Things to do in Hanoi

Hanoi Street Food

Pho: rice noodle filled with soup from pig or chicken’s bone and beef tenderloin or beef brisket, and chicken wing or chicken thigh. Average price: 35.000- 50.000 VND.

-  Pho Thin: 13 Lo Duc/ 61 Dinh Tien Hoang

-  Pho Bat Dan: 49 Bat Dan (you have to stand at the line and serve by yourself)

-  Pho Ly Quoc Su: 10 Ly Quoc Su

Bun cha: grill pork patties (cha) with noodle (bun), best with herbal. Sometime, we can also try the spring roll. Average price: 25.000- 40.000 VND.

-  Bun cha nem cua be: 29 Cau Go Street

-  Bun cha nem cua be Dac Kim 67 Duong Thanh

- Bun cha Hang Manh: 01 Hang Manh (please be caution because there is a fake restaurant next to the right one)

- Bun cha Hang Than: 34 Hang Than

Xoi: steam sticky rice, is among the most common breakfast of Hanoian. We have many kinds of xoi as xoi do (with bean), xoi lac (with peanut) or xoi ngo (with corn),Besides, you just need a little basic sticky rice with egg, chicken, sausage,…Average price: 40.000-60.000 VND. The best place to try this dish is Xoi Yen (35b Nguyen Huu Huan).

Banh mi: a kind of Vietnamese sandwich. Bread is served with pate’, egg, pork with the native Vietnamese ingredients: cilantro, cucumber, chili sauce, and pickled carrots and kohlrabi.

- Banh mi 25: 26 Hang Ca

- Banh mi Minh Nhat: 27 Nguyen Du

- Banh – mee: 18 Au Trieu

You can easy join our street food tour herejust $22/p


This is the inexpensive and environmentally protected tour. Easy to find and nearest place for you is the Old Quarter, including Hoan Kiem Lake. Or you can walk a bit away to visit Ho Chi Minh Complex, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, and Temple of Literature... In addition, many museums in Hanoi will be the ideal place for tourists who prefer history and culture. While walking, you will have more time to watch and enjoy any attractive street food.

Hanoi Biking

Leaving the streets noisy and crowded environment in the city center, you can join the biking tour to fully enjoy the fresh air and tranquility of the suburbs.

  1.             Hanoi to Bat Trang Ceramic:

Bat Trang ceramics village located along the Red River in Gia Lam District, Hanoi. Bat Trang means The Big Field. If you are a person with artistic ability, try to do one pottery. The host will help you to heat it and then, you can decorate as you like. In addition, you can find thousands of products from household appliances such as bowls, plates to accessories such as bracelets, necklaces… If you have time, visiting Bat Trang village to learn more about the village's history or beliefs of the Vietnamese.

  1.             Hanoi to Duong Lam Village:

Duong Lam called two kings land because this is the birthplace of two kings in Vietnam are Phung Hung and Ngo Quyen. It is an old village with characteristic architecture of the North Vietnam in the past. The village gateway, the communal house and the laterite walls will help you understand more about this.

  1.            Around Hanoi, Red River Delta:

No need to go too far, you can cycle through the Long Bien Bridge - the history witness of Hanoi and visit several villages situated next to the Red River. You will see the cornfields, gardens peach flower, kumquat gardens, rice fields ... (seasonal); I think that not many foreign tourists who had enjoy this scene. Even, low-roofed floating houses on the Red River will make you have a different perspective on your life.


1. Shopping center:

  • Trang Tien Plaza: 24 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi (Open Hours: From Monday to Friday: 9.30 am – 9.30 pm; Weekends and public holidays: 9.30 am – 10 pm)
  • Vincom Shopping Center: Vincom Center Hanoi 191 Ba Trieu Street, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi (Open Hours: 9h30 am - 10 pm)
  • Vincom Mega Mall: Royal City 72A Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi (Open Hours: 9h30 am - 10 pm)
  • Lotte Department Store: Lotte Center Hanoi – 54 Lieu Giai Street, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi (Open Hours: 9h30 am - 10 pm)

2. Local shops:

  • Silk products: Hang Gai Street
  • Shoes, sandal, flip-flop… Hang Dau Street
  • Silver Products: Hang Bac Street
  • Accessories, Clothes: Dinh Liet Street
  • Souvenirs: Hang Be Market, Dong Xuan Night Market (only from Friday to Sunday)

Exploring City

Hanoi is the City of Peace. It is shown through the narrow streets, small houses with mossy roofs or temples, pagodas and historical museums. However, it is only small part of the beautiful Hanoi. Busy life during the day and excitement at night of Hanoian will attract you. Stay at least 1 day in Hanoi to explore the many memorable things for your trip in Vietnam.

