Things to do in Hue


Explore the vibrant streets of Hue City on foot and cyclo on this small group adventure tour,Hop into a traditional cyclo, a three-wheeled bicycle with a carriage at the front for you to sit in, while the driver pedals you through Hue City. Take in the sights, sounds and smells of Hue City without the barrier of a car window or the sound of an engine. You will enjoy the Hue by a difference way.


Hue is definitely the best place to shop for gifts you can bring back home with you. It is famous for handicraft products like silk paintings and silk embroideries, lacquer wares, antiques and all kinds of unique products that you’ll only find in the city. Fashion shops, souvenir shops, super markets, art galleries or studios... are concentrated in some major streets such as Tran Hung Dao, Le Loi, Hung Vuong, Phan Dang Luu, Mai Thuc Loan... Some famous shopping places for tourists are Dong Ba Market, An Cuu Market, Ben Ngu Market, Tay Loc Market, Truong Tien Plaza, Phong Phu Plaza…


As a tourist destination, a quite large number of dining options are available in Hue, with a good mix of Western and authentic Vietnamese dishes on offer. There are many good restaurants on some streets like Pham Ngu Lao, Le Loi, Ben Nghe, Hung Vuong or other streets in the north bank of Perfume River. 

Vietnamese people regard distinctive Hue cuisine as the best in the country. There are two forms – Hue traditional folk cuisine, and ‘Royal’ cuisine, the food for the Imperial Court. Some must-try folk dishes are: ‘com hen’ (baby clams with rice), ‘bun bo Hue’ (Hue style beef vermicelli), ‘bun thit nuong’ (grilled-meat vermicelli), ‘banh khoai’ (traditional fried pancake), ‘nem lui’, ‘banh bot loc’… And you can't come to Hue and not try the Imperial cuisine. It is fantastic to sample Hue imperial dining in luxury cruises on Perfume River or in deluxe hotel restaurants. There used to be 50 different dishes served in a royal feast but now you may choose around 10 dishes.

Hue is also well known for vegetarian food and variations of ‘che’ (a kind of dessert). 

City tour

Hue is a city full of greenery with a peaceful atmosphere, quiet but equally busy, crowded. The ancient capital of Vietnam has plenty of wonderful places to visit. Around the city has preserved royal tombs, pagodas, temples and garden houses with hundreds years of age. The first place is Imperial City with many gates of the fortress, including the famous Ngo Mon Quan (Gate of the Noon) and many temples and worship places (Trieu Mieu, Hung Mieu, Thai Mieu) inside the City. Moreover, the Forbidden City is the home to many Emperors, Queens and royal families of Nguyen Dynasty in 19th century. Another notable place is the Complex of Royal Tombs of Nguyen Kings, including Gia Long Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb, Dong Khanh Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb. Nevertheless, Thien Mu Pagoda is also one of the most fascinating and ancient pagoda in Hue city, like One–pillar Pagoda in Hanoi. Taking a tour around the city to visit Complex of Monuments is finding way back to old times.

Boat tour

As the Perfume River winds its way through the city, there is wonder around its every bend. And a Hue holiday would be incomplete without a boat trip along this poetic river. As gently cruise, you will view Hue from a different angle and discover how water magically changes colors from sunrise to sunset. The best part of the trip is bringing you very close to local life of enchanting and gentle Hue people. You can embark to blend in the crowded Dong Ba Market or visit the Thuy Bieu eco-village where you may enjoy local foods and relax your feet in herbal water treatment.

Eco tour

Come to the rustic place like Tam Giang Lagoon or Thuy Bieu eco-village, you will have chances to experience the simple real life of countryside, bring you out of stressful life of a busy city to different atmosphere of peaceful, rustic landscapes and get you closer to the nature and friendly people in the countryside. Joining these tours means that you will join your hand to help the community to maintain their traditional culture and share the happiness to local people, especially children in poor area. In Tam Giang Lagoon, you will see local people with daily activities of house work or farmers working hardly on rice fields and learn about the daily life and fishing activities of typical fishing villagers. You can bring useful things for local people in need here. In Thuy Bieu village, you can visit ancient garden houses, paper making family, and participate in many interesting activities such as: relax by steeping your foot in medicinal herb water, enjoy excellent massage by blind people, join cooking classes and prepare lunch by yourself…


Hue is usually a stop to visit the Imperial Citadel and Kings’ Tombs. However, when you take a little more time to go around, you will have a chance to discover beautiful countryside. The cycling roads mostly run along the two banks of the poetic Perfume River, shaded with old trees and cool gentle breeze. There are many laid-back villages on the way for you to drop by and interact with local people. Their welcoming smiles and gentle voice will truly touch your heart. Taking a bicycle tour to Thuy Bieu village or Thanh Toan Bridge to explore the countryside and get in touch with local culture will take you deeper into your Vietnamese experience. 

Cooking class

Hue is the place where dining is not to satisfy human basic needs, but a form of art. Throughout the period of 9 reigns of Nguyen, Hue was also a central of Vietnamese cuisine with a lot of famous specialties. Attending in a cooking class is a wonderful opportunity for tourists to get more knowledge about the art of traditional cuisine besides learning how to cook some specialties of Hue city and of Vietnam. For those who intend to explore more fully about the prestige cuisine deserving world recognition, there are a great many options to choose from: at travel agencies, hotels or restaurants. Thuy Bieu eco-village is a suggestion for tourists who want to combine a cooking class tour with a cycling trip to the countryside.