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Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Hanoi with Kids

January 12, 2022 - 2586 views

Hanoi has become familiar to many foreigners including families traveling with kids. But not every family knows about fun things to do with their kids in Hanoi. So let's take a look at these travel experiences below with full information! 

Things to do in Hanoi with kids

1. Walking Food Tours

Food tours in Hanoi will never let you down as the dishes always satisfy all kinds of passersby. No one can forget the special flavor of Pho. A slot will include noodles and a separate sauce for you to dip the Pho. In addition, there are toppings for each kind of Pho that you order.

The cool mint lemon ice cream is another delicious dish of Hanoi that you shouldn't miss. A pop of ice cream with lemon flavor is cool enough in a little mint. After eating the popsicles, the cool taste still hasn't melted yet. There is also a line of ice cream boxes put on the menus of many famous restaurants across the country. If you travel to Hanoi in autumn, don't ignore the green nuts made from rice. We bet that your kids will never refuse to enjoy once!

Hanoi food tour with kids

Hanoi food tour with kids


2. Join Cooking Class

Cooking Class with a full range of courses including Family Kitchen, Baking Kitchen, World Cuisine, Professional Chef, Mixing, Visual Arts is another interesting thing to do in Hanoi. Some programs are specially designed for children. Besides, the rooms are designed according to the kitchen trend of each region in the whole country, helping learners not only practice in a professional space but also better understand the culinary culture of each place. One of the most highlights of cooking class which children really enjoy is to visit the wet market, pick up ingredients for the cooking class, talk with local people and see local life. 

Cooking Class - fun activities to do with kids in Hanoi

Cooking Class - fun activities to do with kids in Hanoi


3. Hand on Ceramic products

With one hand on ceramic products, you will be rid of all fatigue on the turntable, feel the soft soil and yeast. Just focus on rolling in the direction of the rotation of the ceramic turntable; you will feel more comfortable, temporarily forget the worries and fatigue, or will even suddenly find the answers to the things you are wondering about. Even though your hands are covered with dirt, your clothes are a bit stained with enamel powder, the ceramic-making lessons during the day will be a spiritual remedy to help you get up.

Don't know what to do? Guides will show you how to create one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces from simple craft clay and roll pottery techniques, stonework, and local materials. Also, the ceramic class offers beginner pottery workshops and more specialized classes for both adults and children. So let's make an effort once; maybe you will immerse in this art!

Let's your kids try to make a Ceramic Products in Hanoi

Let's your kids try to make Ceramic Products in Hanoi


4. Watch the water Puppet show

With its current position, Vietnamese water puppetry is classified as a unique art of the National Culture. Water puppet performance art is ancient characters, originated from the farming work of agricultural residents or folk games.

Unlike other kinds, the show uses only wire rod puppets. The puppet shook evenly and swung its arms around with ease. In particular, the puppet enters the game room by turning around, creating a sense of attraction that makes visitors unable to take their eyes off. When coming to see the water puppetry, the audience relaxes and has the opportunity to enjoy smooth folk tunes.

Puppet Show is favorite things which child love

Puppet Show is favorite things which child love


5. Visit the museum and learn Vietnam History

Through the trip to museums that still retain objects related to the wars in Vietnam, you will deeply feel the fierce crime the aftermath of the war caused by the invading forces to the Vietnamese people. The National Museum of History is among the best museums in Hanoi to learn more about Vietnam history. The museum is divided into exhibits of artifacts according to individual themes. After many years, the number of artifacts on display inside The National Museum of History is extremely diverse and unique. The arrangement of the museum is also very clever.

Each room is a different period that makes viewers feel like traveling in time, once again experiencing Vietnam from the prehistoric period until the Nguyen Dynasty. Next to each artifact are extremely detailed annotations, helping visitors feel excited when learning about the historical origins of these ancient objects. Thereby, you can understand more about the lives of our people many years ago. The exhibits on display not only show the historical development process but also highlight Vietnamese culture. Some areas display the colorful silks and traditional musical instruments of the ethnic groups, forming a vibrant band of colors.

Learn Vietnamese history

Learn Vietnamese History with your kids


6. Take a Cyclo around Old Quarter

Cycling around the old town, you will be surprised that instead of the busy, noisy, and cramped streets, people's daily lives happen to like slow, authentic movie and are more alive than ever. Wandering around the Hanoi Old Quarter, you will immerse yourself in the trade streets. In the past, people from craft villages around the capital gathered there, focused on each area to work according to their profession to form a craft town. Today, some streets still retain traditional products.

Not only has a typical craft street, but you can also admire the ancient roofs present in all streets. And also, the poetic streets with famous green trees will make you capture great frames of this thousand years of civilization!

Let's try a cyclo around Hanoi with your kids

Let's try a cyclo around Hanoi with your kids


7. Tay Ho Water park

Your children will be fascinated as the water park mainly serves underwater recreational games such as swimming pools, tube slides, cable swings. And New Sun Park will serve visitors with terrestrial adventure games such as Swinging couches, flying saucers, swinging lines, tsunami delusion, which create a feeling of suspense and excitement. Surely when you come here, you will have a very interesting and memorable experience.

What about the fee? It's not a big problem as you only spend a little to stay all day with a huge water load!

All kids will love Water park

All kids will love Water park


8. Explore Ethnology Museum

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is both a scientific facility and a cultural center. This place regularly organizes handicraft performances and different folk cultures in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and other regions of the world. Also, this site has indoor display spaces and a garden space with folk architectural works. People come here to visit, entertain, learn and study about ethnic groups, the diverse and unique cultural nuances, and common traditional values. Therefore, people worldwide to foreign visitors often consider this place as one of the most must-see destinations!

Fun to explore Ethnology Museum with your kids

Fun to explore Ethnology Museum with your kids


9. Bike in Duong Lam Ancient Village

Once coming to Duong Lam Ancient Village, you will see most of the features of an old village. With banyan trees, water wells, communal courtyards, temples, winding village roads, small alleys, old wooden houses, walls built with red bricks or old mud, Duong Lam ancient village appeared in the middle of the present period. The country's modernization is like an ancient town full of nostalgia and peace.

An interesting spot for sightseeing and taking pictures in Duong Lam ancient village is the entrance of the village. The beauty of it comes from a large lake on the right and an ancient tree on the left that is thousands of years old. Moreover, ancient houses in the village are something you should never miss. They are divided into several zones with traditional materials such as oval wood, bamboo, terracotta bricks, tiles, laterite, clay, or sawdust. Some will impress you with ancient gates shaded with pink silk trees. If entering the indoor space, a feeling of calm, tranquility, and coolness will cover you. All objects are ancient in harmony with the unequaled panels on display all over the houses.

Biking in Duong lam Ancient village

Biking in Duong lam Ancient village


10. Learn to do Conical Hat at Chuong Village

Conical Hat has been used by many generations of Vietnamese for its reliability, durability, and beautiful design. In addition to shading the sun, the Hat is also a beauty accessory that can be combined with many types of clothes, but the best part is still with traditional Vietnamese custom. Chuong Village is the best site for you to learn to do Conical Hat! To make a hat, you first need a hat frame. Then place the master ring in the frame and put a layer of dead leaves. In placing these leaves, it is necessary to fix the cone by tying the parachute strings. Done! You have made a real conical hat yourself!

Learn to do Conical Hat

Learn to do Conical Hat

Hanoi is the cultural center of the country. This landmark is a combination of ancient cultural monuments and works, combined with the vibrant modern times, thus attracting many domestic and international tourists. What are you waiting for? Let's pack up and have a nice trip!

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