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Hue Weather May: Temperature & Things to do

December 20, 2022 - 335 views

Hue, for a long time, has been known as the used-to-be capital of Vietnam during Nguyen Dynasty. Therefore, the city is home to many traditional values and ancient legacies of history. As lying along the central coast, Hue also offers tourists a relaxing beach experience. On coming to the pretty city of Hue, you can have a chance to take part in both cultural exploration and refreshing vacation.

However, your experience has to depend on many factors in which weather is the most important. Is the Hue weather in May favorable for activities? Will traveling to Hue in May bring your a worthwhile experience? The following lines about Hue weather in May will make you clear.

Hue weather in May overview

May is a very convenient time for visiting Hue in particular and Central in general. Hue is a province connecting the South and the North. Hue climate is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy season and little rainy season. The rainy season lasts from September to the end of December, the little rainy season lasts from December to April. There is no denying that May is considered the most beautiful month of Hue. In May, the temperature in Hue ranges between 23°C and 33°C, which is hotter than in April but still quite comfortable for traveling and outdoor activities as long as the summer essential kit is well prepared before you go. The hot weather will only occur during the daytime as there are about 254 hours of sun. This means at night, it will be cooler, allows you to take part in night parties. On the other hand, the hot and sunny weather will be good for sunbathing and similar activities. 

Besides, the rainfall in May is higher than in April, about 99mm. Along with that, the chance of rain is up to 33% and the number of rainy days is 10. However, most are small rains or drizzles that will not prevent you from sightseeing places and taking part in outdoor activities. 

In general, there is no denying that Hue weather in May is also quite favorable for paying a visit to Hue. If you prepare everything well before starting your trip, the experience will be even more interesting.

 Hue weather May

Pros: On coming to Hue during May, you will have a chance to take part in activities and have a close view of how beautiful this city is. As the weather is quite favorable, traveling will be fun and interesting.  Also, as this is not the peak season, tourist spots are not too crowded. Therefore, you can freely enjoy your vacation without any disturbance from strangers. 

Cons: The weather can get hot sometimes, which may lead to heat exhaustion or similar physical conditions. To avoid this, you should following some tips and prepare everything before your trip. 


Things to do in Hue in May 

The first thing you should do during your trip to Hue in May is sightseeing. Destinations such as Tombs of the Ancient Emperors, Tu Hieu Pagoda, Huyen Tran Princess Temple, Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, Royal Theatre, Ho Quyen Tiger Fighting Area, Ho Chen Temple, etc. are always open for you to come, sightsee, and take some great photos. In fact, the sunny weather will make the attraction even more stunning. On visiting these places, you can cycle around to feel the whole beauty of each tourist attraction. Cycling to get the wind can also help you get out of the hot weather 

Besides, in such hot weather, swimming is highly suggested. You can immerse yourself in the cool seawater. The experience will be very relaxing and can refresh your body after days of working hard. Don’t forget to sunbathe to get healthy tan skin as it will make you more attractive. 

Also, you can take a food tour in Hue, try excellent traditional foods as well as street foods sold by small vendors and feel the atmosphere of the city. It will be really interesting. 

Sightseeing in Hue

Sightseeing in Thien Mu Pagoda

Hue Festival 

One of the most special parties in Hue at this time is Hue Festival. This is considered the first national and international cultural arts and tourism festival in Vietnam. Tourists will witness and immerse themselves in the bustling scene of the unique art and entertainment activities, under the performances of domestic and foreign art troupes. At the same time, this is the most suitable time if visitors want to learn about Hue's culture.

Sea travel festival 

Sea travel festival is also a big festival in Hue. With a favorable geographical location, Hue is famous for many beautiful beaches attracting tourists everywhere such as Lang Co Hue beach, Thuan An beach, Hai Duong beach, etc

Lang Co Beach Hue is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is about 10 km long, in Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province. 

Thuan An Beach This is also a beach in Hue where attracts a large number of tourists. It is located about 15 km northeast of the city center; it is an important intersection connecting the adjacent coastal areas

Hue festival in May

Hue festival in May


Tips for traveling Hue in May  

  • Drink a lot of water and bring along a bottle of water wherever you go.
  • Avoid traveling outdoor from 11 am till 16 pm as it is the hottest time of the day and you may get sunstroke.
  • Use an umbrella and wear a long-sleeve shirt outside to avoid the sun attack directly on your arms' skin as the sunscreen may not work properly when you travel outside under the summer sun with high heat for a long time.

What to pack?

On visiting Hue in May, you are likely to find that it can be a little bit hotter than in April. Therefore, bringing along clothes and belongings for summer will be the top priority. In May, it is recommended that you should have some shorts, short sleeve shirts, and skirts. Besides, as the rainfall is pretty high, raincoats, umbrellas, and waterproof luggage are essential. If you are about to go to the beach while in Hue, don’t forget to bring sunglasses, a tube of sunscreen lotion, bathing suits, swimwear, and a pair of sandals to walk on the sand. You can have a camera or smartphone to catch some stunning scenes of nature in the city. Foods are not needed as Hue cuisine is really diverse and delicious. If you are usually craving a midnight snack, just go to the nearby market and get some. 

In general, May can be considered as the opening of the hottest time in the year of Hue. However, it does not mean that you cannot come here and try to explore this ancient city on its hot days.

For consideration, you may take a look at our greatest list of tours in Hue and also read more about this city's weather!

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