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Phu Quoc Airport Transfer: How to Travel From Airport to City

November 05, 2021 - 1728 views

How far is Phu Quoc airport from the center, how to choose the right means of transportation are two of the many questions that tourists have when traveling to this beautiful island. In this article, BestPrice Travel will help you answer all these questions, let's find out!

Our article answers all questions regarding the transfer between Phu Quoc airport to the center, let's follow it carefully.

Distance from Phu Quoc airport to Center

Phu Quoc Airport is located in the southern area of Phu Quoc Island, in Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province. Phu Quoc Airport is about 14km from Duong Dong town center.

How long does it take from Phu Quoc airport to Duong Dong town center? The travel time from Phu Quoc airport to the center is about 20-30 minutes, depending on the type of vehicle and the route you travel. Going by taxi will have a faster travel time than taking a bus or motorbike.

According to the instructions from Google Map, from Phu Quoc airport to the center you can choose 3 routes as follows: Going through TL47 takes 47 minutes, this is also the fastest route. Or go through Tran Hung Dao street for about 26 minutes or go through TL47 and Duong Dong bypass for 26 minutes.

Distance from Phu Quoc airport to Center

4 Best Ways to get from Phu Quoc airport to center

Going from Phu Quoc airport to Duong Dong town center, you can take a taxi, bus, motorbike taxi or hire a shuttle, depending on the number of people and your own preferences, you can choose the right vehicle for you. If traveling with a large number of people and moving quickly, you should take a taxi, and if you want to save money on travel, buses and motorbike taxis are a reasonable choice.

1. Taxi

Taxi is the easiest way to transfer between the airport and Duong Dong town center. The price of a taxi from Phu Quoc airport to the center ranges from 180,000 to 220,000 VND (USD 7.8 - USD 9.5) depending on the brand and the place you want to go. 

In general, using a taxi to get to the center from the airport is a good choice as it is easy to catch and not so expensive. However, there are also fake taxis which may drive you a long way to overcharge. Therefore, for the best transfer experience, you should choose a taxi from famous brands such as Hoang Long Taxi or Mai Linh Taxi.

Phu Quoc airport to center by taxi

2. Bus

To transfer by bus you can either choose a public bus or an airline shuttle bus.

Public bus

The public bus from Phu Quoc airport to Duong Dong town center has only 1 operating route. You can get to the waiting point at the airport parking lot and catch bus No.11 with the ticket price is only 20,000 VND/person (USD 0.8). 

Phu Quoc airport to center bus

Airlines shuttle bus

The better choice to transfer by bus from the airport to Phu Quoc Island center is using the airlines’ shuttle bus. At the ticket price of 50,000 VND/person (USD 2.1), you can get to the center on a more spacious and comfortable bus with fewer passengers than the public bus. 

After all, the bus is always the cheapest way to get to the center from Phu Quoc airport. However, you will have to share the bus with other travelers and can’t bring along too much luggage.


3. Private car

The private car is the most expensive transportation to travel from the airport to the center in Phu Quoc; however, for anyone who loves privacy and has much luggage, it is always the best choice. The price to hire a private car is different due to the types of car, it is usually around 300,000 VND (USD 13.0) for a 4-seat or 7-seat car. 

Phu Quoc airport to center by private car

4. Motorbike Taxi (Xe Om)

For a more local transfer experience, you can catch a motorbike taxi at the outdoor parking lot to the right of the Phu Quoc airport gate. The price of a motorbike taxi ride to the center of Duong Dong town ranges from 60,000 to 70,000 VND (USD 2.6 - USD 3.0). Please note that before going, you must bargain the price first to avoid being overcharged.

Local tips to transfer between Phu Quoc Airport and town center

  • As the transfer cost on Phu Quoc Island is quite expensive, you should consider carefully each type of transportation, also the pick-up and drop-off locations to save money, especially if you are a budget traveler.
  • The number of private cars for rent in Phu Quoc is limited, if you travel to this island in peak season and want to use this service, just book in advance to make sure that you can have the car.
  • Be careful with using the taxi here and only use reputable taxi brands as we’ve mentioned above to avoid scams and overcharges.
  • The Motorbike taxi is a transfer option that is suitable only for anyone who has good bargaining skills and travel experience. If you are not someone like that, you shouldn’t use this transportation to avoid scams.

Above is an article that answers the question of how far Phu Quoc airport is from the center as well as a summary of ways to transfer from the airport to Duong Dong town - the center of Phu Quoc Island. Hopefully, through this article, you have visualized the appropriate distance and suitable means of transport. Don't forget to accompany the BestPrice team on your next trip here!


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