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Experience 5 Free Things to Do in Hue

July 12, 2023 - 578 views

Hue is famous for its ancient and graceful beauty. Visiting Hue, tourists do not miss historical sites such as mysterious tombs of emperors in Nguyen Dynasty, Truong Tien Bridge, Imperial Citadel, etc. So what are free things tourists can do in Hue? Let’s explore with us top 5 things to do in Hue in this article.

There are a lot of interesting activities tourists can do when coming to Hue. Here are some suggestions of 5 free things to do in Hue.

Experience 5 free things to do in Hue

Experience 5 free things to do in Hue

Take Dragon boat and enjoy the beauty of Perfume river

Perfume River, also known as Huong river or Huong Giang, possesses graceful and poetic beauty. It is 80 kilometers long flowing through many beautiful forests before reaching Hue. A visitor after visiting Hue comments that his visit to Hue would not be complete without a boat excursion on the gentle Perfume River, or else he cannot feel the romance of Hue.
The two sides of the river with the poetic and charming scenery of rowing willow and ancient roofs in Bao Vinh Old town fascinate tourists. Taking a dragon boat at night, tourists have an opportunity to enjoy a light party on Perfume River. Especially, the river becomes much more beautiful on lantern festival nights with colorful flowers, colorful lights. How wonderful it is when indulging in the sparkling and magical beauty of the graceful river on the dragon boat. Let’s note it down into your list of free things to do in Hue.

Take Dragon Boat And Enjoy The Beauty Of Perfume River

Take Dragon Boat And Enjoy The Beauty Of Perfume River

Do shopping at Dong Ba Market and see the daily life of local people

Dong Ba market is the most famous market in Hue. It is a big mistake to miss Dong Ba market during the journey to Hue. Dong Ba market’s area is 15,600 square kilometers including a three-storey building in the center, which is called “Lau Chuong”. It is surrounded by houses forming U-shape belt. It is a busy trading area with several kinds of goods from specialties, clothes, handicraft items to local street food. Coming to Dong Ba market, tourists are not only surprised by the diversity of items but also the hospitality of local people. The ideal time to visit Dong Ba market is in the afternoon after ending tours to tombs, pagodas and temples in the morning. At this time, tourists have more choices for tasting local street food than in the morning. Besides, it is much easier for tourists to bargain with sellers if they come to the market in the afternoon. The reason is that sellers in Hue as well as in Vietnam believe that first customers will bring fortune to their shops during the whole day. Thus, customers bargain without buying their products might affect their business on that day.

Besides, a lot of delicious special dishes are ready for tourists to try at Dong Ba market. It is so great to taste unique food such as Banh Khoai, Bun Bo Hue, Banh Bot Loc, Che Hue, etc. Dong Ba market is definitely an ideal place that food lovers cannot miss.

Shopping at Dong Ba market

Do shopping at Dong Ba market 

Visit traditional crafting villages

Coming to Hue, tourists not only visit famous sites such as Imperial Citadel, Truong Tien bridge but also have a chance to experience Hue traditional culture, customs when reaching to traditional crafting village. There are several interesting traditional crafting villages where visitors can come in Hue such as conical hat making in Tay Ho village, Phuoc Tich pottery village, Thanh Tien paper flower village, Sinh painting village. Visiting these crafting villages, tourists can discover how to make unique Vietnamese products colorful paper flowers, delicating conical hats, artistic masterpieces, skillful pottery products. It is also a great chance to broaden knowledge about history as well as the culture in Hue. Visiting traditional crafting villages is a great activity for tourists when they have free time.

Visit Traditional Crafting Villages

Visit Traditional Crafting Villages

Explore Thuy Tien Lake alone

Thuy Tien Lake belongs to Thuy Tien Water park is an abandoned park in Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy district in Hue. This is an ideal place for those loving adventure, spiritual stories. Coming to Thuy Tien Lake, tourists freely explore the wild and ghostly beauty. The slides, abandoned crocodile lake or the dragon mouth at the gate of the aquarium will make you "creepy" by reminding horror movies.

Explore Thuy Tien Lake Alone

Explore Thuy Tien Lake Alone

Take cyclo to admire Hue’s charming beauty

There are many ways to explore Hue city but sitting on a cyclo and admire romance of Hue give you a totally new experience. How fantastic it is when experiencing a peaceful and rustic life as well as seeing the daily life of locals on a cyclo. Joining a cyclo trip, tourists will immerse in the romantic sceneries and slowly discover each street, each alley bringing ancient beauty of the former capital of Vietnam. Additionally, on the way, tourists can stop by street vendors to enjoy some snacks, buy some souvenirs, and communicate with Hue local people. This is such a great experience and a highlight of Vietnam trip.

Take Cyclo To Admire Hue’s Charming Beauty

Take Cyclo To Admire Hue’s Charming Beauty

To conclude, there are a variety of activities tourists can do on their own when visiting Hue. Hope this article on the top 5 free things to do in Hue will be helpful for your upcoming trip.

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