people walking in a circle while looking at each other lovingly, showing affection. Because of the fast tempo, popular dances are performed by people in community activities, as long as trumpets and drums are heard. Thus, you will see these dances.

Apsara dance is close to everyone, so visitors can easily mingle with the atmosphere at the performances of the Khmer people. However, everyone must also follow certain principles when participating in the dance. One of those is that the lower status will dance first, then proceed to invite the guests, the elderly, to come out.

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Witness Apsara Dance

Admire the Khmer performance of the Apsara dance

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10. Try Cambodia Local Beers

Among the top 10 things to do in Cambodia, giving the local beer a try never fails to impress you for the first time. Local beers have become an indispensable part of the Mekong Delta nation. The iridescent golden drops are not only the vibrant yeast flavor that satisfies the drinker but also the scent that makes many people mesmerized as a specific product.

Among the beers produced, the most famous line is Angkor, which was impressed by many people from the West due to the intense, bold color of the bottle. As hidden in it is the rich flavor, the sweet taste mixed with the bitter taste of hops that makes many people happy. Every drop is crystallized from the spirit of Cambodians, bringing with it a traditional flavor that is both bold, simple, and full of generosity.

The local products are produced in a modern and closed production line, with a team of skilled workers and technicians. Professional and advanced processes combined with traditional fermentation have created a stable quality product, keeping the unique flavor.

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Try Local Beers

Try local beer from Cambodia

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11. Have a Taste of Cambodia Insects

Top things to do in Cambodia also list insect enjoying. Cambodia cuisine scores with international friends because of its richness and uniqueness in processing ingredients. The dishes made from insects show that uniqueness. Despite being insects, they become delicious and strange dishes after processing. We can see many kinds of fried insects for sale in markets, roadside shops, or entertainment areas. Before processing, insects are thoroughly seasoned. After stir-frying, they become crispy and golden with aroma, satisfying the most demanding customers.

In Cambodia, a separate market specializes in selling insects and exporting them to Vietnam, Thailand, and China. The insect market in Cambodia is also a familiar stop on the route from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. This place sells many kinds of insects, including grasshoppers, spiders, and crickets, which have been seasoned with delicious spices.

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Eat Some Insects

Have a taste of Cambodia's insects

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12. Explore Siem Reap on A Bike

Cycling is a form of travel that is healthy, convenient for moving, and flexible anywhere. The budget for a bike is more reasonable than taxis or buses. Cycling trips can be the best way for you to see how nature's beauties are up close.

Siem Reap bike tour offers both attractive tourist spots and new unspoiled lands. Many stunning stops that other tourism programs do not have will be revealed when on bicycles. And especially, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road you pass through. Visitors can cycle around the trails through the village, breathe in the fresh air or climb the high rocky slopes, then see the enchanting, peaceful scenery from the high point of view.

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Explore Siem Reap On A Bike

Discover Siem Reap on two wheels

By the way, it's your chance to be welcomed by the local people's friendliness and the traditional cultural features. It's a unique system that cannot be experienced when traveling by other means.

If you are eager to discover on a bike, let's see the best selections of Cambodia Cycling Tours to take a mesmerizing adventure with your partners.

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13. Admire Amazing Sunset at Angkor Temple

Along with dawn, sunset also captivates the soul with its magical beauty. If you are at Angkor, a relaxing session and being immersed in the romantic scenery of the sunset sky will be a great suggestion of the best things to do in Cambodia for you.

The time dusk is the moment that Angkor Wat wears a beautiful red cover. The scene is tinged with calm colors, making anyone passing through stop right away and stand at a corner to keep a wonderful time. You will have the opportunity to admire the antiquity of the entire Angkor Wat area. You feel like you're lost in a completely isolated ancient kingdom. And indeed, that moment will always stay in your mind.

The scene is more brilliant on sunny days when the sun's rays illuminate the rock formations. It is truly a dream viewing spot, which is why long lines of people quietly climb to the top of the hill in search of a moment of sunset. It's the once-in-blue moon occasion, buddies!

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Admire Amazing Sunset In Angkor Temple

Behold the captivating sunset at Angkor temple (@wheresjalex)

14. Grab Souvenirs from The Local Markets

The local markets have long been famous as the convergence of the cultural quintessence in general. If you have the opportunity to set foot, you definitely cannot ignore these attractive destinations. One of the Top 6 Things To Buy In Cambodia will definitely be an excellent choice to send memories and breathe from the nation. The market will pop all things you need in and available. Wooden music boxes ship a little rustic sound making it easy to impress the recipient who loves such soft stuff. Hot summer is no longer your enemy when the mini fan leisurely walks with you everywhere.

Cambodia's local market sells a variety of different items. The goods are rich in genres and diverse designs, marking the market as an ideal place to shop. Clothing, accessories, decorations, and handicrafts have affordable prices with pretty good quality. In addition, visitors can go for a chilling walk and fancy the cultural and artistic beauty of captivating street music.

The crowded space filled with all kinds of sound creates a lively picture, attracting many passersby. Be bold to pay the price and buy yourself the items you love!

Best Things To Do In Cambodia Grab Souvenirs From The Local Markets

Shop for Cambodia souvenirs at local markets

All these mentioned Cambodian things to do would help you discover the mysterious country in deeper exploration. Because of its warm climate and low prices, Cambodia is also characterized by a high repeat rate for those who visited once.

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