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Hanoi Airport to Halong Bay: 4 Fast & Safe Ways to Transfer

December 23, 2023 - 13734 views

There are 4 main ways to travel from Hanoi airport to Halong Bay: bus, private car, taxi, and seaplane. Each kind of transfer has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is good to know these kinds of transfers and choose the best way to travel to Halong Bay. You will find all the information needed for the transfer from Noi Bai airport to Halong Bay in this article.

Hanoi airport (Noi Bai International airport) is the 2nd biggest airport in Vietnam, situated in the suburban area, 35 kilometers to the northwest of the city center.

About 180 km from Hanoi airport, Halong Bay includes Halong Bay central, Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Cat Ba island. There are 4 main Halong Bay cruise ports where the cruises depart from Tuan Chau harbor (Halong city), Halong International cruise port (Halong city), Hon Gai pier (Halong city), and Got pier (Hai Phong city). Therefore, you need to know the exact address of the place you want to get to Halong Bay from Hanoi to avoid any inconvenience. 


Distance & travel time between Hanoi Airport and Halong Bay

On average, the distance from Hanoi airport to Halong Bay is about 170 km, and it takes around 2.5 hours of driving via New Highway 5B. If you travel from Noi Bai airport to Halong Bay via National Road 18, the distance is only 150 km, however, it will take around 3 hours of driving. The New Highway 5B saves your traveling time, but you need to pay toll fees. 

Hanoi airport to Halong Bay distance & travel time

Hanoi airport to Halong Bay distance & travel time


4 Fast & safe ways to transfer from Hanoi airport to Halong Bay

1. Hanoi airport to Halong Bay bus - an economical way

Traveling by bus from Hanoi airport to Halong Bay is a fast and convenient way. There are a few bus types to transfer from Hanoi airport to Halong bay you can have details below:

  • Luxury Bus: Limousine 9 seater bus equipped with soft leather seats, high-end audio system, many utility devices… is the first choice of many foreign tourists. The 2 best limousine providers for Noi Bai to Halong Bay transfer are Co To Limousine and Tam Bao Anh Limousine.

Luxury bus driver speaks basic English, you may need to use Google Translate to communicate with the driver. There can be a little extra fee if you want to be dropped off at a place far from the center. 

  • Tabasco Noi Bai Services: It is 45 seaters bus, so you will share the bus with many other people. The pickup location is at the airport and the price is reasonable. This kind of bus may not be suitable for tourists who are looking for high-quality services as it is sometimes late or forgets to pick up its customers.

However, it is a good choice for people traveling on a budget as you can travel directly from the airport to Halong.

Luxury bus of Tam Bao Anh airport transfer

Luxury bus of Tam Bao Anh airport transfer


  • Shuttle bus of cruise companies: to book this kind of bus, you need to travel to Hanoi city center, then catch the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus departs around 8-9:00 in the morning and you can only travel on the bus if you book the cruise. The price of the shuttle bus is around 10 - 15 USD. The bus size varies from 16 to 45 seaters.

Traveling of this kind, you do not need to worry about the drop-off location or the time. 

Bus Operator Pick up Drop off Price / one way
Anbasco Noibai Services Noi Bai airport Halong city center 15 USD
Co To Limousine Arrival Hall A, T1, Noi Bai Tuan Chau, Bai Chay, Hon Gai 20 USD
Tam Bao Anh Limousine Arrival Hall A, T1, Noi Bai Tuan Chau, Bai Chay, Hon Gai

15 USD

Shuttle bus of cruise companies The Old Quater Cruise pier 10 USD - 15 USD

BestPrice Travel is proud to be a luxury bus supplier with full amenities and support from an English-speaking driver. For the best experience, please book your transfer with us now.

Transfer from Hanoi to Halong


2. Hanoi airport to Halong private car - most recommended

If you want to travel for privacy and convenience, a private car is an ideal option. Traveling in a private car, you have a flexible schedule and privacy. The traveling time is only around 2.5 hours using the New Highway.

The cost of a private car differs from car type and traveling route. The price starts from 89 USD for one way 4 seaters car.

