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Da Lat Weather in February: Temperature & Things to Do

December 22, 2023 - 869 views

February is the most beautiful time of the year in Da Lat. At this time, the climate is cool, the air is fresh, the whole of Da Lat seems to put on a new, colorful outfit of blooming flowers. Let's take a look at the following useful information about weather and tourism Da Lat in February to have a wonderful and complete trip.

Da Lat weather in February overview

February is one of the most beautiful months of the year to visit Da Lat. The weather is nice, cool & chilly. It is sunny during day time and cold at night. You should bring warm clothes because the temperature in the early morning and late-night at is only about 12°C to 15°C.

Travel in Feb you can enjoy all outdoor activities like walking, trekking, cycling, kayaking.. because it is dry and less rain. Let's have look at Da Lat weather in February below.

Min Temperature  13°C Precipitation  24mm
Max Temperature  26°C Rainy Days  6
Humidity 77.1% Sunshine Hours  8.4 hours/ day


Da Lat weather in February

Pros: The weather is pleasant. Da Lat has beautiful cherry blossoms, the roads are full of pink cherry blossoms. This is also the season for purple phoenix flowers, buckwheat flowers, and red flowers.

Cons: The number of tourists increases significantly, so the price of rooms in Dalat during Tet is often increased. So to have a complete trip to Dalat, you need to book travel services at least 1 - 2 months in advance.


Things to do in Dalat in February

Visit the Valley of Love

On Valentine's Day every year in the Valley of Love, there is often a festival for lovers. Couples in love can also hang locks on the love bridge, make wishes by the love tree, save fingerprints and signatures on heart-shaped bricks at the Valley of Love resort. Valley of Love is a tourist destination that never makes visitors to Da Lat bored. There is always new things in the valley every day. Everyone coming to Da Lat wants to visit this famous tourist destination.

The Valley of Love

Visit the Valley of Love


Take a walk around Xuan Huong Lake

Every spring in February, by the lake, there are apricot blooming under the gentle sunlight, in the chilly air. Walking around the lake this time, you will see the lovely and tender petals of the cherry blossoms. Early in the morning, walking around the lake, you can feel the breath of the city. At night, you can enjoy the typical dishes of the city such as grilled sweet potatoes, grilled corn, grilled eggs, or grilled rice paper...along the lake.


Flowers Garden of the city

Da Lat city is known as the place where thousands of flowers bloom all year round. When tourists come to Da Lat, they are immersed in the brilliant colors of flowers to enjoy the most wonderful moments. One of the highlights that visitors love Dalat is Dalat flower park, also known as Dalat City Flower Garden. The place is created and cared for by the skillful Da Lat people every day in order to create a beautiful and friendly Da Lat image.


Visit Dalat Strawberry Garden

February in Da Lat is the main harvest season of strawberries. Da Lat's climate is suitable for this kind of fruit. February is the time when the strawberry gardens are at their most fruitful, they are very sweet and ripe. The flavor is more fragrant, the taste is sweet and sour, and it is crispy, so it is increasingly popular with Dalat gardeners. Visiting the strawberry garden, you can take virtual photos, pick up and enjoy these round and ripe western fruits. You can also learn about how to fertilize or grow strawberries if you intend to build a small garden at home.

Eat a lot of local vegetables and fruits

Visit Dalat Strawberry Garden


Trek to conquer the high mountain

February is a great time for trekking as the air is warm and fresh, the sky is light and blue. The sun is not too harsh. This time, the lawns turn to a vibrant green color, and you can freely experience and conquer the endless high mountains in this dreamy mountain town of Da lat is a beautiful high mountain peak. Trekking to this mountain in February could be a unique and interesting experience during your trip.


Tips for traveling Dalat in February

Traveling in Dalat in February, tourist places, dining, and entertainment are crowded with people. Moreover, the price for transfer, accommodation can be high. You have to well prepare for the holiday and book all the services early in advance.

What to pack?

The weather in Dalat in February has a difference between day and night, so you should bring your clothes for both day and night time.

+ Clothes: During the day, you can put on thin and light clothes with bright colors. The bright colors of the clothes will make the picture stand out. Clothes with white, pastel color ... will help you have a very romantic photo set, suitable for the spring atmosphere of the city of thousands of flowers. At night, wear autumn-winter coats, light and cardigan sweaters, and a scarf. These are all necessary accessories to keep yourself warm for this February trip to Dalat.

+ Shoes: You can wear boots that are both fashionable and warm. However, note that you should only bring it when going to the city or places where you do not have to walk too much. And if you go far from the center, go trekking, ... then a pair of sports shoes or flat shoes are the first priority. Da Lat these days sometimes has unexpected drizzle, you should bring an extra pair of sandals.

Above is useful information about Dalat in February, hope that you will have a great time in this beautiful city. If there is anything you need to know about Dalat, any services you can book, do not hesitate to contact us.

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