Horse Riding in Siem Reap: Unique Way to Experience

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Thanks to the beautiful nature and unique experiences, horse riding in Siem Reap has been increasingly popular in recent years. With the desire to diversify the experience for visitors, horse-riding services are now available in Siem Reap.

You can ride along the shores or even hang on top of the waves. Let’s enjoy yourself to the fullest with your horse and immerse yourself in the vast nature. Rest assured that the staff will take care of your horse activities from easy to complex. Just take it easy!

Why should you try horse riding in Siem Reap?

Instead of watching through the fence, visitors will have a chance to approach and experience riding many precious horse species. In case of falling into fatigue after a long day inside the hotel, horse riding Siem Reap is the most appropriate activity for you!

  • Physical improvement

It's a sport that brings many benefits, such as forging a toned body and mental improvement. When riding a horse, the whole body works flexibly, consuming a lot of strength. The movements of climbing a horse, galloping, or controlling the reins affect many muscle areas of the body. When the body is active, the metabolism is carried out, energy is released, and the weight loss mechanism occurs.

  • Mental health benefits

The age-old sport has many benefits for mental health, eliminating stress in life. It also limits the impact of the negative side of smartphones and tablets. Compared to jogging, horseback riding is more convenient as it saves more time and stamina.

  • Beautiful sightseeing & culture

Besides providing hours of exercise, horseback riding also helps players immerse themselves like Siem Reap. A traditional trip to colorful villages is an opportunity to go sightseeing and learn about daily life in Cambodia. Do not hesitate to jump off the horse and kayak through the hyacinths in the pristine forest. Besides, the Apsara dance performance stage, craft shops, silkworm farms, and rice fields of the countryside are popular tourist destinations.

After the journey, Siem Reap offers you delicious dishes no less than anywhere. It would be best to try Khmer specialties like fried red ants in the tree-lined restaurant Marum. A lychee martini at Miss Wong restaurant inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy's 1967 visit is also worth trying.

Horse Riding Siem Reap

Beautiful sightseeing on the horse riding Siem Reap

Happy Ranch - Best place for Siem Reap horse riding

The Happy Ranch Horse Farm is a horse ranch offering countryside trail rides with beautiful horse riding fields in Siem Reap. 

  • Location: Group 4, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap
  • Opening hours: Daily from Sunrise to Sunset

Happy Ranch has been attracting many people due to horses of expensive breeds imported from abroad and riding lessons from essential to advanced levels. Since its establishment in 2002, the farm has been a famous destination with 51 handsome horses and ponies, including stallions, mares, and foals. The investors are those who have long experience in horse training.

Horse Riding Siem Reap Happy Ranch

Happy Ranch Horse Farm

  • Services & Facilities

The farm locates in a large area, including a round pen, a 20 x 40m dressage arena, and a horse preparation zone. The facilities are fully equipped with Western-style saddles imported from the USA and Europe. The provision of safety helmets for all riders is available.

The service is diverse such as horse guiding services or self-riding. If you have experience in horseback riding, you can enjoy the peaceful and poetic scenery stretching on both sides of the Mekong River. It is a fascinating thing that you can hardly find anywhere else.

  • Human of Happy Ranch

Teachers at Pony Club are French, so learning to ride horses here requires learners to know French or English. Most of the riders here are diplomats, ambassadors of other countries, or children of foreign diplomatic ambassadors. Safety is a top priority and is mandatory for learners. Whether you rent a horse or not, there is always someone to accompany and guide you from basic to advanced techniques throughout the learning process. Once you have mastered the horse riding technique, you can learn the horse jumping skill.

Horses are taken care of very carefully; besides eating green grass, they are also fattened with nutritious bran. The guides trimmed the mane, brushed the hair, and bathed the horse regularly. The horses serving guests are lined with brocade cushions and sprayed with perfume. Thus, the visitors can rent or buy ethnic costumes to wear when riding horses.

  • Packages & Price

If you are an adventurer, please refer to some horse riding packages to decide which one fits you most. 

Trail Rides


Trail Rides 1/2 hour Children's lead ride

 US $25.00

Village Ride (1-hour trail or lead ride)

 US $38.00

Countryside and Village Ride (2 hours)

 US $60.00

Temple Ride (3 hours)

 US $75.00

Complete Country Site (4 hours)

 US $95.00


Horse Riding Siem Reap Happy Ranch Farm

Happy Ranch Horse Farm Trail Rides

In addition, the farm regularly organizes for members to participate in weekend picnics by riding horses outside, walking along the dyke, and going around the surrounding village with fields spread on both sides. Sometimes, a slight speed race brings a natural feeling of excitement.

Tips for the best experience with Siem Reap horse riding

  • Notes on clothing for a smooth ride

You should wear long pants and appropriate shoes. Any close-fitting shoe will do, but you should choose a low-heeled shoe. The ideal height of the heel is between 2.5 cm and 4 cm to prevent the foot from slipping over the tripod.

Do not wear scarves or any accessories that could get in the way of reins, saddles, and trees. Finally, wear a helmet for your safety.

  • Equip yourself with essential skills before the ride

To be able to play this sport proficiently, you should sign up for an introductory course to be taught skills and familiarize yourself with the horse.

  • Be careful of common injuries

However, sports injuries in equestrian sports are common, but injuries during professional activities are not expected. The most common causes are injuries to the shoulder, neck, and extremities.

Players often deal with spine fractures when riding under the horse.

Another issue is striking - a possibility of spinal cord rupture and subsequent paralysis. Please be careful, buddies!

It's time to explore the life of Siem Reap. The natural scenery on horseback will be an extremely wonderful thing when coming to the land of Angkor Wat. BestPrice Travel hopes you will have the best moment on the trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.


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