All types of Hanoi's Worth-trying activities

Hanoi never fails to impress visitors with endless things to do and places to visit around the city. The land of a blend between the old and the new offers plenty of must-dos, from amusing activities to cultural discoveries in the old quarter. Let's explore our list of interesting things to do in Hanoi.

Hanoi - a city with a long history of traditional, though it may not as crowded as Ho Chi Minh City (also Saigon), it surely surprises you at every turn of your way.

There are tons of interesting activities to try in Hanoi, whether you have days or weeks, you will always find interesting things to do here. Let's find out what type of activities meet your preferences and suit you the best.

Things to do in the Old Quarter

Old Quarter is the name given to the historical civic urban core of Hanoi. This quarter used to be residential, manufacturing, and commercial area, where each street was specialized in one specific type of manufacturer or commerce. As one of the city’s hot spots, the old quarter is a fun hub and a place that attracts both locals and foreigners. There are several activities that travelers can do while staying in the Old Quarters such as:

Let’s take a look closer at top things to do in Hanoi’s Old Quarter to have a detailed activity guide. 


Nighlife in Hanoi

Hanoi is the city of tradition, culture, and politics in Vietnam. However, this city is not boring. The traditional lifestyle brings so many interesting things for tourists to discover, no matter day or night. Not to mention, night time is when you can see the city is even livelier as more people go out and have fun with family or friends.

Hanoi at night offers a variety depends on your interests. You can meet up and mingle with many friendly locals at Ta Hien Beer Street, join them for a cheap drink and get to know about the people. If you prefer an energetic evening, dancing your night away at glitzy and glamorous bars or sips a cold drink at any live music pubs. If you wish to avoid the loud partyers, enjoy a soothing evening at any Jazz club. Strolling around Night Market in the Old Quarter or flower market at midnight in Quang Ba – which will awake your senses of sight and smell is also an interesting activity.

Even though Hanoi is not a famous city for its nightlife, it still has its own unique vibe and fun experiences to have. Want to get more ideas of what things to do in Hanoi at night? Just get your inspiration from here: Top 10+ Ultimate Things to Do in Hanoi at Night.


Non-touristy things to do in Hanoi

Hanoi is one of popular travel destination in Vietnam so there are many places are very busy and crowded. However, as true Hanoians, we know several hidden gems in Hanoi that worth trying. Hands-on activities that less known by both travelers and locals!

  • Walking along Long Bien bridge and see many poetic sceneries of the vast cornfield, lush plantation
  • Watching the 360 panoramic views of Hanoi and see it's slowly light up from the top of Little Tower 
  • Visit Cua Bac Church instead of St. Joseph Cathedral and admire the harmonic designs between Eastern and Western culture


Things to do in Hanoi with kids

Traveling with kids sounds tough and exhausting but it’s actually fun and provides kids a lot of opportunities to learn and grow, especially in a totally different country and lifestyle. As Vietnam’s capital and second-largest city, Hanoi has plenty of things to see and do. If compare to Sai Gon, the size, traffic, noise, and congestion are more manageable which makes it the best place to begin a trip to Vietnam with kids.

The museums in Hanoi are fantastic to visit with children as they can learn about the country’s culture and tradition, as there are several full-scale replicas of the objects that can amaze them, Museum of Ethology is one of the best museums that kids will definitely love.

Also, embracing a different culture and traditions via cultural shows like Water Puppet Show or My Village definitely brings the kids unforgettable experiences. Besides, taking a food tour or cooking class is also fun and keeps them entertained.


Things to do outside Hanoi city center

If you are tired of the crowded city center, the outskirt of Hanoi is also a worth visiting area. Walking in the surrounding districts can help you have a fantastic shoot for street photography and give you a deep look into Hanoi’s local life. Also, not too far from the city center, Hanoi offers a distinctive atmosphere of lush countryside.

With the long history of culture, the city is able to keep its traditional handicraft village which impressive hand skills have been pass down to generations and well-preserved till today. Riding a bicycle along the rice field, feel the breeze and fresh air around you, observe how people making their masterpieces with only hands will absolutely amaze you.


After all, there are many types of things to do in Hanoi and they are all enjoyable to do when traveling with friends and family. Let us be your local guide for your travel in Hanoi and take you to experience all the best that the city can offer.