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Top 7 Unusual Things to Do in Hue

December 22, 2023 - 1106 views

Hue has always been associated with the dreamy beauty of the ancient citadel. If you suddenly want to leave the noisy city, let's immediately save the following self-sufficient Hue travel experiences to enjoy the classic rhythm of life on each street. What are you waiting for? It's time to bring along the following travel experiences and start to dream of a peaceful walk, slowly enjoying the beauty of the ancient land. Besides mausoleums and other attractions, Hue also has something that you don't hear about frequently. These are the Top 7 Unusual Things to Do in Hue!

1. Hike to Ho Quyen

About 5 km west of Hue city, the Ho Quyen relic site is located on Long Tho hill, Thuy Bieu ward. This is considered a unique project in Vietnam and in Asia- where a tiger and an elephant battle was held for the king. The matches were entertaining and stemmed from the need to train the statue of soldiers. Besides, this is a great festival organized by the court to encourage martial arts among the people.

However, Ho Quyen was completely abandoned until 2020. Around this area, the trees are luxuriant, and houses cover the facade of the monument. But don't miss this place as the local authority has plans to recover the arena. It would help if you chose a motorbike or maybe a bicycle for those who like sports to easily visit and explore the site and other nearby attractions.

Hike To Ho Quyen

Hike To Ho Quyen


2. Learn Brass Works

To make products from bronze, you go through many stages and get the key to solving problems. You first create the core of the sample out of clay or wood, then choose the kind of soil to make great work. The soil selected as the variable is clay taken from the field with plasticity and good heat resistance. Besides, a distraction for a while, especially when the copper is heated to pour into the mold, will make a big mistake. It sounds quite difficult, right? Then if you have enough patience, try once!

Learn Brass Works

Learn Brass Works


3. Fishing at Van Quat Dong

Van Quat Dong is a peaceful fishing village in Tam Giang lagoon- the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia. This is a small oasis surrounded by water with an ancient fishing village for hundreds of years. The village still exists and develops with only a few people working as cultivators, and others mainly live by raising floating shrimp on the lagoon.

Occasionally, only a handful of shrimp, crabs, and certain fish species are sold. Fishers in Van Quat Dong have lived by this craft for many years. You can ask someone for permission to fish. Then, the service points are not available. Some families do not have a home on land, so they live directly on boats and fish daily from the lagoon to the sea. Many people pass by this site because of that.

With the camera in hand, be sure to immerse yourself in the vastness of the sky and water and capture this romantic and poetic beauty. This is a great opportunity for you to take a lot of beautiful photos of yourself.

Fishing At Van Quat Dong

Fishing At Van Quat Dong


4. Trek to Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma national park is almost only suitable for people with good health, and you will have to walk nearly ten kilometers of forest roads and swing over streams. It's not suitable for people who do not have endurance. Regardless of the means of transport, it would be best if you equipped yourself with a pair of sports shoes to make it easy to move and keep your feet from being followed by the squeakers.

What will you see? The beautiful lake formed by clear streams flowing through the forest. You will admire the sparkling sunlight shining through the bottom of the water, creating extremely magical colors. Besides, please listen to the murmuring stream, the sound of the waterfall crashing, the birds singing. It's the blend of a great symphony of nature.

You will enjoy the feeling of adventurers when going through fallen trees blocking the middle of the forest!

Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park


5. Chill-out at Elephant Springs

Eco-tourism areas are the ideal choice, especially on summer days like this. Welcome to the Elephant Springs. The shallow area is suitable for you to go down and bounce with the small fish. This stream has only rocks and is a little slippery, but those who do not know how to swim can choose shallow waters to bathe.

The stream stretches along the mountainside; you are free to choose for yourself a satisfactory stop. In particular, the stream is divided into cells by rows of rocks like consecutive swimming pools. The scene where water from the upper upstream pours down into white foam can help you enjoy the magnificent landscape.

On both sides of the stream, bamboo floors and close-knit thatched huts help visitors have a stop to rest and eat. You can order food and drink at the stall owner, and there will be a full package of catering services for you. The food is also quite affordable and clean.

The Elephant Springs is currently temporarily closed to ensure safety during the epidemic season and restore and upgrade. You can come back at the earliest time, buddies!

Chill Out At Elephant Springs

Chill Out At Elephant Springs


6. Nightlife Party at Bar until midnight

The bar is the ideal choice for those looking for a place to enjoy a draft beer or sip a glass of wine to leave behind tired worries and immerse in a modern space, vibrant atmosphere. Especially, the menu of pubs in Hue is quite diverse and rich, and the prices are affordable, so it attracts many people.

Bars in Hue are covered with unique decorations. Also, a menu of extremely diverse and rich dishes for anyone is always handy. There is the rooftop area, where you can watch the scenery of pedestrian street while drinking wine and beer with friends.

However, a Hue Nightlife Party at Bar until midnight will affect the living environment of surrounding households. Chilling out at this time also causes some health problems like insomnia or immunodeficiency. Thus, coming back before a bewitching hour is proper.

Nightlife party at bar until midnight

Nightlife party at bar


7. Motorbike to Hai Van Pass

The road to Hai Van pass is quite difficult and dangerous for those who travel by motorbike. This route has many steep slopes and narrow turns and is hidden from the view of motorcyclists. Thus, you must be an experienced backpacker to anticipate the risks that this trip brings.

Although there are difficult roads, it is undeniable that the journey to Hai Van Pass by motorbike has many interesting things worth experiencing. The feeling of admiring the beauty of nature, rivers, and mountains is really obvious. It will certainly be the most comfortable and relaxing moment for visitors.

Indeed, the scenery here is very charming and poetic. Going along the roads where one side is the deep sea, and the other side is the towering mountain, along with the sea of ​​clouds flying in the middle, will create peace in your soul.

Traveling to Hue is not only to admire the ancient palaces marked with the national history or visit the romantic scenery and enjoy traditional flavors in cuisine. With the desire that your trip becomes more enjoyable and smooth, we hope that the list of Top 7 Unusual Things to Do in Hue above will lead you to another perspective about the citadel of Vietnam.

It's time for you to find your best hue tours or contact us to make your own program.

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