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4 Beautiful & Mysterious Caves in Cat Ba Island [Must-visit 2024]

January 02, 2024 - 2419 views

Cat Ba island is famous not only for its beautiful beaches and seafood but also for its nature with many beautiful and mysterious caves in Cat Ba National Park. Let’s make a tour to go around and know what we can see there.

4 Best Caves in Cat Ba

Hundreds of caves were found in Cat Ba Island, which local people used to store food, water, and for years, the Cat Ba caves became bomb – shelters for people who lived here. The four biggest and famous caves in Cat Ba cave system are introduced today because of their beauty and history.


1. Hospital Cave (or Military Hospital Cave)

  • Open: daily
  • Ticket fee: 40 000 VND ~ 1.72 USD
  • Location: center of Cat Ba National Park, 13 km away from Cat Ba town

Hospital Cave was built in 2 years, which started in 1963 and finished in 1965 in the time of Vietnam - American Army war. As its name, Hospital Cave (or Military Hospital Cave) is not only a normal cave but also a hospital and a shelter for the wounded soldiers, local people, and the leaders of the local Communist Party. More than 100 patients could be taken care of and in emergency cases, more than 2000 people could live here at the same time.

Hospital Cave

Hospital Cave

Starting from the first floor to the highest one, there are three floors in the Hospital Cave. The first floor was made of concrete, the front door and back door were made of thick steel therefore people here could survive from the air or land attacks. And there is a small hole in 2 doors to check the daily entrance code, saying the wrong password code would be shot right away. Passing the security check, you enter the space of the Hospital with 14 function rooms (kitchen room, weapon room, medicine room, surgery room and etc.). Those rooms are so small that raise thinking how hard the war was and how local people were alive in that case.

Moving on your steps through the bathroom and walking up the stairs, you will meet the second floor, which was used as a small cinema and a place for morning exercise. Walking stairs (for visitors) were built when the cave was opened for tourists in the 1990s. In wartime, you had to climb the steep stairs to enter it, which was a security method. The third floor is not opened, so you are not allowed to get in. It used to be the place for the leaders of local Communist Party. Do not miss the small pools on the way out, which were water storage and a fast escape way. If the enemy attacked the cave, they could make a fast jump from the second and third floor to the pool to defend the cave or withdraw from the battle.


2. Trung Trang Cave

  • Open: daily
  • Ticket fee: 80 000 VND ~ 3.44 USD
  • Location: center of Cat Ba National Park, 15 km away from Cat Ba town

Trung Trang Cave is located in the same name valley - the biggest one in Cat Ba Island. It runs through the heart of the mountains, therefore, the entrance and exit way are different. Passing the ticket check, you will walk up the stairs leading to the “front door” of Trung Trang Cave. Let’s take some photos to keep your memory of raw nature on the top mountain of the green jungle. The way to walk in is very slippery and narrow, so watch your steps. Right from the beginning, the cave is outstanding from the Cat Ba cave system with its stalactites and stalagmites. Those are beautiful, brightly shiny in many shapes, which can create a waterfall when it rains heavily. If your brain is imaginary enough, you may see the elephant, crocodile, and other animals here, looking at you.

Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang cave is also the home of many bats. The deeper you explore the cave, the more bats you will see. Especially, in the middle of the cave, some empty stalactites and stalagmites can play the sound when gently hitting them with the small rock. Try to make your music song from those.

Besides, Trung Trang Cave is unique with the local altars there. Locals usually come to visit, clean, and put incense sticks to ask the Mountain Gods for their fortune, longevity, and prosperity. Moreover, there is a small water tank, which keeps the rainwater from the roof. The old people in Trung Trang said that it is the water from heaven, which can heal your sadness, stop your sorrow and start your happiness. The magic water is as the ambassador of the Mountain Gods, which sends your wishes to them. Wash your hands, clean your face, and wish in front of the altars. Ask for a boyfriend/ girlfriend if you would like to have one.


3. Hoa Cuong Cave

  • Open: daily
  • Ticket fee: 30 000 VND ~ 1.29 USD
  • Location: center of Cat Ba National Park, 20 km away from Cat Ba town

Hoa Cuong Cave is in the northeast mountain rain of Cat Ba Island, which is also a must-visit place in Cat Ba cave system. The cave is 100 m long and 10 m tall, 50 m above sea level. At the entrance of the cave, visitors will be surprised by the amazing stalactites and stalagmites. When the sun rises, it sparkles under the effect of the small lakes in the caves. What a beauty! This is the reason the name of the cave is Hoa Cuong Cave, which means Diamond cave in Vietnamese. Furthermore, the Hoa Cuong cave claimed its meaning of history. Which they found the teeth of prehistoric humans here aged 10 000 years ago proves the appearance of prehistoric humans in Vietnam for thousands of years ago.

Hoa Cuong Cave

Hoa Cuong Cave


4. Phu Long Cave

  • Open: daily
  • Ticket fee: 120 000 VND ~ 5.16 USD
  • Location: center of Cat Ba National Park, 40 minutes of driving from Cat Ba town

Phu Long Cave was recently explored and called in different names by locals such as Khau Quy, Thien Long. Its official name originates from its location in Phu Long Commune and is famous among Cat Ba caves.

Phu Long cave separates its 3 different chambers. In each one, visitors will see a great number of majestic stalactites and stalagmites. Water is still running from the roof through those makes the best peaceful sound you have ever heard in your lifetime. Do not hesitate to try drinking it. Sweet and pure water will clean your “rainy” days forever.

Phu Long Cave

Phu Long Cave


Inside the first chamber, tourists will see a huge stone, 1.5 m tall, which’s created by nature over millions of years. Touching it with a piece of rock makes a beautiful sound of music. Why don’t you live here and open a band? The second chamber seems a little smaller but it is not less beautiful than the first one. Many columns of stalactites that hang from the roof of the cave and touch the ground make them look like the roots of old trees. Watching this beauty, the locals called it the ladder to heaven.

The second chamber of Phu Long cave is also the world of animals. Let’s think about the lion, horse, dog and etc., and you will see them there, in the shape of stalactites and stalagmites. To enter the last chamber, visitors must climb over a large and big stalactite which shapes as a turtle. Depending on your imagination, you will see more or fewer animals here.

You definitely would like to enjoy the adventure of these 4 beautiful and mysterious caves in Cat Ba Island. Pack your luggage then go ahead to Cat Ba and take your loving time. Check BestPrice Travel for your best package trip or Cat Ba Cruise which included visit one of these caves. Cheers!


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