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Top 15 Ho Chi Minh Temples and Pagodas Worth Visiting

March 15, 2023 - 4456 views

Visiting temples and pagodas is a great way to learn more about religion in Vietnam and in Ho Chi Minh City in particular. If you do not have any idea of which temples and pagodas to visit in Ho Chi Minh city, do not miss this article as it includes useful information for 15 Ho Chi Minh Temples and Pagodas Worth Visiting

1. Thien Hau Temple

Address: 710 Nguyen Trai, Ward 11, District 5

Opening Hours: 8.00 – 16: 30

Built in 1760, Thien Hau pagoda is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Saigon, dedicated to the Chinese sea goddess, or Lady of the Sea. The temple bears the style of ancient Chinese pagodas, from patterns, architecture to construction materials. There are hundreds of valuable antiques in the temple dating from the late 18th century to the early 20th century such as wooden statues, stone statues, stelae, copper censer, reliefs, etc. The best time to visit this temple is on Lunar New Year and the 23rd day of the third month on the lunar calendar, Mazu’s birthday when locals gather to pray and celebrate the deity.

Thien Hau Pagoda

Thien Hau Pagoda


2. Mariamman Hindu Temple

Address: 45 Truong Dinh Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

Openning time: 7:00- 12:00, 13:00-19:00

Few steps from Ben Thanh market is Mariamman Hindu Temple, a sacred Hindu Temple dedicated to the goddess of the Rain ‘Mariamman’. This temple was built in the late 19th century by Indian people and has a design inspired by ancient Indian temples. Inside the temple, there is a collection of interesting statues of different gods and goddesses like Mariamman, Vishnu, Brahma and Ganesha, Linga – Yoni, and Mount Meru… It is the only Hindu temple in Saigon and is believed to bring luck and wealth to its visitors. Do not forget to take off your shoes and dress appropriately when you enter this temple.

Mariamman Hindu Temple Ho Chi Minh

Mariamman Hindu Temple


3. Vinh Nghiem Pagoda

Address: 339 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ward 7, District 3

Opening hours: 6.00 – 20:00

Located a 15-minute drive from Bui Vien Walking Street, Vinh Nghiem Pagoda is one of the largest pagodas in the city and the first to be constructed using concrete. The pagoda was built in the late 20th century, following both traditional Vietnamese architecture and modern Japanese style. The highlight of the temple is the 46-foot-tall stone tower which is the tallest of its kind in Vietnam, and the spacious grounds where many local people come to pray for luck. The 15th of every lunar month or the New Year is the best time to visit the pagoda.

Vinh Nghiem Pagoda Ho Chi Minh

Vinh Nghiem Pagoda


4. Jade Emperor Pagoda (Ngoc Hoang Pagoda)

Address: 73 Mai Thi Luu, Da Kao Ward, District 1

Opening hours: 7:30 – 19:00

Located in the heart of District 1, Jade Emperor Pagoda or Ngoc Hoang Pagoda attracts a large number of people to pray for childbirth, love, wealth, and health. The pagoda houses around 300 ancient statues and 100 carved wooden panels and antithetical couplets in Chinese.

It becomes more famous after former American President Barrack Obama visited during his state visit to Vietnam in May of 2016. Taoist deities including Jade Emperor, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas such as Medicine Buddha and Guanyin, are worshipped at the Hall inside the pagoda. Besides Buddhism or Taoism followers, many travellers come here to enjoy the magnificent scenery and take photos. 

Jade Emperor Pagoda Ho Chi Minh

Jade Emperor Pagoda


5. Xa Loi Pagoda

Address: 89 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Ward 7, District 3

Opening hours: 7.00 – 17:00

Xa Loi pagoda was the first pagoda in Vietnam to be built in a contemporary architectural style. The Pagoda is comprised of a green garden with Guanyin statues, Mai Tho Truyen statue, a seven-story bell tower, library, Main Hall, Chanh Tri Buddhist Lecture Hall. It played an important role in the protest against the reign of Ngo Dinh Diem in 1963 and was the site of several self-immolations by monks protesting against the Diem regime and the American War. Inside the pagoda is 7,000 Buddhist, literature, culture books…for not only Buddhist monks, Buddhists but also students.

xa Loi Pagoda Ho Chi minh

Xa Loi Pagoda


6. Giac Lam Pagoda

Address: 565 Lac Long Quan, Ward 10, Tan Binh District

Opening hours: 8: 00 – 20:00

Giac Lam Pagoda is one of the oldest pagodas in Ho Chi Minh city, which is famous for not only the unique architecture of the seven-story stupa in Khmer, Vietnamese, Cham style, and the main building but also many precious documents, cultural and Buddhist artworks. Moreover, the walls, Main Hall, roofs, arches are decorated with 7,454 ceramic plates made in Lai Thieu District, Binh Duong Province. Giac Lam Pagoda is recognized as the largest number of ceramic plates by the Vietnam Book of Records. This ancient pagoda is one of the most sacred sites and the best places to pray for wealth, health, and many others in the city.

Giac Lam Pagoda Ho Chi Minh

Giac Lam Pagoda


7. Buu Long Temple

Located in District 9, Buu Long Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Ho Chi Minh City, mixing architectural styles of India, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. It was built in 1942, on a hill near the Dong Nai River. The temple has a beautiful decoration with gorgeous gold and is the only temple in Ho Chi Minh worshipping only Buddha. This temple remains less known among tourists, so it is peaceful here.

