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10+ Tasty Chinese Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City to Taste Great Dim Sum

March 15, 2023 - 3071 views

In Ho Chi Minh, Chinese restaurants are always available for food lovers to visit and enjoy their meals. Those with the best dishes include Shang Garden, Haidilao, San Fu Lau Chinese Restaurant, and more. 

1. Shang Garden Chinese Restaurant

  • Address: no.1A, Ton That Tung St., Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1
  • Open hour: 8.30 am - 2 pm; 5.30 pm - 10 pm 
  • Price range: $8.69 - $21.74 (200,000 VND - 500.000 VND) 

Located right in the city center, Shang Garden is the luxury restaurant that would serve you the tastiest and most authentic Chinese food in Saigon. 

The restaurant itself is quite famous for the Beijing duck, Dimsums, and fried rice, which are also highly recommended when you come here for the first time. Besides, other dishes like beef noodles and stir-fried broccoli are really worth trying. To try more, you can come here with a group of 4 to 5 people. 

The experience of enjoying your dishes with some Chilean Sauvignon, and chit-chatting is enjoyable in such a fancy cozy space which is a good point. As a luxury restaurant, Shang Garden puts great emphasis on its interior design, mixing the modern style of architecture with some Chinese traditional factors in furniture to create a luxury comfortable space.

With all that features, having your meal in this Chinese restaurant in Ho Chi Minh is definitely worth the price. 

Shang Garden Chinese Restaurant


2. Li Bai Restaurant

  • Address: Sheraton Saigon Hotels & Towers, level 2 no.88, Dong Khoi St., District 1
  • Open hour: 10 am - 2.30 pm; 6 pm - 10 pm 
  • Price range: $21.74 - $43.47 (500,000 VND - 1,000,000 VND) 

Rated 5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor, Li Bai Restaurant is highly appreciated in terms of foods, services, and the inside space. 

Coming here for the first time, you will be impressed by the ambience of a Chinese expensive restaurant in which everything is modern and well-decorated. However, it will not be uncomfortably luxurious but, along with the friendly attentive staff, will make you feel quite comfortable and enjoyable. 

For the dishes, most of them here are delicious, easy to eat, and worth their price. Among those, Zhenjiang grilled ribs, Beijing roasted duck, and Dimsums are the signatures. Besides, vegan options are really good. 

If you want to try Chinese food in Saigon, you can come here for lunch or dinner. As the dining space is private and peaceful, it is suitable for gatherings or meetings with your friends or family, and also couples' date nights. Imagine enjoying your appetizing meals with a view over one of the most vibrant streets in Ho Chi Minh. How enjoyable it will be!

Li Bai Chinese Restaurant Ho Chi Minh

Li Bai Chinese Restaurant


3. Haidilao Hotpot Restaurant

  • Address: Bitexco Financial Tower, no.2 Hai Trieu St., Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
  • Open hour: 10 am - 4 am 
  • Price range: $2.17 - $13.04 (50,000 VND - 300,000 VND)

Haidilao is a famous hotpot brand in China, now getting popular in Vietnam. The restaurant offers a wide range of hotpots and side dishes for you to choose from and try. However, as the price of each is pretty high, think twice when you choose something. 

For the soup, you can opt for one to four different kinds at the same time. The spicy soup is one of the signatures and has the most traditional flavor but can be oily and hard for kids to eat. If you have children or just don’t like the spiciness, mushroom or tomato soup will be more suitable. To eat with hotpot soups, beef, seafood, and cheese tofu are highly recommended. 

In Haidilao, guests can self-make their sauce by following several instructions or creating on their own. How interesting the experience is! 

Unlike other Chinese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city, Haidilao has an ambience of the modern one with private dining spaces and application of technology. The restaurant, in general, is more suitable for the young, so if you have a hangout night with your friends, come here to try some Chinese food. 

Averagely, a meal in Haidilao will cost you $13.04 (300,000 VND) per person, which is quite worth it with fresh delicious food and good services.

Haidilao Hotpot Restaurant


4. San Fu Lou Chinese Restaurant

  • Address: AB Tower, no.76A, Le Lai St., District 1
  • Open hour: 7 am - 3 am 
  • Price range: $2.17 - $13.04 (50,000 VND - 300,000 VND)

Since its first grand opening in Ho Chi Minh, San Fu Lou Chinese restaurant has soon earned an excellent reputation for its food quality, stunning decoration, and reasonable price. 