Car type 4 seat car 7 seat car Minivan
One way 89 USD 95 USD 109 USD
Two ways one day 100 USD 109 USD 125 USD
Two days 149 USD 159 USD 179 USD


Pros and Cons

The private car is good for tourists who want to travel with convenience and privacy. It is also faster than the bus. However, the cost of a private car can be much higher than the bus. 

=> Choose a private car if you are in a group of more than 3 people (family with kids, businessmen), looking for traveling at excellent quality and with high safety standards, and do not mind paying a little bit more money for a memorial holiday.

Transfer from Hanoi to Halong


3. Hanoi airport to Halong seaplane - fastest but most expensive

Hai Au Aviation is the only seaplane provider in Vietnam. A seaplane has a capacity of 12 passengers who are each allowed 7kg of luggage. It helps to shorten the traveling time from 2.5 hours by car to 45 minutes.

The best part of traveling by seaplane is that you will be viewing the majestic mountains, limestone karst islets, and emerald water from above. The cost of a seaplane ticket varies from 175 USD to 385 USD depending on the season and the time of day.

Hanoi to Halong Bay seaplane

Hanoi to Halong Bay seaplane

  • Points of Departure: Noi Bai Airport: Counter E09, Lobby E, Terminal 1, Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Points of Arrival: Tuan Chau Marina: Villa T7 Tuan Chau Commercial Urban Area, Tuan Chau Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
  • Departure time: Summer-time: 9:00, 14:00/ Winter-time: 10:00, 14:00
  • Price: From 175 USD to 385 USD
  • Duration: 45 minutes without a scenic tour over the bay & 60 with the scenic tour over the bay

Pros and Cons

The best part of traveling on a seaplane is enjoying spectacular aerial views. Moreover, a seaplane is the fastest way to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay. However, the price is really high, there is also a possibility of delaying or canceling the flight.

You may be want to know more about Seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay: A Fantastic Way to Experience

If you want to get your exciting experience, allow us to make it for you! 

book seaplane to Halong


4. Hanoi airport to Halong Bay taxi

Using a taxi to travel from Noi Bai airport to Halong Bay is easy. At the airport, you can see long queues of taxis waiting for customers. You can pick up one, and show them the address you want to get to. Most taxis have metered, and the cost depends on the distance you will be traveling. The price for a taxi is around 56 - 90 USD per way depending on car type, and traveling route.

Traveling time in a taxi is almost the same as a private car. Mai Linh, Taxi Group, and Vinasun are among the best taxi brands in Noi Bai airport.

Pros and Cons

Traveling by taxi is comfortable, convenient, and private. Its price is lower than a private car. However, you are subject to taxi scams because many drivers may not turn on the meter and want to charge you extra money.

=> This kind of transfer is ideal for group travel. However, you need to choose to travel by a reliable taxi company and book a 2-way taxi for a discount.

taxi  from Hanoi airport to Halong bay

A long queue of Taxi at Noi Bai airport 


Tips to get from Noi Bai Airport to Halong Bay

  • Booking in advance is highly recommended. During public holidays, or peak season, the tickets can be sold out or the price can be increased, therefore, it is good to sort everything out before you arrive.
  • Do not forget to check the weather condition to choose the means of transfer, the route to travel when you are at the airport 
  • It is better if you book a Halong Bay cruise from Hanoi the following day, as you can not trust the traffic 100% or delay the flight by airline, you might miss the cruise.
  • Mind your luggage when choosing a car type if you travel by taxi or private car. You may need a bigger car than you thought as you need more space for your luggage.
  • Do not forget to double-check your luggage before leaving the transfer.
  • To avoid any scams or unexpected things happening, it is better to arrange the service through a reliable local company. There are some hot deals or even free-of-charge transfer services if you book a combo or a package tour.

Taking everything into consideration, each kind of transfer has its own pros and cons, picking up the best kind helps you have a more relaxed and enjoyable trip to Halong Bay. Hope that the above information is helpful. To book a Halong Bay trip with the transfer, please contact to BestPrice Travel. 

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