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Hue Weather April: Temperature & Things to do

June 15, 2021 - 183 views

Planning to visit Hue in April but don’t know what the weather like at that time. Keep reading as the following lines will make you clear about Hue weather in April


Before you decide to visit any destination, it is crucial that you should get to know more about climate information so that you can know what to pack, which tour you should go on to enjoy your trip much better. Here is general information about Hue weather in April you might need.

Hue, once the former capital of Vietnam, is one of the most favorite destinations to visit in Vietnam. On coming here, you will be offered many stunning sceneries of nature and the ancient legacies from the Nguyen Dynasty. People often say that it is beautiful all year round; however, is this true, and whether you should visit Hue in April? Here is general information about Hue weather in April you might need.

Hue weather in April overview

April is the month that Hue welcomes a lot of national and international tourists. During this time, the Hue weather changes significantly, which is probably showed by its temperature, rainfall, and humidity. 

Hue temperature in April ranges from around 22°C - 30°C. This makes it not too hot or too cold but quite comfortable for tourists that come from the cold climate area. While in the daytime, the temperature can be higher and it is sunny sometimes, during the night, it would be cooler so that you can take part in more events and activities. If you love to admire a blue sky when sunbathing on beautiful beaches, April is an ideal time to visit this place.

There is an average total of 210 hours of sun during April. It is sunny but it is not too hot. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sunburn, heat exhaustion, or other heat-related physical phenomena. 

Besides, rain is quite common in Hue in April, it often comes in a drizzle during the daytime with an average rainfall of about 54.2mm. This is great as drizzles will not prevent tourists from traveling and outdoor activities. They can freely explore as many historical sites, temples, and natural destinations as they can, even on foot.

In general, Hue weather in April is quite good for a trip to the used-to-be capital. You can freely enjoy your vacation without any worry about undesired climatical conditions. Besides, during this Tim elf the year, many activities and things to do take place in Hue. Therefore, you can have a really great time if coming to Hue in April. Let’s check it out! 

Hue weather April

Traveling to Hue in April weather seems to have more pros and cons.  


  • The favorable weather in April will allow you to take part in as many outdoor activities as you can. Sightseeing, cycling, swimming, etc. can be all done during your trip to the city.
  • This is also the peak time for tourism, which means that many events and festivals will be held. Therefore, you can have more chance to have fun and explore Hue culture

Cons: The only con of traveling to hue during April is that the peak tourism can lead to crowded, which is sometimes annoying for those seeking a peaceful place to enjoy their vacation. 


Things to do in Hue in April 

As Hue is famous for its cultural destinations, April weather makes it even more interesting to visit attractions such as Tombs of the Ancient Emperors, Tu Hieu Pagoda, Huyen Tran Princess Temple, Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, Royal Theatre, Ho Quyen Tiger Fighting Area, Ho Chen Temple, Royal Antiquities Museum, Thanh Toan Bridge, Ancient Hue Royal Cuisine and Gallery. On traveling to these places, don’t forget to take part in cycling around, you will feel the whole beauty of each tourist attraction, also, the weather in April is pretty supportive to do sports. 

Besides, you can take a walk along the Huong River to admire the beauty and feel the peace here. If you are finding a truly relaxing vacation, then lying on the beach and immersing in the cool water will be one of the best ideas. 

Also, never forget to take part in a food tour in Hue. Hue has many excellent traditional foods as well as street foods sold in small vendors that you should never miss. You can spend time eating in a Hue restaurant to get to know Hue's traditional cuisine, or just sit in a random food stall, eating street foods, and seeing vehicles go back and forth. It promises to be an unforgettable experience. 

Hue Festival is one of the most amazing Vietnamese festivals and celebrations that is often held every two years in April. You can expect many activities in this music festival such as the dialogue of drums and percussions, Hu Poetry Festival, Ao Dai Fashion Shows, boat racing, etc. Hue weather in April is excellent for your travel when it is sunny but not too hot. What are you waiting for but not take on a trip to explore the beauty of Hue in April?

Hue festival

Hue festival


Tips for traveling Hue in April 

  • To get to Hue, there are many ways. You can go by train, bus, or flight. It depends on your demand and current place. 
  • ATMs are very widely available in Hue. Credit cards are accepted in major hotels. Smaller hotels are more likely to accept Mastercard and Visa though less likely to accept Amex and Diners. Therefore, you should take note of this for a better-paying experience. 
  • Internet in Hue is very straightforward. Besides, most major hotels, cafes, and restaurants offer free internet access. 4G telephone coverage is good in the town and around the major tourist sights. Local SIM cards can easily be purchased. So, don’t worry about that but just come here with your packed bag and enjoy your vacation. 

What to pack?

As the weather is quite stable, you don’t bring along a lot of things but just follow the weather forecast to decide what to pack for your trip. We recommend you should pack some short sleeve shirts, a raincoat, an umbrella for some drizzle day, some shorts, a tube of sunscreen lotion and sunglasses for sunning day, a pair of sandals for going to the beach, and if you have the plan to swim, don’t forget your swimsuit. For sightseeing days, you can wear some pretty skirts or dresses to take some photos. Remember to bring along your camera or smartphone so that you can shot the stunning sceneries. 

Above is our recommendation on Hue weather in April. For booking Hue tours or more detailed information, please go to our website Wish you have a good time in our country. 

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