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Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Rainy Season: What You Should Prepare to Travel?

July 20, 2021 - 4618 views

The rainy seasons in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) usually start from May to December. If you are about to travel to Ho Chi Minh City during this period, there is something that you should prepare in order to best enjoy your trip to this beautiful and bustling land in the South of Vietnam.

Located in the center of the South, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is one of the most exciting destinations in Vietnam. Every year, Saigon welcomes many tourists to explore this beautiful city. And when choosing the best time to visit Saigon, many travelers come in the dry season; whereas, there are lots of people who prefer the rainy season. They claim that exploring Saigon in the monsoon season is an amazing experience.

Why visiting Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in the monsoon season?

This is not only about your feelings, but there are also different reasons why you should consider traveling to Ho Chi Minh City in this period.

Firstly, the weather is much cooler in the rainy season, making this time a perfect one for people who do not want to sweat. As you might know, Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate and Ho Chi Minh City often has a high temperature in the dry season. Besides, if you come to Ho Chi Minh City in this season, there are not many people as in the dry season. Therefore, you can better enjoy your trip.

Add to that, if you want to explore the beauty of this city but have limited finance, the rainy season is worth considering. Compared to the high travel season, traveling in the monsoon period is much cheaper. It will cost less for tour operators, hotels, and even cuisines and entertainment.

There are different reasons to come to Saigon in the rainy season

There are different reasons to come to Ho Chi Minh City in the rainy seasons

Things to prepare during the monsoon season in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Traveling to Ho Chi Minh City in the rainy season is interesting. However, to best enjoy your trip, careful preparation is necessary. These things are what you need to take into account.

Light clothes

You come and visit Ho Chi Minh City on the rainy days, the first thing is suitable clothes. Dressing smartly will help you to avoid being wet. An effective solution is a Vietnamese plastic poncho. Vietnamese people often use this type of poncho. It is extremely light and convenient. This rain gear is available everywhere, you can easily buy one. The cost for each gear is just under VND 15,000, which is much more cost-effective than buying a long and heavy raincoat.

The sellers often bring their plastic ponchos outside to sell when it is going to rain. And do not wait till it rains to buy a plastic poncho. You’d better prepare it before because Ho Chi Minh City’s weather is quite unpredictable. It may be sunny but soon the rain after several minutes.

prepare a plastic poncho for the rainy day in Saigon

You should prepare a plastic poncho for the rainy day in Ho Chi Minh City

About your clothes, you should choose light and loose clothing. These types of clothes are the most practical in humid and hot weather as they will help you to stay cool. Add to that, in case you get wet, your light clothes will dry much faster than the thick ones. You also should bring a waterproof cover to protect your backpack. This will protect your gadget, electronic devices, identity, passport, and money. Moreover, it is suggested to bring an umbrella, so you can use it both when it rains and when it is shiny.

Mosquito repellent

The monsoon season is the breeding season of mosquitoes. To protect yourself from diseases caused by mosquitos, it is necessary to bring mosquito repellent and anti-itch cream. When sleeping at night, remember to use a portable mosquito net to avoid itching bites.

Right footwear

When you travel, your purpose is to experience and explore, not just to take some pictures. So, you should put on the right footwear because your safety should be put at the highest priority. Don’t try to put on a high heel on a rainy day. It is a bad idea since it can make your feet sweaty and lead to the risk of soggy socks.

Most travelers favor plastic sandals on a rainy day. However, if you walk too long, it may lead to cuts to your feet. The rain and humid weather may increase the risk of infection. Therefore, you need to bring with you a small bottle of sanitizer to better protect yourself.

What you should do on a rainy day in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)?

An unexpected downpour can make your trip less meaningful and interesting, but there must be somewhere else. Ho Chi Minh City has unlimited things for tourists to enjoy on rainy days.

Pottery class is a great choice for a rainy day in ho chi minh city

Pottery class is a great choice for a rainy day

A pottery class is a great choice. Vietnam is well-known for handicrafts worldwide, so when it is raining and you cannot take in outside activities, what about experiencing this traditional activity. That making pottery and bringing it home can be a memorable experience. Visit Overland Club in District 11 to make small things like a cup or a dome decoration.

If you're keen on Vietnamese art and culture, try booking a ticket to A O Show which is only found in Ho Chi Minh City. This show features the charming beauty of Vietnamese rural life in a nutshell. 

Another option is to enjoy the city’s view from the Bitexco Tower. It is in the center of the city with a height of 262 meters. To get a closer look, you can use one of the binocular. Besides, enjoying Vietnamese cuisines from the 50th floor of the tower is also amazing.

While most people come to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in the dry season, you can enjoy it in the monsoon season. Despite the wet and dirty streets, Saigon is still beautiful and bustling on rainy days. If you are going to visit Ho Chi Minh City in the rainy season, there are several things that you should prepare for a perfect trip to Vietnam.

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