Buu Long Temple

Buu Long Temple


8. Tran Hung Dao Temple

Address: 36 Vo Thi Sau, District 1.

Opening hours: 6:00 – 11:00, 14:00 – 18:00

Tran Hung Dao temple is a memorial and temple in Ho Chi Minh for a great general in Vietnam, Tran Hung Dao. The temple follows northern Vietnamese temples and communal houses style. Inside are many horizontal and vertical lacquered boards, as well as carved and meticulously inlaid incense tables. There are two statues in Tran Hung Dao temples: one made of concrete in the garden and the other copper status in worship place. The best time to visit the temple is the New Year and the 20th day of the eighth lunar month to celebrate Tran Hung Dao.

Tran Hung Dao temple Ho Chi minh

Tran Hung Dao temple


9. Viet Nam Quoc Tu Pagoda

Address: 244 3/2 Blv., Ward 12, District 10

Opening hours: 6.00 – 18.00

Located on Ba thang Hai street, Vietnam Quoc Tu is one of the highest pagodas of the city. This place becomes a popular destination for all locals and visitors when traveling around Ho Chi Minh thanks to its beauty of landscape and architectural beauty. The main complex of the pagoda spans seven stories, with the first two open to the public. Visitors are given access to view the beautiful Buddha statue that is the centrepiece of the pagoda and allowed to walk the grounds.

Vietnam Quoc Tu Pagoda

Vietnam Quoc Tu Pagoda


10. Pho Quang Pagoda

Address: 64/3 Huynh Lan Khanh, Ward 2, Tan Binh District

Opening hours: 6:00 – 21:00

Located 16km southeast of the city center, Pho Quang pagoda was built in 1951 by the monk Nguyen Viet Tao who started the construction. The pagoda had a very simple architecture at the beginning of the construction and was repaired in 1961. It now expands the campus by 6 thousand square meters and has become a place to visit, worship, and celebrate the early spring of many tourists when having the opportunity to travel to Saigon.

Pho Quang Pagoda Ho Chi Minh

Pho Quang Pagoda


11. Khanh Van Nam Vien Temple

Address: 269 Nguyen Thi Nho, Ward 16, District 11

Opening hours: 4.00 - 17:00

Located in Saigon's Chinatown, Khanh Van Nam Vien Temple is unique for its colorful statues of Taoist disciples and is one of the few Taoist pagodas in Vietnam. This temple was built between 1939 and 1942 by Cantonese immigrants. The main altar features a Yin and Yang symbol. The temple is not only a favorite temple for nearly 4500 true Taoists in Saigon but also a place for tourists who want to learn more about religion in Saigon, especially Taoism.

Khanh Van Nam Vien Temple

Khanh Van Nam Vien Temple


12. Phap Hoa Pagoda

Address: 870, Truong Sa, Ward 14, District 3

Opening hours: 6:30 - 11:00, 13:30 - 21:00

Phap Hoa Pagoda is one of the oldest and the most famous Buddhist temples in Ho Chi Minh city. The pagoda structure was inspired by old Northern Vietnamese pagodas, the roofs are curved upwards with decorations like dragons at the top.. At the front entrance, you will see two white statues of the Reclining Buddha. A big one on the right, and another in front of a stele on which Buddha's last sermon is inscribed. The temple has many green trees and a small lake, offering a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

Phap Hoa Pagoda Ho Chi minh

Phap Hoa Pagoda


13. Hoang Phap Pagoda

Address: Tan Hiep Commune, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Opening hours: 6:00 – 18:00

Built in 1957 in Hoc Mon district, Hoang Phap pagoda with beautiful landscape has become a place attracting most of the Buddhists in Ho Chi Minh City. The Pagoda has an area of over 6 ha and has existed for over a half-century now, and often organizes teaching courses and memorials for Buddhist religious followers in Saigon and surrounding areas to visit and participate. It becomes busy during summertime when thousands of students come here to participate in the summer retreat to stay healthy and enjoy the spiritual environment here.

Hoang Phap Pagoda Ho Chi Minh

Hoang Phap Pagoda


14. Phu Chau Floating Temple (Mieu Noi)

Address: 173/36/7B11 Duong Quang Ham, Ward 5, go VAP District

Phu Chau Floating 300-year-old temple is the only floating temple in Ho Chi Minh city with beautiful and eye-catching architecture. The temple covers the entire islet of 2,500 square meters, adorned with elaborate mosaics, sculptures, and images of many dragons, tigers, and phoenixes. Originally, the temple was dedicated to the sailors, who came here to pray for a safe journey, happiness, and peace. Now there are many fortunetellers at the temple, and visitors come here to wish for happiness.

Phu Chau Floating Temple Ho Chi minh

Phu Chau Floating Temple


15. Candaransi Pagoda (Wat Chantaransay - Khmer Pagoda)

Built-in 1946, Wat Chantaransay is the first Khmer temple in Ho Chi Minh City. A temple is a significant place for Khmer people to join their culture and religious activities. The temple interior is designed with the pictorial depiction of Jataka stories which are related to births and rebirths of Gautam Buddha before his attainment of Nirvana. The visit to the temple would be a great experience for those who want to learn more about the culture and religion of the Khmer people in Vietnam

Candaransi Pagoda (Wat Chantaransay) Ho Chi Minh

Candaransi Pagoda (Wat Chantaransay)

You will never know how beautiful these temples and pagodas are when you really visit them. Pick up one or some which you are interested in and plan to get there in the very near future. Contact Bestprice Travel for a customized Ho Chi Minh trip to these temples.

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