Don Khone Island Laos

Don Khone Island is a small island in Si Phan Don. The scenery of this island is similar to countryside of Vietnam that attracts hundreds of foreign tourists every day.

Don Khone IslandTourists Looking At The Mekong River

Don Dhet and Don Khone Island are the 2 biggest islands in Si Phan Don, connected with each other by an old bridge. The fresh air buffaloes grazing grass and the children playing on the Mekong River which all make a peaceful countryside picture. There is only 1 trail in from the beginning to the end of the island. The village has a few small houses with a hammock or old swing at the corner of the garden in each house. If you stay here overnight, notice that the water and electricity will be turned off at 11 pm and can be bothered by the noise of mosquito and insect sound. The price for each room is about US $10.

Don Khone Island

Don Khone Island

Hiring a bicycle to visit all over Don Khone Island is also an interesting activity here. You will have time to enjoy the cool breeze on your face when you are crossing a green field. Admiring the forest at the end of the trail or fishing on the riverside are also the best choices to relax. You may be find an elegant French restaurant, Italian restaurant or just a simple Lao noodle restaurant on the riverside. All are available on this small island at a reasonable price.

Tourists Looking At The Mekong River

Tourists Looking At The Mekong River

Coming to Don Khone Island, you can be missed a chance to admire Khone waterfall, the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia. Khone waterfall is also known as Khone Phapheng waterfall. Although it is only 21 m high, Khone waterfall is over 10 km in length and 5 km in width. This majestic waterfall attracts thousands tourists coming to explore this area every year.

To reach this peaceful island, you have to catch a ferry at Ban Nakasang pier. The ticket to visit Don Khone Island costs about US $2 per ticket and only available from 7 am to 17 pm.

Don Khone Island Map

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