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Hon Thom Island

Phu Quoc Island attracts millions of tourists every year, in which Hon Thom is one of the most favorite places. What makes Hon Thom Island favor? Follow the detail below to discover mysterious beauty!

Hon Thom is a small island located in the An Thoi Islands south of Phu Quoc. This island is not only famous for its poetic beauty but also known through the legend of many generations. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations for both domestic & international tourists because of its unspoiled natural beauty, with green coconut groves, white sandy beaches, and clear blue water.

Hon Thom  island

Hon Thom Island


Best time to visit Hon Thom

When is the best time to visit Hon Thom Island? Like Phu Quoc tourism, the ideal time to go to Hon Thom island is in the dry season between November to April next year. During this time, the waves are really calm, combined with the not-too-hot weather, suitable for exploring this beautiful natural scenery. In addition, the sea is extremely clear and colorful waiting for you to visit.

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Best time to visit Hon Thom

Best time to visit Hon Thom


How to get to Hon Thom Island

To get to Hon Thom, you can choose to take a boat or cable car, let's learn detail below:

Getting there by boat

From Duong Dong Town center you need to take a taxi or car drive for about 30 minutes to An Thoi seaport, then take another 30 minutes cruising by boat to Hon Thom Island. Transfer by boat is an economical way with the price is only 50,000 VND/person/time (~2.5 USD). It is easy to buy a boat ticket at An Thoi seaport.

Boat schedule:

  • Fron An Thoi seaport to Hon Thom: 9:30, 11:30
  • From Hon Thom back to An Thoi: 13:45, 14:30, 17:00. 

Getting Hon Thom by boat

Getting Hon Thom by boat


Getting there by cable car

The cable car is modern transportation with an extremely quick way of getting to Hon Thom in only 15 minutes. Hon Thom cable car is the longest sea-crossing cable car in the world recognized by the Guinness World Record. Travel by cable car you will have a chance to enjoy the amazing panoramic view from above, this will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Cable car price normally included round-trip transfer and entertainment package at Equatoria water park such as swimming, kayaking, playing floating house.

Ticket types

Adults (from 1.4m)

Child (between 1m- 1.4m)

Infant (under 1m)

Combo: Cable car + Equatoria water park

350,000 VND

250,000 VND


Combo All in one (Cable car + Equatoria water park + buffet lunch) 

660,000 VND

460,000 VND


*Note ticket price update for 2021.

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Getting Hon Thom by cable car

Getting Hon Thom by cable car


Top activities to do in Hon Thom Island

What to do in Hon Thom? Although tourism has not been exploited much, there are many interesting tourist activities for you to enjoy below.

1. Snorkeling to see coral at Ky Lan Cape

Snorkeling is an interesting activity that you should not miss when coming here. Hon Thom is famous for clear blue water and rich vegetation, especially beautiful colorful coral reefs. The snorkeling in Hon Thom can deep up to 30m is suitable for adventure tourists who have enough health and scuba diving skills. The elderly and children can choose snorkeling near the shore.

You also can choose to walk undersea that will be led by a guide and you can interact with marine species.

Snorkeling to see coral at Ky Lan Cape

Snorkeling to see coral at Ky Lan Cape


2. Play at Sun World Hon Thom Amusement Park

Sun World Hon Thom is the leading amusement park with thrilling games such as water pipe sliding, surfing artificial waves, boomerang slide... Besides, there is also a children's play area with gentle, educational, and intellectually stimulating games. Normally ticket price to Sun World is already included in the cable car price. There are some additional services you need to pay extra if using like renting beach chairs, renting buoys, rowing boats, renting canoes. ..

Play at Sun World Hon Thom Amusement Park

Play at Sun World Hon Thom Amusement Park


3. Kayaking

Kayaking is the best way to help you experience the unspoiled nature of Hon Thom Island. The best time for you to kayak is in the early morning when you can enjoy the fresh, quiet morning air or in the sunset when the sun pours down creating a very spectacular scene.

Kayaking in Hon Thom

Kayaking in Hon Thom


4. Playing floating house

Playing floating house is a free interesting activity for family play together. There are many different models such as slides, floating houses. You will be given a life jacket and protective gear but you still need to take care of your children's safety. We surely your children will love this exciting water activity.

Hon thom floating house

Hon thom floating house

5. Fishing

Floating on the boat, catching fish, sipping some cold beers, what's better than that, right? Squid fishing is one of the attractive activities that you should try when coming to Hon Thom. The price for a fishing tour is about 15 USD/person included dinners & watching the sunset on board. After fishing, you can enjoy your result right away on the boat. If you have a chance let's ask fishermen to show you how to catch urchins. Grilled urchins are an extremely attractive dish that fascinated your taste.


Some tips for you when traveling to Hon Thom Island

Before starting your trip to Hon Thom, you should take notes of some points below:

  • You don't need to spend too much time on the island, just going during the day is enough, unless you want to do night quid fishing. 
  • The cable car and boat back to An Thoi port has the last trip at 5 pm, so you need to arrange a reasonable schedule to avoid missing the trip.
  • Keep your carry-on as minimal as possible to have a lightweight discovery trip.

The above article has summarized all travel experiences in Hon Thom Island. If you are not confident with your self-sufficient travel let's booking our Phu Quoc tours to have an unforgettable trip.

Trip that visit Hon Thom Island

Hon Thom Island Map

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Is there any accommodation on the island


No there isnt

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Hi, The Phu Quoc cable car is on maintenance till 19th Dec 2023 . May I know the latest pricing for boat transfer to Aquatopia Waterpark? Thanks.


Hi! the price for boat to Hon Thom (instead of using PQ cable car) is from VND 50,000/person

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Where is the ferry port back to phu quoc

@Miss Angela Keebles:

Hi! There is a port which is around 1km from Hon Thom Cable Car Station but it's usually used by local so it isn't a good option for tourists. We suggest you should use the Cable Car instead.

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