Hanoi to Halong Bay Private Car: Guide to Hire a Private Transfer

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Hanoi to Halong Bay private car is always the best choice for every traveler who wants to travel on the most relaxed trip. There is no need to go on a ride with strangers and you can take a break whenever you need to on the way. You will find all the needed information including car types, providers, prices, and how to choose the best car in this article.

Hanoi to Halong Bay private car

Hanoi to Halong Bay private car

Types of Private Car from Hanoi to Halong Bay

Depending on the size of your group, your budget, and vehicle quality, there are various kinds of private cars to transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay. Here, we've divided it into 3 main types based on the number of seaters.

Private Car 4 seats

These kinds of cars are affordable, and ideal for a couple or families with one kid (maximum 3 people with luggage). The most popular 4-seater cars for Hanoi - Halong private transfer are Toyota Vios, Toyota Altis, and Honda Civic.

4-seater private car from Hanoi to Halong Bay

The 4-seater private car from Hanoi to Halong Bay


Private Car 7 seats

The 7-seater car is ideal for families with two kids or two couples (maximum of 4 people with luggage). The most popular 7-seater private cars to transfer between Hanoi and Halong are Toyota Innova and Toyota Fortuner.

7-seater car for private transfer to Halong from Hanoi

7-seater car for a private transfer to Halong from Hanoi


Private Minivan 16 seats

It is a great way for a group of friends, or families (from 4 to 10 people) to travel between Hanoi and Halong. Some popular private minivan brands are Toyota Hiace, Ford Transit, Hyundai Solati, and Mercedes Printer.

Private minivan for Hanoi - Halong transfer

Private minivan for Hanoi - Halong transfer


Hanoi - Halong Bay Private Car Price & Provider

With the price of a private car ranging from 104 USD to 195 USD/ round trip, you can get plenty of choices provided by travel agents, transportation companies, and even taxi providers. Let's go into detail to consider the pros and cons of each option.

Car Prices

Car type


Day trip

2 Days 3 Days

4-seat private car

104 USD 120 USD 134 USD

7-seat private car

114 USD 132 USD 157 USD

16-seat private minivan

142 USD 164 USD 195 USD



  • The quotation hasn't included the highway fee
  • The quoted prices might be changed due to the rising petrol cost
  • There will be an increase of 20 percent during the Tet holiday


Car Providers

Tourism companies

Tourism companies work with a lot of suppliers; they have special contracts with transfer companies. Therefore, they are the first choices for you to book a private car for the transfer. Tourism companies have English-speaking consultants who will be in charge of your transport from the picking up to the drop-off, they follow your trip to make sure you successfully check in on the cruise.

The satisfied customers on Hanoi - Halong private car

The satisfied customers on Hanoi - Halong private car

Economical price, comfortable transfer, and easy communication if you travel with travel companies. Highly recommend booking with them!



  • List of reliable transfer companies for travelers
  • English speaking consultants
  • Cost-effective & pleasant services
  • Non-direct booking process


Transportation companies

There are many car companies in Hanoi providing private transfer services to Halong. They have high-quality cars, and reasonable prices, however, they speak little English. You may find it difficult with the booking process, or communicating with the drivers.

If you travel with them, do not forget to write the exact pickup and drop-off location, time, and the name of the cruise. Google Translate is sometimes good for you to communicate with them.

  • Hanoi Transfer Service: 21 Ma May, Hang Buon, Hoan Kiem
  • Green Lion Bus: 16E, Phung Hung, Hang Ma, Hoan Kiem
  • Xe Aloha (Old name: Xe Luxury): 58 Au Trieu, Hoan Kiem



  • High-quality vehicle
  • Reasonable cost
  • Difficulties in communication due to language barriers


Taxi providers

You can also take a taxi from Hanoi to Halong Bay for a private transfer. It is easy to book a taxi from your accommodation. However, the price can be higher than other kinds of transfer, the driver can speak little English.

Taxi companies often provide small-sized cars like 4 or 7 seats only. Mai Linh, Taxi Group, and G7 Taxi are among the best taxi brands in Hanoi.

Take a taxi for private transfer from Hanoi to Halong

Take a taxi for the private transfer from Hanoi to Halong



  • Instant services & flexible schedule
  • Availability of vehicles
  • High-priced way of transfer


Tips to Choose the Best Private Car

Last but not least, the following tips might help you out in choosing the best car transfer between Hanoi and Halong. 

  • Save money for group traveling

If you are a solo traveler or couple, the price of a private car will be higher than using a shuttle bus. However, it is a good choice for a group of 3 people or more. Bear in mind that the bigger group you are in, the cheaper price you can get. 

  • Best for families with kids and the elderly

It goes without saying that private transfer best suits either nuclear families or extended ones. It is convenient for children (especially infants and toddlers) and old people to enjoy the car ride with large space as well as the utmost care from others. 

  • Book a Halong package instead of booking separately

It is good to know that a travel company can provide all these services. You should book a Halong Bay tour from Hanoi with a local agent to get a private transfer without the hassle and get a better deal for a package booking.

To sum up, booking a private car to Halong Bay from Hanoi is straightforward. To save your money or even get free, do not hesitate to contact BestPrice Travel for the best offer. You can book a Halong Bay cruise with the transfer option easily!

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