Eating and Drinking

1. Vietnamese food restaurant:

- Highway 4 (named after a highway in Vietnam: Highway No.4, which divided branches passing most mountainous provinces in Vietnam-China border. You can find the specialties of the area in this restaurant): 5 Hang Tre

- KOTO (opened on program KOTO - Know One Teach One, the children in difficult circumstances, bad luck will be trained professional on the services sector. Good food and friendly staff are the things you will remember.): 59 Van Mieu

- Green Tangerine (serves French cuisine and the cuisine of Vietnam-French cooking style. Space of the restaurant is very relaxing, soothing and it located in a lovely villa in the heart of Hanoi): 48 Hang Be

- Quan An Ngon (serves traditional dishes of three regions: North, Central and South of Vietnam.): 34 Phan Boi Chau/ 34 Phan Dinh Phung

- Xuan Xuan (serves popular barbecue. Ingredients are beef, octopus, squid, bacon ... just mouth marinated and fresh vegetables providing unforgettable taste): 47 Ma May

2. Vega food restaurant:

- Lantern Lounge: 2nd floor, 80 Ma May

- Minh Thuy’s Family Restaurant: 20 Ngo Huyen

- Nha hang chay Thien Phat: 91 Ly Thuong Kiet

3. Halal food restaurants:

- D’Lions Restaurant: Ground & 8th floor at Cosiana Hotel – 92 Le Duan

- Little Indian Hanoi: 32 Hang Tre

- Tandoor Restaurant: 24 Hang Be

- Khazaana Indian Halal Restaurant: 34 Duong Thanh

- Foodshop 45: 59 Truc Bach

4. Drink:

- Giang Café (egg coffee is must try): 39 Nguyen Huu Huan

- Café Pho Co (should try egg coffee): 11 Hang Gai

- Cong caphe (decorated with popular items in Vietnam-France war and the Vietnam-America war, serves simple but unique Vietnamese drinks): 152d Trieu Viet Vuong, 32 Dien Bien Phu, 46 Trang Tien, 27 Nha Tho,…

- Bia Hoi (means fresh beer corner, very crowded and noisy, but very interesting for those who like to explore street food and activity of young people in Hanoi): Ma May & Luong Ngoc Quyen Street

- The Note Coffee (lovely and beautiful decorated, you can send the words of love by writing on the small note sheets): 64 Luong Van Can

Water Puppet Show

This is one type of folk performers from the 11th century, popular in the Red River Delta and the northeastern provinces of Vietnam. People will control a small wooden puppet so that it appears on the surface, shows the activities of Vietnamese in the past as rice transplanting, joining the festival, ... or the folklore as Vo song battles the Tiger, Co Loa ... On the land the artist will sing and use the instruments to make the performances more vivid. Water puppet show is the activity cannot be ignored when you stay in Hanoi. You can easily buy tickets directly or online to enjoy this unique art. You can find the venues for water puppet show in Hanoi as below:

  1. Thang Long water puppet theatre (57 B Dinh Tien Hoang): 5 shows/day (15:10, 16:10, 17:20, 18:30 and 20:00), ticket price: type 1 – 100.000 VND, type 2 – 150.000 VND, type 3 - 200,000 VND
  2. Vietnam Puppetry Theater(261 Truong Chinh): 2 shows/day (17:00 and 18:10), ticket price: from 80.000 VND
  3. Bong Sen Water Puppet Theater (16 Ly Thai To / 79 Hang Trong): 3 shows/day (15:30, 17:00 and 18:30), ticket price: normal – 80.000 VND, VIP – 100.000 VND.
  4. Dao Thuc water puppetry guild (Dao Thuc Village, Dong Anh District): Only 1 show each day, please book in advance, price up to the number of group.

Night Club

  1. Cama ATK: 73A Mai Hac De, open on Wed – Sat, from 18:00 – 24:00
  2. Hanoi Rock City: 27/52 To Ngoc Van, open Mon - Thu: 16:00 - 24:00, Fri - Sat: 16:00 - 3:00, Sun: 16:00 - 24:00
  3. Half Man Half Noodle: 62 Dao Duy Tu St, open whole day
  4. Phuc Tan Bar:51 To Gian Alley, Phuc Tan, open whole day
  5. Polite Pub Bar: 5b Bao Khanh, open 17:00 – 24:00

Hanoi Old Quater

No coincidence that most hotels in Hanoi are concentrated here. To save valuable architecture, hotels here are pretty small but its quality is not bad. Going around in the whole day, from early morning until midnight, you will experience many, many surprise things and do not waste a single moment. Shopping, enjoying the scenery and architecture or cuisine can be done in this area. You may feel a little uncomfortable with too small streets with too many people, but that is the characteristic of the Old Quarter, bring you the must visit place when coming Hanoi.