Cambodia Trekking & Hiking: Complete Guide for Amazing Trip

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For those who love a soft adventure into nature, this guide may help to introduce trekking & hiking tours in the most detail of ancient Cambodia - the cradle of Khmer culture. Apart from the ruins and Buddhist sites, Cambodia is also an ideal location for you to indulge in the unspoiled beauty of off-the-beaten-track jungles.

Are you ready for a new adventure? So, please tack in the complete guide below. Cambodia trekking and hiking preparation is no more a challenge!

Whenever you are craving a trek and hike, Cambodia never fails to impress you with the land of rugged jungles and endless paddies. There are all kinds of terrain just waiting to be explored on foot. Let's get started with our complete guide on trekking and hiking Cambodia. 

Why Do Trekking or Hiking in Cambodia?

Considered one of the best things to do in Cambodia, either trekking or hiking offers many reasons why everyone should try at least once. While hiking in Cambodia mostly goes on available routes, trekking is done on different terrain surfaces such as deserts or jungles. Fortunately, thanks to its thorny, majestic beauty with high peaks and cliffs, Cambodia is suitable for those new to these climbing sports.

  • Great support from the local guide

The Cambodia trekking and hiking routes are not as complicated as others, but there are many shrubs and thorns, so it will make it difficult for you in the process of moving. Besides, the terrain has many grassy hills and low forests, so the higher you go, the stronger the wind makes you lose a lot of strength. Many turns make it easy to lose your way, so don't be afraid to ask porters for help. They are indigenous people who will guide and support you in the process of moving.

  • Flat terrain even for beginners

The roads are pretty flat for those who take joy in hiking/ trekking, and you don't waste too much physical strength. Hiking and trekking in Cambodia is an activity that typically involves easy to moderate mobility; thus, it makes time for you to discover most gradually.

  • Spectacular views from the top

The mountain peaks of Cambodia after a trek/ hike are the ideal places to watch the sunset. When the sun just woke up, peeking behind the large and small stones until it shines clearly on each glorious scene on the top of the mountain. The whole sky is dyed a brilliant pink and then suddenly turns golden when the sun gradually rises, creating a location that is nowhere to be found.

Cambodia Trekking Views

Superb views from the top (credit: designerjourneys)

Best Time to Do A Hiking in Cambodia

It is believed that summer is very suitable for Cambodia trekking and hiking activities as it is a beautiful, sunny and windy season. This is also true, but depending on the route you choose. Before deciding, please consider some points to ensure security.

If you have come to Ho Chi Minh city, you will find that Cambodia's weather is quite similar to southern Vietnam. You will feel the difference between warm-dry (November – April) and humid-dry (May – October) conditions in the dry season. From May to October, the southwest monsoon blows into the country. Therefore, there is often heavy but short rain.

If you start a new year (December - March) with a hiking/ trekking trip in Cambodia, don't miss the scene of green grass, green forest trees, and blue sky, creating a picture of nature full of vitality. Otherwise, it will bring a wild array of colors in the burning season. The scattered yellow color of a few dried tree trunks printed on the blue sky makes the colors look like a vivid picture. The flaming yellow color stretches all the hills; above is the mist floating in the air, making it no different from the dreamland.

Best Time To Trek and Hike In Cambodia

The beautiful weather to start trekking and hiking in Cambodia

Top 5 Trekking Trails in Cambodia

1. Mondulkiri Province

Mondulkiri Province is well-known for heavenly waterfalls such as Bousra, Dakdam, and Pu Long. It is a must-visit trekking destination for those who love nature and are passionate about exploring. To conquer the waterfall trekking journey, you will cross the forest and wade through streams and dangerous mountainous terrains. These waterfalls are located in the middle of untouched old forests. It's time to come over a steep slope intertwined with swamps. All things happen like adventure movies in the jungle proto Amazon.

Mondulkiri Cambodia Trekking

Discover the trekking route in Mondulkiri (credit: BananaTrail)

But just seeing the waterfall, letting the steam blow on your body, your whole body will be revived with an even more vital energy source than when you started the journey. The priceless reward when discovering a waterfall is the experience of dropping into the cool water. Listen to the waterfall whispering in your ear to find moments of peaceful relaxation. Camp by the falls, catch your fish and make interesting new friends. And if you're lucky, you will see a magical rainbow at the foot of the waterfall, creating a beautiful scene like a fairyland.

2. Kulen Mountain

Mount Kulen in Siem Reap province is not very high with the form of a rolling hill. It is home to a religious complex. It is a mark of Hinduism, but Kulen Mountain also shows Buddhism's bold and long-standing influence on this sacred land.

The ideal check-in stop is the top at an altitude of 1,039m. From here, you can see the whole landscape of Angkor, zoom your eyes out and enjoy the untouched nature of life. At the top of this mountain, you can give yourself check-in photos among the poetic mountains. Indeed, it will be the hiking near Phnom Penh experience you can't miss.

