Cong Dam Area Halong Bay

You cannot understand fully about Halong Bay without visiting Cong Dam village. Here tourists have chance to learn more about the floating life of local people, their daily life, traditional culture and admire the simple beauty of this village on a vast expanse of water.

What to see
This place is considered as an outdoor geological museum with the highlight is a plenty of mountains formed by a stack of huge rock, which looks like the amazing arrangement of "mother nature". There is also the area which includes many coral reefs, underground limestone, underwater caves, etc. Besides, surrounding Cong Dam village are many different islets and beautiful beaches.
The most outstanding highlight in Cong Dam is a small ancient village floating on a vast expanse of clear water. Being an old village with the population of only 120 people, Cong Dam fishing village has retained its traditional fishing culture.

Cong Dam Area

Cong Dam Area

What to do
In Cong Dam village, tourists can chat with friendly local people, hear them talk about their memories of life, how they did to get over big storms, what they do to gain their living, etc. Moreover, have chance to participate in many interesting activities such as rowing boat or kayaking to discover mysterious caves or enjoy dreaming beaches nearby. If you have time, do not forget to go fishing or grow trees with local people.

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