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If you are planning to pay a visit to Hue this July, then don’t skip the topic as we will give you some useful information about what the Hue weather is like in July


Hue has long been known as an ancient, poetic city with long-standing legacies such as Imperial Citadel, Tomb of Khai Dinh, Thien Mu Pagoda. Whenever people need something calm and good food, they always think of Hue. In particular, Hue is famous but not a pure tourist city. What this place has been accumulated from so many years ago. Although a beautiful and romantic city, Hue is one of the cities with the most severe weather in the country. Therefore, when there is a need to travel to Hue, travelers need to be careful and choose an appropriate time. So what will the Hue weather be like in July? Should we visit Hue in July? let's follow our article to find the right answer.

Hue weather in July overview

Hue City is located in the Central Region with the climate divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season in Hue lasts from March to August with hot weather, sometimes reaching a peak of 38°C - 40°C. The rainy season in Hue lasts from August to January next year with heavy rains, storms sometimes occur. 

Hue weather in July is in the dry season so it will be hot with a high average temperature. During this time of the year, the city will experience heat waves and a total of 242 hours of sunshine. This means the daily temperature cannot be less than 25°C but always ranges from over 26°C to 36°C, which is very hot during the daytime. During the night, it can be cooler but not as comfortable as in April or May. 

However, unlike June, July in Hue is not so dry but sometimes has rained as the month is in the late dry and early wet season. Therefore, at the end of July, you can experience rain that can in some way calm the heat down though it will rain suddenly but very little. Occasionally there may be some storms hitting Hue waters. The average rainfall in July is about 68.2mm and the number of rainy days is about 6 to 11. 

In general, Hue weather in July is not at the peak of the hot and dry season like June; therefore, it will not be so harsh and extremely hot. However, it doesn’t mean that the weather is completely stable and favorable for travel activities. During your trip to Hue at this time, you should be careful and follow our below guide. 

Hue weather in July overview

Pros: The biggest pro of traveling to Hue in July is that the weather is not too hot like in June, which allows you to take part in more activities than just river cruising. Another is that you will have a chance to enjoy the scenery of rain in Hue that is really poetic and stunning that you will be impressed once seeing it. As the rain at the time is not too heavy, traveling can still take place as long as you follow the weather forecast. 

Cons: In July, the weather is sometimes unpredictable so to avoid undesired situations, you should bring along everything that is needed. 


Things to do in Hue in July

July usually falls within summer vacation, the weather in Hue is quite hot so traveling to the sea is still the best choice. In Hue, there are many beautiful and unspoiled beaches. Famous among them is the legendary Lang Co beach. 

Located at the foot of Hai Van pass, Lang Co fishing village is always the desire to visit many tourists. Clear, peaceful seawater with fine white sand. In addition to Lang Co, there are Tam Giang Lagoon, Lap An Lagoon, or Truoi Lagoon also very beautiful and peaceful.

Thanh Tan mineral spring, 30 km from the city center. This is a natural hot spring suitable for relaxing. If Hue weather in July is hot during the day, at night you can take a boat on the Perfume River to feel the beauty of Hue at night. 

Hue cuisine is one of the most attractive things for tourists. Hue food has a unique spicy and sweet taste. But in general, Hue has a lot of delicious, cheap, and suitable snacks for many people. 

Coming to Hue in July in the hot weather you should enjoy the delicious and sweet tea of ​​Hue. Each season has its own characteristics and beauty. You do not need to travel to Hue in July, but you can go when you are free and need to note a little about the weather to have a full trip.

Beach relax in Lang Co

Beach relax in Lang Co


Tips for traveling Hue in July

  • Because it is a hot season, visitors, especially women, should bring sunglasses, hats, thin shawls, sunscreen, and moisturizers. 
  • To avoid heatstroke during sightseeing, remember to bring a bottle of water and drink regularly. If possible, visitors should learn how to handle sunstroke. 
  • Do not forget to prepare some medical equipment when traveling to Hue such as cold medicine, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, insect bites, wind oil, stomach pain, anti-motion sickness/aircraft. Hue is the ancient capital and is a beautiful ancient city of Vietnam. 

What to pack?

We suggest that you should bring along some thin short sleeve shirts, tank tops, light dresses, skirts, and thins pants such as light khakis so that you can stand the hot weather in July. Don’t forget sunglasses, waterproof luggage, waterproof footwear, and a tube of high-SPF sunscreen lotion. Besides, as it will rain sometimes during the month, umbrellas, raincoats, and sandals are needed. 

Coming to Hue, we will come to the traces of history. Not counting any time period. Traveling to Hue is always wonderful. Hopefully the above will help you have a fun trip to Hue in July. Now it times for you to book our Hue tours.

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