Cong Dam Area

Located on the wonderful Bai Tu Long Bay, the Cong Dam area is known for its majestic and poetic natural beauty of an open-air geological museum. Here you will have a chance to learn more about the floating life of local people, their daily life, and traditional culture and admire the simple beauty of this village on a vast expanse of water.

Cong Dam Village

Wonderful Cong Dam Village in the same name area


Coming to Cong Dam Area, your mind will be blown by its majestic scenery and the serene landscape on the bay. Let’s freak out about what makes this magic area become special!

  • This area owns a magnificent cave of the same name with a total length of 240m and an area of more than 1000m2
  • It also has a floating village with a similar name, which only more than 120 people in the total population.
  • Cong Dam Area still retains unspoiled beauty and the fresh ocean because of its location far away from the mainland.


Attractive Things 

Things to do in Cong Dam Area

Explore the wonderful culture in the fishing village

Cong Dam fishing village is an old, small village that keeps intact the traditional culture of fishing. The old village with about 120 people, but they live together very sincerely and, friendly, likable. 

Have a chance to discover the interesting fishing culture, here is some advice for your exploration:

  • Let’s experience daily work with locals and share with them the precious things in life
  • Learn about their fishing history life, how they did to get over big storms, what they did to gain their living, etc
  • Go fishing or grow mangrove trees with local people

Admire the significance of majestic mountains and beautiful scenery

Coming to Cong Dam Area, here is a list of things you should not miss to admire the majestic of this land:

  • Rowing a boat or kayaking is THE BEST WAY to discover mysterious caves
  • Enjoying dreaming beaches nearby
  • Cong Dam Cave is a “MUST-TRY” attraction when visit

Various Interesting Activities In Cong Dam Area

Various Interesting Activities wait for you in Cong Dam Area


How to get there?

Due to the distance between the attraction point and the mainland being too far, the only and also the best way to visit Cong Dam Area is to join a Bai Tu Long Bay Overnight Cruise. But notice that not every Bai Tu Long Cruise visits Cong Dam, so you should book an overnight cruise that has this destination in its itinerary to explore during the journey.

Cong Dam Area Cruise Map

Cong Dam Area Cruise Map

Here is a list of Cruises that visit the Cong Dam Area for your choosing:

Cruise Price from (Per pax)
Signature Cruise US $203 150/pax
Signature Royal Cruise US $203 150/pax
Swan Cruise US $175 137/pax
Renea Cruise US $184 144/pax
L'amour Private Junk US $356 347/pax

Besides exploring Cong Dam Area, spending your vacation on an overnight cruise also gives you a chance to experience various interesting activities onboard, such as squid fishing, morning Taichi Class, etc. BestPrice Travel has lots of HOT DEAL for your vacation, let's book your cruise now!

Book Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise

Travel Advice

  • Kayaking and sitting on a bamboo boat is the BEST way to get around Cong Dam Area
  • MUST-TRY attractions: Cong Dam Village and Cong Dam Cave
  • Remember to bring clothes, shoes, hats, glasses, and towels… to protect your body from sunshine and UV
  • Medicines: Anti-sickness drugs, anti-sickness drugs, insect bites ...
  • Electronic devices: Cameras, camcorders, laptops… to record moments in life
  • There will be hungry on the way to Cong Dam Area, so you should prepare bread, sausages, and drinks… before beginning the trip

If you are wondering where to get helpful information for your trip to Halong Bay, remember BestPrice Travel Team with Travel Experts will always be ready to answer all your questions!

Trip that visit Cong Dam Area

Dragon Pearl Junk 3 Days 2 Nights
Dragon Pearl Junk 3 Days 2 Nights
9.3Excellent - 106 reviews
$332 $319 /pax
L'amour Private Junk 4 Days 3 Nights
L'amour Private Junk 4 Days 3 Nights
10.0Excellent - 1 review
$1,039 $966 /pax

Cong Dam Area Map

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