Hanoi Rainy Season: Best Guide to Travel

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Nothing can stop your feet from moving. Traveling in different seasons will have very different experiences. Hanoi Rainy Season is waiting to be explored! Let us show you what you will get on!

Overview about Hanoi rainy season

Drizzle Rain (Feb to Mar)

From February to March, you will see the drizzling rain - one of the most extraordinary features of Hanoi. It appears quickly in the last days of winter-early spring, thus easy to give you a little surprise. Drizzle brings moisture mingled with warmth. It is not rushing, exciting, just flickering but persistent from day to day, sometimes even weeks.

Hanoi Drizzle rain

Hanoi Drizzle rain


Heavy Rain & Thunderstorm (May to Aug)

Thunderstorms are formed when there is strong convection; convection in clouds is of great significance to the creation of thunderstorms. The hilly area, the area adjacent to the hill in the direction of receiving the wind, is the place where thunderstorms often appear a lot. The thunderstorm season in Hanoi usually starts in May and ends around late August or the summer season in Hanoi. The temperature this time quite high between 30°C - 38°C even up to 40°C. The rainy this time not usually happen all day, it might hot almost from morning until late afternoon, thunderstorm coming and bring heavy rain.

You should check out the best time to visit Hanoi before traveling here to avoid heat or thunderstorms.

Thunderstorm in Hanoi

Thunderstorm in Hanoi


Best things to do in Hanoi during the rainy season

Join Cooking Class

Joining any Hanoi Cooking Class is an excursion that will allow you to enjoy a half-day experience with a visit to a local market and cooking with locals. If your accommodation is on the outskirts, why don't you visit the traditional village where you will have the opportunity to see Vietnamese farmers at work?

The Cooking class will allow you to interact with the locals, cook traditional dishes and share a moment of peace with a Vietnamese family. It's a chance to learn more about Vietnamese cooking tips and how to prepare nutritious, delicious dishes. Besides, you can explore Vietnamese culinary culture and create gourmet culinary masterpieces under the guidance of a professional chef.

You may fear that you don't have enough time to join all day. Don't worry. You can choose one from different time slots, depending on your needs and timing, with a cookbook and certification after school. If you are unfortunately busy, you can save and wait for the next lock or change shift immediately. Cooking class always provides you with a highly professional teacher with many years of practical experience cooking snacks. A maximum of 10 students per class ensures the quality of training and facilitates the best teacher tutoring. Furthermore, classrooms are fully equipped with modern, clean, air-conditioned, trendy equipment to ensure that students can practice in the best conditions.

Join Hanoi Cooking Class

Join Hanoi Cooking Class


See A Cultural Show

  • Puppet

Water puppetry is the art of village fairs. It's an esoteric creation of each ward, society, and artist - containing and preserving many social activities, traditions, folk techniques, and daily activities. This art reflects the people's material spirit in the history of building and defending the country. The water puppetry art shows the diversity in art creation, appearing together in the Red River delta, bringing the common characteristics of the region's culture. You may think that there is only one kind, but water puppetry in each ward has different unique features.

The performance will guide the audience into a rich fantasy world. The colorful puppets, playful expressions, performing flexible movements on the water, combined with unique sound elements, have created a unique art of the Northern Delta. It becomes an indispensable cultural activity for people in festivals.

Water puppet show

Water puppet show

  • Folk Songs

Over time, the folk tune has been deeply ingrained in people's lives and quickly spread to the entire Red River Delta region. This music is very close to the local people as it shows feelings in a rustic, polite, and clear way. The people listen to music with all their love and respect for the talented performers, with their hearts and sincere love. For that reason, folk songs are often used as a method of weekend activities for local people.

Vietnam is currently one of the ideal tourist destinations for those who want to learn and discover traditional cultural values. Folk songs- these heritages have shown a beautiful country with a rich source in natural landscapes, history, and national identity. Folk-song culture is a very skillful, delicate, discreet, and meaningful way of whenever guests come. If you want to learn something new, let's make a way to folk song shows. Believe us, and you'll never be disappointed!


Taste Hanoi Local Street Food

Hanoi Street food is also one of the most attractive spots that everyone cannot ignore when coming here. There are too many delicious dishes to lay back visitors from traditional dishes to simple gifts and street food.

If you get familiar with Pho, what about Bun Cha? It's a fine option for all meals. Pork is cut into small pieces, marinated with strong spices, allowed to infuse, and then roasted over a charcoal fire. The sizzling sounds and the scent of grilled meat make anyone irresistible to the taste of this dish. A full set of Bun Cha includes grilled meat, vermicelli, served with herbs and dipping sauces. This combination will be even more perfect in some places if you add a delicious crab spring roll. If you still hesitate, remember one thing, Mr. Obama himself had dinner with this wonderful dish!

Another choice for you is pancakes. They are considered delicious Vietnamese crepe with a crispy crust, shrimp, meat, bean sprouts, and little herbs. To enjoy this dish, you need to cut a corner of the cake, roll it with rice paper, raw vegetables, and pickles, then dab with a specially prepared sweet and sour sauce.

Another type of booklet also appears on this list, which is the spring roll. This is a perfect choice for you to change your taste if you are tired of greasy things. A wrap salad with meat and vegetables carefully wrapped immerses in a little sweet sauce can make you feel like on the ninth cloud!

Banh Mi is so famous that it seems that you can easily meet a bakery with a nameplate of Vietnam Bread in any country in the world. And so, it is not difficult to understand when coming to Vietnam; you have to try the bread. Vietnamese bread is varied widely, but the most famous type belongs to traditions. The combination of fragrant, crispy bread, greasy pate, a little vegetable, a little sausage, spring rolls, and sauces will make people stick around this dish forever.

Taste Hanoi Street Food

Taste Hanoi Street Food


Do Hanoi City Tour on Hop on Hop Off

Hanoi on hop off is a short but flexible and convenient tour, combining transfer and visiting many tourist highlights in Hanoi. At a reasonable cost, customers can explore the capital at their own pace. Customers can get on and off the bus at any of the attractions during the trip.

The bus is equipped with modern technology with many utilities. There is free wifi, a TV screen system with stop guidance and introduction of scenic pictures, automatic connection sound notification of stops; integrated GPS navigation system, culture and characteristics of the tourist sites corresponding to each location suitable for tourists in many different female languages. In addition, the car also integrates several other gadgets such as a Camera, refrigerator, mini bar. What will you see? Of course, all scenes of Hanoi will be clear in your eyes!

Hanoi Hop on hop off

Hanoi Hop on hop off


Tips For Traveling In Rainy Season Hanoi

Some information below will be saviors for you in some cases:

  • A waterproof backpack can save all your belongings from getting wet, especially important items such as phones, cameras, laptops. If you store things in a suitcase, plastic suitcases will be much more ideal.
  • Umbrellas and Raincoats are indispensable items in this rainy season. A compact parachute that fits neatly in your luggage. They help you shade the sun, prevent rain, and are also an accessory to make the "virtual life" pictures much more beautiful.
  • The dryer is also a great assistant for tourism in the rainy season. This item will help you to dry your furniture when it gets wet. It will slowly dry your clothes with heat and won't deform or smell like other kinds.
  • Preparing a pair of waterproof shoes for ease of portability during the rainy season is essential. Or you can bring plastic shoes to easily move and clean them when it rains.


Traveling in the rainy season will give you unforgettable memories. However, no matter how well prepared you are, you should still pay attention to safety when traveling in the rain and storms. Check the weather forecast in advance to make sure the weather is not too dangerous for you. We hope you have a happy and safe travel trip to Hanoi this season.

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