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Hue Weather in June: Best Time for River Cruising

June 15, 2021 - 217 views

If you are planning to pay a visit to Hue this June, then don’t skip the topic as we will give you some useful information about what the Hue weather is like in June


Hue, for a long time, has been known as the used-to-be capital of Vietnam in which exist many traditional values and legacies of history. Besides, the city attracts tourists with its stunning scenes of nature that will impress you right on your first time traveling here. On coming to Hue, you can have a chance to enjoy both spiritual and relaxing experiences. In fact, during each month, experience has different features due to the weather and so on. What is the Hue weather in June like? And should your travel at this time of the year? The below lines will make you clear. 

Hue weather in June overview 

In June, which is the middle of the hot and dry season, Hue will experience heat waves and little rain. This means that as previously mentioned, the weather is extremely hot and dry with extra high temperatures and a small number of rainy days. 

The temperature during this period ranges from 28°C to 36°C, sometimes reach a peak of 40°C. This is because of a total of 240 hours of sun for the whole month. In addition to the sunny hot daytime, during the night, it is not better. Though the temperature can reduce by 1°C to 2°C, its is still warm and if you don’t sit in the air-conditioned room, you can feel sticky right away, which is not comfortable at all.

Besides, the chance of rain in June is pretty small, just about 20%. This leads to low rainfall (about 35.2mm) and rare rainy days (just 8 days in a month). Therefore, on traveling during this time, and taking part in usual outdoor activities, you cannot stand the heat and dryness, especially if you are from the cold-weathered countries. 

In general, the weather in June seems to be not favorable for a vacation due to extreme heat and dryness. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t travel during the time. There are still many activities in June that can satisfy you on your trip. Among them, river cruising is the best.

Hue weather in June


Pros and cons of visiting Hue in June  

Cons: It cannot be denied that the weather in June is harsh and unfavorable for some kind of travel activities. Such hot and dry weather can also lead to heat exhaustion, tiredness, and other heat-related physical phenomena, which means you have to be very careful and prepare everything well before your trip during the time.

Pros: The one and only proof traveling during the time is if you have chances, joining in river cruising will be an unforgettable experience. And because this is not the peak season, you don’t have to face the crowd and be distracted by someone else. 


Things to do in Hue in June 

The hot summer in June will make visitors a bit frustrated and tired. So come to spread on the pure white sand and mingle with the white wave of Thuan An Beach and the cold blue water of the legendary Lang Co Beach. Go discovering a handful of lagoons including Tam Giang, Lap An, and Truoi Lagoon. The period from February to July is an ideal time to experience the life of fishermen on the lagoon, join with fishermen to catch seafood, enjoy the local dishes, and immerse yourself in the beautiful sunsets of the lagoon. If you prefer something more interesting, then river cruising will be your best choice. On a cruise, you will have a chance to enjoy the wind, admire the stunning sceneries of both sides, and especially, not have to face the sun at the temperature of 30°C. How great the experience is! 

Lang Co Beach is best choice for Hue in June

Lang Co Beach is best choice for Hue in June

Coming to Hue, you should visit famous places with tombs, Dai Noi, and ancient pagodas. Visiting places you should not miss such as Hue Citadel, Tombs system in Hue, Temples, Huong River, Ngu Mountain, Trang Tien Bridge, etc. Hue also has a number of new places famous such as Pârle A Luoi ecotourism area, Thuy Tien lake park or wandering the street at night. 

Indeed, you can still enjoy your vacation in Hue but not by taking part in outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, etc. In June, you should spend more time relaxing and refreshing. 


Tips for traveling Hue in June  

  • As the weather is extremely hot, you should drink a lot of water and bring along a bottle of water wherever you go. 
  • To get to Hue, there are many ways. You can go by train, bus, or flight. It depends on your demand and current place. 
  • ATMs are very widely available in Hue. Credit cards are accepted in major hotels. Smaller hotels are more likely to accept Mastercard and Visa though less likely to accept Amex and Diners. Therefore, you should take note of this for a better paying experience. 
  • Internet in Hue is very straightforward. Besides, most major hotels, cafes, and restaurants offer free internet access. 4G telephone coverage is good in the town and around the major tourist sights. Local SIM cards can easily be purchased. So, don’t worry about that but just come here with your packed bag and enjoy your vacation. 

What to pack?

You should choose summer clothes and belongings to pack your luggage. We recommend that you should bring thin pants, such as light khakis, light dresses, thin short sleeve shirts, tank tops, shorts, and light shorts. For sunny days, sunglasses, a tube of high-SPF sunscreen, and hats are needed. If you plan to go to the beach, then bring along your swimsuits, sandals, and waterproof footwear. 

Above is our recommendation on Hue weather in June. For booking Hue City tours or more detailed information, please go to our website. Wish you have a good time in our country. 

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