The restaurant itself is committed to providing great-tasting food with healthy cooking techniques and hygiene. Coming here, you will have a chance to try Cantonese cuisine, of which some signatures are dim sum, dumpling, beef, and noodle soup. The special thing is that all are cooked from garden-fresh ingredients and with less oil than in other Chinese restaurants. 

Besides, vegan and gluten-free options are available and taste pretty good. 

For decoration and interior design, the traditional concept of a Chinese kitchen is brought to a new level of sophistication with a contemporary Oriental ambiance replete with the colors and material of a traditional Chinese "house”. 

Also, the restaurant is the first in Vietnam to allow diners to take in a visual feast before the food is served. At such a reasonable price, having your meals in San Fu Lou Chinese Restaurant is a real bargain. 

San Fu Lou Chinese Restaurant


5. Hao Yu Grilled Fish

  • Address: no.17 - 19,  Ho Xuan Huong St., Ward 6, District 3
  • Open hour: 11 am - 2 pm; 5 pm - 10 pm
  • Price range: $2.17 - $21.74 (50,000 VND - 500,000 VND) 

If you are eager to try Chinese traditional food, then the Sichuan grilled fish at Hao Yu restaurant will never let you down. 

The fish here is extremely fresh and clean. When cooked with the special spicy sauce, they would give you a really good taste that makes you want to eat more. On choosing this dish to try, you will be served with a large pan in which a fish is warmed continuously with a lot of peppers. The meat is; therefore, soft, sweet, juicy, and spicy enough to satisfy your taste. 

Besides, other Chinese fish and beef dishes are quite good, easy to eat, and worth the price. For the inside space, this Chinese restaurant in Ho Chi Minh is designed in the traditional style with a cozy atmosphere and stunning furniture, great for taking some photos. 

Hao Yu Grilled Fish is suitable for family gatherings, friends' hangouts, and couple’s date nights. As the dining space is private and peaceful, you can freely enjoy your meal and chit-chat with each other. 

Hao Yu Grilled Fish Restaurant Saigon


6. Crystal Jade Palace

  • Address: Legend Hotel, no.2A - 4A, Ton Duc Thang St. Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
  • Open hour: 11 am - 2 pm; 5 pm - 10 pm
  • Price range: $2.78 - $21.74 (66,000 VND - 500,000 VND)

Crystal Jade Palace is one of the most famous Chinese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city. 

On coming here for the first time, you will be impressed by the stunning interior design of the restaurant. With all wooden furniture and soft light, it brings diners a sense of coziness and tranquility. Also, the view over the swimming pool is quite stunning, suitable for an enjoyable meal with delicious Chinese food. 

Crystal Jade Palace is famous for its dim sum, which is fresh, light, chewy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. As this dish is only served in the evening, you can consider having dinner here. 

Other Chinese foods like baozi, chicken feet, and roasted duck are also worth a try. The price of each dish is quite reasonable so even budget travelers can come here to have an appetizing meal.

Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant


7. Tan Hai Van Chinese Restaurant

  • Address: no.158 - 154, Nguyen Trai St., District 1
  • Open hour: 6 am - 11 pm 
  • Price range: $2.17 - $14.35 (50,000 VND - 330,000 VND)

If you are curious about a dim sum and dumpling buffet, you can come to Tan Hai Van to try it. The restaurant will never let you down. 

Here, like in Crystal Jade Palace, the dim sum, along with the dumpling, is one of the signatures. On opting for some, you will be offered a wide range of choices, from the original to seafood dim sum. All are fresh, light, and flavorful. 

As the dim sum here is quite famous, the dim sum buffet is served every night for diners to try as much as they can at a reasonable price. Therefore, if you are into this Chinese food, it can be a bargain. 

Besides, you can try other foods like noodles, soap, or cooked duck, which are quite recommended. Vegan options are available for those leading a healthy life. 