Kulen Mountain Cambodia Trekking

Spectacular view of the mount Kulen

Along the way to the mountain, many restaurants and small stalls sell forest fruits, especially lychee. Tickets to the hill to visit are $ 20 for foreign tourists. There are many guides here to serve you attentively; even the local children are also quite surprised to be your guides.

3. Outskirts of Phnom Penh

If supposing hiking near Phnom Penh, there are also many places for you to conquer the trekking challenge without spending too much time traveling. Some areas for you are hills, lakes, and zone in a hydroelectric dam.

When climbing the mountain, visitors can take in the view of the green bamboo forest or rest under the shade of hundreds of years old trees. You can also see a hydroelectric dam with flowing water from the top of the mountain, catch the calm wind, and listen to many spiritual anecdotes. In the spirit of a weekend picnic to explore and relax, you can thoroughly prepare necessary items such as tents and food in advance.

Hiking Near Phnom Penh

Hiking near Phnom Penh

In addition to watching the hydroelectric power plant at discharge, a 7km trekking trip through the forest is not too long. Still, it immerses you in the mountains' tropical shady nature, creating an exhilarating and exhilarating and relaxing mood. If you are lucky, you can come across rare animals in the red book or strange plants.

4. The Cardamom Mountains

The highest peak of Cardamom is Phnom Aural peak, with an altitude of 1,813 m, and this is also the highest mountain in Cambodia. The climb is challenging but worth trying. If you are lucky, in addition to the inherent beauty of the mountains, you will also encounter beautiful moments of nature. The weather resonates with the hills and forests, and the terrain creates the most perfect, beautiful scenes.

Phnom Aural Trekking Hiking

Phnom Aural Trekking

The slope is quite steep, making everyone feel tired. But the deeper you go into the forest, nature will give us charming scenery. Two streams are flowing from upstream of the mountain. The picture of the stream is murmuring, blending with the beautiful green nature. The whispering sounds in the ears, and the cool air makes visitors want to stop here forever to watch the mountains and forests.

5. Ratanakiri Province

Ratanakiri is located in the remote northeastern highlands of the country. Thus, it is the perfect zone for anyone loving trekking. The province has a diverse topography, including rolling hills, mountains, plateaus, lowland basins, and crater lakes. The land is characterized by thick, broad-leaved old-growth forests and rich wildlife.

What can you expect? It's to enjoy the precious moment when the dawn breaks through the green hills, shining the day's first rays through the cloudy sky. Besides, it's time to experience group rowing and explore the lake in a new way. Spending a long night enjoying a delicious BBQ party will send you a heartwarming wine and tremendous companionship of friends. Trekking Ratanakiri is a must-do activity for anyone loving ecosystem travel.

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Local Tips for Trekking & Hiking in Cambodia

  • Weather

It is often said that knowledge is power, which is undoubtedly true of hiking Phnom Penh exploration. Knowing in advance weather conditions can help you become alert and provide protection plans for yourself and your companions when unexpected weather occurs.

2-3 days before departure, it is necessary to constantly check the weather of the trekking location to change the plan in time. A few online weather forecast websites help you preview the weather situation at that destination.

Unlike the plains, the mountains and forests become most dangerous in the rainy season. If subjected to heavy rain, an inherently peaceful stream can ultimately turn into a fast-flowing flood that sweeps away everything that dares to cross.

  • Local conditions

It would be best to consider the local conditions, such as opening policies. After two years of being heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, you may think about procedures for welcoming guests and infrastructure, human resources, and product quality.

Cambodia is a relatively safe tourist destination compared to other places. Especially in tourist cities like Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, more security forces are arranged to ensure the safety of tourists.

  • What to pack

Visitors should choose light and airy clothes as the weather is hot all year. Besides, don't forget to bring along hats, umbrellas, sunscreen, insect repellents, and a first-aid kit. You should wear flat shoes to avoid foot pain when moving continuously through the attractions.

Besides, a list of trekking gear like weather-appropriate clothing, hiking boots or shoes, a hiking backpack, navigation tools, and a light jacket is really essential for your comfort during the trip. Remember to prepare yourself with plenty of food and water, which give you more energy for physical activities. 

Cambodia trekking gear

Backpacking for hiking in Cambodia

  • Booking tour

There is no experience as valuable as asking for the experience of those who have been. You can ask experienced travelers about which agency is reputable, quality, and reliable to book a trekking/ hiking tour. Usually, those who have booked company tours, which units will know if the company organizes it professionally or not.

When all information is clear and transparent, it will be easy for us to handle if unexpected situations arise. When booking a trekking or hiking tour, visitors need to carefully read the content of the time, the tour schedule, and related. Do not forget to ask the consultant about what you still have questions about or are not clear about.

With its pristine beauty and challenging routes, Cambodia is a destination attracting many adventurous travelers. To quickly reopen the country to the influx of international tourists, Cambodia will never let you down! Let's pack up and engage in the Cambodia Adventure Tours at BestPrice Travel!


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