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Ho Chi Minh City food tour by motorbike reached the top of the world experience

November 18, 2022 - 193 views

According to TripAdvisor, exploring Ho Chi Minh City's street food on a motorbike is one of the 15 best food experiences in the world.

Ho Chi Minh City's motorbike food tour in the top food experience on TripAdvisor

As a world-renowned website with reputable travel reviews, TripAdvisor ranked the Ho Chi Minh City street food tour on a motorbike at the 2nd place in 15 globally top favorite foodie experiences. 

If you want to immerse yourself in the vibrant life of Ho Chi Minh City, visitors should enjoy the authentic feeling of riding a motorbike. A small group tour usually includes the experience of tasting typical street foods.

Ho Chi Minh City's motorbike food tour in the top food experience on TripAdvisor

Ho Chi Minh City's motorbike food tour in the top food experience on TripAdvisor


What can you get from a motorbike food tour in Ho Chi Minh?

A good driver and an enthusiastic tour guide

For your safety, you won't have to drive on your own on a motorbike food tour. A driver, usually a friendly local who knows every corner of the city, will accompany you throughout the trip. Also, you will have a knowledgeable tour guide who escorts you on tour, buying foods and tells you many more about the food you try. Sometimes, your tour guide will also be your motor-driver, don't be so surprised!


A chance to taste top-recommended Vietnamese foods

Ho Chi Minh City is the most populated metropolis in Vietnam, where people from North to South come here to study, work, and live. This is why you can find the typical foods from all regions across the country in this crowded city. With a food tour on a motorbike, let's see what foods you can try here.

Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancake)

It's a signature dish in South Vietnam, a type of crispy pancake. Banh Xeo is usually made from rice flour mixed with turmeric powder, topping with sprouts, pork, shrimps, and green bean paste. The dish is served with lettuce or mustard greens (only the big leaves) to wrap the pancake and sweet and sour dipping sauce.   

Taste vietnamese Pancake

Banh Mi (Vietnamese Baguette)

Banh Mi is one of the most familiar Vietnamese foods for tourists. You can find a small stall selling this street food everywhere in Ho Chi Minh. However, following the motorbike food trip, the tour guide will bring you to one of the best places selling Banh Mi in the city, where you can find the most authentic local taste.

Bun Bo Hue (Hue-style Noodles)

For anyone who only knows about Pho (Vietnamese Beef/Chicken Noodles), Bun Bo Hue will amaze you. This dish is recommended for anyone fond of booming taste with savory broth and strong flavor created by a mix of sweet, salty, and fatty. In addition, the sleek circle noodles mixed with beef, beef balls, crab balls, simmered pork legs, and fresh herbs and vegetables create a balanced taste for this dish.

Papaya Salad

Vietnamese papaya salad is a good starter for any food tour with a fresh, sweet, and sour taste. The ingredients to create this dish are simple, including only green papaya, peanuts, and herbs. However, the soul of a typical papaya salad is its sauce which is a balanced mix of water, fish sauce, sugar, vinegar, chilly, and garlic. 

Chuoi Nuong (Grilled Banana)

This sweet dish is rooted in the Mekong Delta area, which is just nearby Ho Chi Minh City. Usually, to make this dish, the sellers wrap small ripe bananas with sticky rice then charcoal grill them. It is recommended that you eat the Grilled Banana with coconut milk for a stronger flavor. 

taste grilled banana

Coconut/Sugarcane/Kumquat Juice

It will be a regret if you miss a cup of juice on your motorbike food tour. Depending on each tour itinerary, typically, you will have a chance to try coconut, sugarcane, or kumquat juice here which is fresh and can balance your taste after eating a lot of different foods during the trip.

Che (Sweet Soup)

For any sweet-tooth person, Che will be a perfect end for your food tour. There are many types of sweet soup you can choose to eat in a tiny stall so that you should tell the tour guide your taste to find the best one, or else, you can also have a glass of everything to taste all types of sweet soup at the same time.

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Paying a visit to some must-see places in Ho Chi Minh City

The difference between a motorbike and a walking food tour is that the motorbike trip can take you on a ride to see many more places during your culinary discovery instead of a short walking around some streets. Some attractions that might include in your itinerary are Bitexco Tower, China Town, Ho Thi Ky Flower Market, etc.


How much should you pay for a motorbike food tour in Ho Chi Minh City?

Usually, the price range for a food tour on the motorbike is from USD 40 - USD 80 per person, depending on your tour type, standard, and the number of dishes included in the tour. It is not recommended that you choose the cheapest option as the quality of your trip is not guaranteed. A group food tour that costs about USD 50 - 55 per person is considered the best choice for most tourists. It has an affordable price and good quality with new vehicles, an enthusiastic tour guide, and 8 - 10 dishes.

A private tour might be suitable for tourists who prefer keeping privacy. However, the private option will be much more expensive than the group one, and the number of dishes might be lesser; therefore, you should consider carefully before booking a private food tour.

Ho Chi Minh city food tour

Funny trip with Ho Chi Minh City food tour

Should you book a motorbike food tour for lunch or dinner?

The food tour on the motorbike is usually a short tour that may be operated around lunchtime or dinnertime. However, as the daytime temperature in Ho Chi Minh is quite high (around 35oC), you should book the food tour for dinner when it's cooler and better for your taste.

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The Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Awards is an annual award voted for by the site's travelers, with other categories such as the most popular destinations, restaurants, and beaches. In addition to achieving high rankings in the top food experience, in the top 25 world travel experiences, the motorbike tour to discover the street food in Ho Chi Minh City ranked 14th. This tour is suggested as the best way to explore the culinary world in this crowded metropolis and a must-do for all tourists. 

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