Tan Hai Van Chinese Restaurant Saigon


8. Dim Tu Tac

  • Address: no.29B, Tran Hung Dao St., Ward 6, District 5
  • Open hour: 9 am - 10.30 pm 
  • Price range: $4.35 - $121.74 (100,000 VND - 500,000 VND)

Rated 4 out of 5 on Tripadvisor, Dim Tu Tac is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Saigon. 

On coming here, you can freely choose and try Chinese dishes as they are all really good. Among them, dim sum, dumplings, Beijing roasted duck, Sichuan tofu, and duck rice are the most recommended. The price here is quite high. However, considering the food quality, fancy interior design, and ideal location, it is definitely worth it. 

Dim Tu Tac Chinese Restaurant Ho Chi Minh


9. Spice World Hotpot

  • Address: no.1061 - 1063 - 1065, Tran Hung Dao St., Ward 5, District 5
  • Open hour: 11 am - 11pm 
  • Price range: $1.26 - $9.95 (29,000 VND - 229,000 VND)

With the flavorful Chinese hotpot, traditional decoration, and convenient location, Spice World Hotpot is definitely a worth trying Chinese restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Like Haidilao Hot Pot, the restaurant serves diners with Chinese hotpot and side dishes, but at a lower price. Coming here, you can choose to try Sichuan spicy hotpot soup with beef, seafood, and tofu as it tastes really good. 

Though served at a lower price, every dish here is still of great quality as it is all garden-fresh and cooked in a high hygiene standard. 

If you are planning to try some Chinese hotpot on a budget, Spice World will never let you down. You can come here with your friends or family as eating hotpots with friends or family is always better, and when you come in a group, the cost per person will be quite reasonable. 

Spice World Hotpot Restaurant


10. C.Tao Restaurant

  • Address: no.190 - 192, Vo Van Kiet St., Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1
  • Open hour: 10 am - 2pm 
  • Price range: $2.17 - $7.82 (50,000 VND - 180000 VND)

C.Tao restaurant is quite a popular Chinese restaurant in Ho Chi Minh as it is easy to see, and the food here is easy to eat. 

The signature dishes of the restaurant are Macau roasted pork side, roasted chicken, baozi, and Fujian noodles. All are delicious and suitable for both children and adults so if you have kids, having your meal here is great. 

Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn’t offer many kinds of dim sum. However, those available are also really good. The cost of a meal in C.Tao is quite reasonable, on average $8.69 (200,000 VND) per person. Therefore, those budget travelers will have a delicious meal at such a good price. 

C  Tao Restaurant Saigon


11. Soa Soa Hotpot Restaurant

  • Address: no.64, Pham Ngoc Thach St., Ward 6, District 3
  • Open hour: 11 am - 2 pm; 4 pm - 10 pm 
  • Price range: $5.65 - $6.52 (130,000 VND - 150,000 VND)

As one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city, Soa Soa Hotpot restaurant can serve diners the delicious hotpot and grilled meat at a low price. Coming here, besides the signature Chinese hotpot, you can try some grilled dishes like fish, shrimp, and squid with spicy Sichuan sauce as they are really good. 

Though served at a low price, every dish here still has good quality as all the ingredients are garden-fresh. Therefore, this can be an ideal place for you and your friends to hang out and try some Chinese food. 

Soa Soa Hotpot Restaurant Saigon

Soa Soa Restaurant Hotpot set


12. Hotpot & Dimsum Town

  • Address: no.92, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St., Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 
  • Open hour: 10 am - 9 pm 
  • Price range: $1.65 - $8.26 (38,000 VND - 199,000 VND)

Like Soa Soa Hotpot restaurant, Hotpot & Dimsum Town provides delicious hotpot at a reasonable price, suitable for budget travelers. 

On having your meal here, you can order Tom Yum or tomato hot pot soup to eat with beef and seafood. The soup is aromatic and flavourful with many Chinese ingredients, and the meat is clean, fresh, and sweet. You will then be surprised by the cost of such a meal, which is only $8,68. Besides, the dim sum here is quite good, so while enjoying the hot pot, you can order one to try. 

Hotpot & Dimsum Town Restaurant Saigon

Above is our recommendation for 10+ tasty Chinese Restaurants. If you have any questions or find the Ho Chi Minh tour, please contact us through our website. We are always here to help you with the best experience.

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