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How Much Does It Cost for Meals in Halong Bay?

April 08, 2021 - 798 views

Known as a large tourist complex in Vietnam, Halong Bay is home to numerous bustling eating places with various costs. Here’s a range of prices that you should pay for meals in Halong Bay.

Halong Bay has attracted tourists to its awe-inspiring landscapes as well as its diversity of local cuisine. Halong Bay meets the need of any choosy tourist since the Bay boasts a great variety of flavorsome foods at different price ranges. In the dozens of dining outlets, there are many eateries ranging from budget, mid-range to high-end types. Let’s see how much you need to pay for meals in one day while traveling to Halong Bay.

A budget meal in Halong Bay

For budget travelers, Vietnam is the most ideal destination to save money on food and drink. The best way to minimize the cost of eating is to try local food. Fortunately, Halong Bay is a paradise of street foods and small restaurants which are clean, sanitary, and completely safe. Here, you can taste extremely flavorsome but affordable meals at the cost of only US$ 8 - 10 per person for one day in Halong Bay.

Halong Bay’s dishes are not only substantially healthier but also amazingly cheaper than most of the Western cuisines. You can enjoy a snack or a small dish available from as little as US$ 1-2 for a piece. To start a budget food tour in Halong Bay, you should try local food for a light breakfast, such as Pho, Banh Mi, or Banh Cuon Cha Muc – a famous specialty in Halong Bay. Continuing with lunch and dinner, you’d better have a filling meal with fresh seafood and local ingredients at restaurants in Ben Doan area, Hon Gai area, or Vuon Dao area – the paradise of fresh seafood.

Banh Cuon Cha Muc is perfect for a budget meal in Halong Bay

Banh Cuon Cha Muc is perfect for a budget meal in Halong Bay

After a full-day food tour, the average price of meals in Halong Bay for one day is around US$ 10 for one person. Despite the low-cost expenditure on eating out, you can fill your stomach with a feast of Halong Bay’s local food.

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A mid-range meal in Halong Bay

If you’re in search of mid-range restaurants in Halong Bay, you should pay around US$ 15 - 20 for mid-range meals in one day. In Halong Bay, you only need to pay under US$ 12 for a decent meal with the best of Halong seafood and traditional cuisine. Your trip to Halong Bay will be incomplete if you miss the chance to savor appetizing local seafood dishes including grilled oyster sauce or chili mustard, dishes made from squid, horseshoe crab, and austriella corrugate. All these Halong Bay specialties can be found in most of the restaurants with pleasant services, well-trained staff, and reasonable prices.

Seafood is best for mid-range meals in Halong Bay

Seafood is best for mid-range meals in Halong Bay

Also, you can enjoy Western-style dishes at restaurants decorated by the unique architecture in Vietnam – French period. If you like something more authentic, try some eateries at coastal roads to enjoy the cool sea breezes in Halong Bay or get to the floating restaurant at Cai Dam market for extremely fresh seafood and really cool seafront seating. Go find the floating houses on the seacoast of column 5, column 6 of Hong Ha Ward to enjoy mouthwatering seafood and mesmerizing view of Halong Bay.

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A luxury meal in Halong Bay

Aside from budget and mid-range restaurants, there’re many high-end restaurants where you can treat yourself a luxury meal in Halong Bay. At the cost from US$ 5 to US$ 15 for a dish, you have various selections ranging from Vietnamese food, Western cuisine, Indian food to vegan and Halal food. Some Western restaurants in Halong Bay import raw ingredients from Australia and New Zealand with high import taxes; hence, some Western eateries will be priced equally or higher than they would be in Western countries.

If you prefer to dine in formal restaurants, it’s best to budget from US$ 15 to US$ 30 per person for a meal in Halong Bay. Let’s take a look at Co Ngu restaurant decorated by uniquely traditional royal architecture, and Huong 2 Restaurant with the most beautiful sea view in Halong Bay. For those who want to dine in luxury hotels and have a taste for the nice wine, it’s possible to spend $100 or more on a dinner for two in Halong Bay.

Luxury meals at Halong Bay hotel

Luxury meals at Halong Bay hotel

All in all, eating out in Halong Bay can cost variously since food costs vary from cheap to incredibly expensive in Vietnam. Depending on your interests and budget, you can expect to pay for meals at around US$ 8 - 25 per day when you’re on land in Halong Bay. Also, you can take a tour on a Halong Bay cruise where a great diversity of delicious foods is served on board with inclusive prices for all meals.

Enjoy fresh seafood on Halong Bay Cruise for a luxury meal in halong bay

Enjoy fresh seafood on Halong Bay Cruise

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Before every journey, you’d better research and plan ahead to feel more comfortable and get the best value for your money. Hope this article will help you understand the average cost of meals in Halong Bay and set your budget to meet your interests.

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