Hue Weather in August: Temperature & Things to Do

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August is the rainy month of Hue. Thus, when visiting these days, visitors need to have a special understanding of Hue weather in August. Hue will have long and heavy rains, sometimes making it difficult for you to travel. But for those who love and want to learn more about Hue, they will find that it is still romantic and poetic during those rainy days. Hue weather will also have many special things for you to explore in August. Let's share with you some information in the article below.

Hue weather in August overview

Hue weather in August is quite similar to its weather in July. It’s a hot month with an average temperature of 30°C. The temperature in August ranges between 35°C as the highest and 25°C (77°F) as the lowest. In addition, the average humidity in August is 76% and rarely falls below 63.0%. The temperature is still considerably hot however the rain brings along the breeze to cool down the city. Besides, the average sea temperature in August is 29.7°C (85.46°F) which is ideal for swimming. 

While temperatures remain high and whilst still predominantly dry, rain is expected more frequently towards the end of the month, due to the upcoming rainy season in September. In August, Hue experienced 17.8 days of rain with 67mm (2.64 in) of precipitation. Throughout the year, there are 237.5 rainfall days, and 1230mm (48.43") of precipitation is accumulated.

The average length of the day in August is 12.7 hours with the average sunshine is 11 hours. In Hue, months with the highest UV index are from April through September, with an average maximum UV index of 7 and August is one of those months. This represents a high health hazard from the exposure to the Sun's UV radiation for the ordinary person.

August is considered to be one of the best months to travel in Hue. The sky is clear and sunny, fantastic for outdoor activities and long journeys out of the city. During this month, you don’t have to be worried about being caught in the rain and days are longer to explore. 

Hue weather in August overview


Things to do in Hue in August

Hue in August offers travelers plenty of sun and sunny weather so it’s perfect for some outdoor activities.

Visit  Heritage of Nguyen Dynasty Monuments

Traveling to Hue, you cannot miss the Imperial Citadel, the symbol of the city. You can buy a “package tour ticket” that is valid for two days. This combined ticket grants access to all parts of the Citadel as well as several Royal Tombs just outside Hue. 

Mentioning the Royal Tomb, spend time visiting Khai Dinh Tomb which was built for Khai Dinh, the 12th emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. The tomb is located 10 kilometers away from the city. This hilltop monument combines Vietnamese and European influences in architecture. The magnificent facade of the tomb is mostly coated in black, weathered concrete, giving it an unexpected Gothic feel, while the interiors resemble the bursting of colorful ceramic mosaic.

Also spare more time to visit Minh Mang Tomb, a spectacular tomb, on the Westbank of the Perfume River. While the architecture of Khai Dinh Tomb is inspired by East and West cultures, Minh Mang Tomb keeps the traditional and ancient Confucian charm. The area of this tomb is enormous, including many lakes as well as large courtyards inside. 

Visit  Heritage of Nguyen Dynasty Monuments

Visit Heritage of Nguyen Dynasty Monuments


Lounging and swimming along the beaches 

Hue is not only home to historical and cultural heritage sites but also home to beautiful beaches in the central of Vietnam. Hue weather in August is wonderful to come to the beaches and immerse yourself in the charm of the calming sea. The nearest beach to Hue city is Thuan An beach, which is just 13 kilometers from Hue Imperial City and 10 minutes by bike away from the city center. The beach has fortunately preserved its natural beauty and is still rarely unknown to tourists. 

Another more well-known beach is Lang Co beach which is 70 kilometers to the South of Hue City and 20 kilometers to the North of Da Nang City. Being one of the most attractive beaches in Vietnam with bleach-white sand and turquoise seawater, Lang Co has many renowned eco-resorts and hotels. You can either relax or lounge on the beach, as well as joining other activities such as swimming, fishing, snorkeling. Furthermore, don't forget to sample some delectable regional delicacies, which are sure to satisfy even the pickiest gourmets.

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Lang Co Beach Hue

Lang Co Beach Hue


Tips for traveling in Hue in October

  • Since the heat is high, remember to stay hydrated on your journey by drinking plenty of water, especially if you're undertaking some outside activities.
  • When visiting the Imperial Citadel and Royal Tombs, be sure to dress correctly. Tank tops and strapless tops are no longer accepted as shoulders and knees must be covered to demonstrate respect for the monument's historical, cultural, and spiritual value.

What to pack?

  • Visitors traveling to Hue should plan on bringing a short, skirt, or short-sleeved shirt as it is very warm or even hot during the day. Pack some clothes that are made out of linen or cotton as they are breathable and good to wick away moisture which helps in keeping you cool. 
  • Consider taking some travel essentials, such as a wide brim hat that protects your eyes, ears, face, and neck from the sun. Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection, on the other hand, considerably prevent sun damage to the eyes.
  • Additionally, as August is a great time for doing some outdoor exploration and it’s a month with many sunny days, therefore, remember to bring sun cream along on the trip. It’s highly important to take precautions and protect yourself against the sun. 
  • Besides some sun protection gear, travelers should consider bringing some waterproof jackets or light raincoats as it will be raining sometimes by the end of the month 

The poetic and lyrical Hue is always the place to keep the footsteps of many people. If you have the opportunity to set foot in Hue weather in August, don't forget to enjoy the weather as well as traditional activities and foods. Let's sign up for our best Hue tours for your amazing trip.

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