Phu Quoc Cable Car: All You Need to Know

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Phu Quoc is not only a gorgeous island with unspoiled natural scenery and a pleasant temperature for relaxation but also a perfect spot for various exciting natural exploration activities. When visiting this island, it is impossible not to mention the Phu Quoc cable car. Taking the Phu Quoc cable car allows tourists to enjoy a thrilling journey in the air, appreciate the wild and magnificent nature, and thoroughly explore Nam Dao Pearl's beauty. 

Phu Quoc Cable Car CTA

What Makes Phu Quoc Cable Car Unique?

Phu Quoc cable car was built in the An Thoi archipelago, South Phu Quoc - Vietnam's famous pearl island paradise. On the plane to the island, you can see the An Thoi archipelago and the cable car from above which connects Phu Quoc island to Hon Thom, also known as Pineapple Island.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Phu Quoc cable route is 8 km long, making it the longest non-stop three-way cable car worldwide. When taking the cable car, it takes approximately 15 minutes to travel from An Thoi Station to Hon Thom Station via Hon Dua and Hon Roi.

There are a total of 69 cabins that make up the Phu Quoc Cable Car, and each one has the capability of carrying up to 30 passengers at a time. In order to avoid making passengers wait, the cable car runs continuously throughout the day. The ticket price will be round-trip, and the internet is available in each compartment. All cabins are illuminated at night, offering the visitors to enjoy the beauty of Phu Quoc by night.

Admire The Small And Large Islands Of Phu Quoc From Above

Admire The Small And Large Islands Of Phu Quoc From Above


Why Should You Take A Cable Car In Phu Quoc?

Great view to see the whole city 

All the visitors will be able to take in Hon Thom's breathtaking scenery from 174 meter up high on the tallest point of the structure. From the cable car's top, tourists can get a bird's-eye view of the area's stunning natural grandeur, including the sea, islands, and green woodlands. The tourists can also gaze down on the harbor and see fishermen sailing out to the sea with their boats.

Enjoy Phu Quoc's Stunning View And An Thoi Fishing Village Through The Cable Car

Enjoy Phu Quoc's Stunning View And An Thoi Fishing Village Through The Cable Car


Have an amazing experience

The fastest cable car routes can reach the destination up to 30 kilometers per hour, compared to the typical cable car. You'll find lush tropical islets, vibrant coral reefs, and picturesque fishing vessels below. The cable car will occasionally pause in the air for a minute or two, during which time it will rotate slightly. When it passes the tall cement pillars on each island that hold up the cable lines, they dip and plummet downwards. Those individuals who fear of heights will find it a challenging experience.


Visit a beautiful destination

The cable car will transport visitors to the stunning Hon Thom Island, home to unspoiled wilderness and an infinite paradise of activities and attractions. There is the Aquatopia Water Park on the island, which is widely considered the most cutting-edge water park in all of Southeast Asia, with exciting activities that are on pace with those found in international competitions. This amusement park guarantees visitors to have a fantastic time and experience they will remember.

The chart below shows the operating time and some other activities that you can join after arriving in Hon Thom:

Exotica Park 10:00-16:30
Aquatopia Park 10:00-16:30
Beach 10:00-16:30

Take A Cable Car To Arrive The Wonderful Aquatopia Water Park

Take A Cable Car To Arrive At The Wonderful Aquatopia Water Park


The safest cable car in the world

Phu Quoc cable car is a 3-wire cable car using the most modern technology in the world. Two of the three wires of the cable car act as fixed rails, and the middle wire is the moving one. The cabin is clamped to this rope and runs along the cable line. As a result, the 3-wire sling operates smoothly. This is the most secure structure in the world since there is no need to use a conventional rescue system. The cable is also sensitive to magnetic fields; therefore, the system will automatically stop working when lightning strikes.


Phu Quoc Cable Car Price & Schedules


Cable car operating hours:                                        

Trip Time
1 9:00-9:30
2 10:30-11:30
3 13:30-14:00
4 15:30-17:00

20:00-20:30 (Saturday only)


 For all guests: 

Ticket for guests ≥ 1m4

600.000 VND

Ticket for guests between ≥ 1m and <1m4

450.000 VND 

Ticket for guests under 1m



For Kien Giang residents:

Ticket for guests ≥ 1m4

500.000 VND

Ticket for guests between ≥ 1m and <1m4

350.000 VND 

Ticket for guests under 1m


*) Remember to keep your cable ticket carefully is essential for round-trip travel. You will be responsible for the cost of the return trip if you misplace it. Click Here For A Free Consultation:

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How To Purchase The Ticket

Buy at the An Thoi station

Travelers can buy the ticket directly through the An Thoi station. However, it may take time to queue at the ticket counter in the high season. It is recommended to purchase the ticket before the departure date for around 1-2 days. 

A Unique Design Of An Thoi Station

A Unique Design Of An Thoi Station

Ask local agencies

If visitors do not want to wait for a long time to get the ticket, consider asking the local tourism agencies in the area for assistance. It would be easier for non-native speakers. 


Purchase via the official website

Visitor tickets for the cable car can be purchased on the Sun World official site, then select the preferred date and click "CONFIRM" to complete the transaction. Once the process is done, all travelers have to do to reserve the spot is follow some basic instructions on-screen.


Tips To Travel Phu Quoc Cable Car

What to bring?

  • Prepare your towel and swimwear if you plan to swim.
  • In order to avoid becoming overheated, and fatigued, during the midday hours, it is recommended that you carry along wide-brimmed hats.
  • Since it's outdoor activities, remember to take eyeglasses and suncream to protect your health.


How to take great photos from the cable car?

Through the windows in the cabin, you can have a great view and take photos from many angles. Consider bringing a polarising lens for your camera or a clip-on polariser for your phone. A polarizer is just a glass lens you screw onto or clip over your phone's camera, cutting out reflections on glass or water. You will be able to take photographs of the landscapes through the glass walls of the cable car utilizing a polarizer, which will result in fewer distractions and background projection in the pictures.

Phu Quoc Cable Car Ticket

Phu Quoc Cable Car Ticket


How to get to the cable car station?

The cable car in Phu Quoc can be easily reached from the center. Grab application is one of the options that allows you to book a taxi, but you can also ask the hotel front desk, local tour companies, or the local taxi in the area to make that request.

The taxi price range will cost around 250.000 VND to 300.000 VND, while the car rental service charges around 700.000 VND. If you want another transportation that is more affordable, consider taking advantage of Sun World’s free shuttle bus (depending on the date available) or rent a motorbike if you want to discover the city on your own.

Feel free to ask us anything you would like to know about the Phu Quoc cable car or Phu Quoc island. BestPrice Travel can reserve a trip on the cable car or even a pre-arranged trip to Phu Quoc. Hope you have a wonderful time exploring this stunning island.

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hallo, is cable car suitable for seniors with high blood pressure


Sure, the cable car runs quite slowly, but if you are afraid of height or enclosed space, we recommend you shouldn't try the cable car.

1 Reply

If it's raining cable car works


It depends on how hard the rain is. If it's just drizzle and there's no storm comming, the cable car still works. However, if it's rain too heavy or there's any warning for a storm, it'll be closed. 

1 Reply

Do you have any combo of the cable car and Aquatopia park?


Hi! The Aquatopia Park is included in the cable car ticket, you can book your ticket here: Phu Quoc Cable Car Ticket

1 Reply

Hello, I am interested in only the cable car ride. So will I have to purchase a return ticket too? What is the return route? Don't want to enter the water park due to shortage of time. TIA.

@Rashmi s:

Hi! You have to purchase a round-way ticket (which includes 2 ways of cable car in 1 ticket) and in and out route is the same. The ticket is always include the park, there's no separate ticket for cable car only, so there's no discount if you choose to join the water park or not.

1 Reply

can a person who uses a wheelchair be allowed to join this cable car tour? If so, will there be anyone to assist him?

@Parker Hall:

Hi! Wheelchair is allowed to get on the cable car and the staff there is always willing to help to board on, so don't worry about that.

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