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Hue Weather in November: Temperature & Things to Do

September 01, 2022 - 1020 views

Hue is one of the most charming towns in Vietnam and is located on the banks of the beautifully named Perfume River. Many people come here, in particular, to check out the ancient tombs of former emperors which are dotted all over the city, and provide you with a fascinating insight into Hue in the days of old.  If you are planning to visit the city, check out the information on Hue weather in November below in order to have excellent travel experiences.

History lovers and culture enthusiasts will find a huge amount of enjoyment in Hue. Read along to find yourself useful data and tips about Hue weather in November.

Hue Weather in November

Generally, November is the last month of autumn in Hue so the temperature is going to be cooler toward the end of the month. Generally, it’s pretty warm compared to other places within the country. The average temperature in Hue during November is around 23.9°C (75.02°F). The high-temperature it can get is around 25.8°C (78.4°F), while the average low-temperature of the month is 22.2°C (72°F)

In November, the average humidity in Hue is 87.1% which is 3.8% higher than October and 0.9% lower than in December. During this month the average water temperature is 26.6°C (79.9°F) which is considered to be excellent and extremely pleasant. With this temperature, water activities such as swimming or diving are enjoyable without any feeling of discomfort for a long period.

November is the highest rainfall month in Hue with an average of 23.7 rainfall days and typically aggregates up to 233mm (9.17") of precipitation. This is a lot of difference compared to the amount of rainfall in June, which is 31mm. 

In Hue, the average length of the day is 11.4 hours, and during November, the average sunshine is 5 hours/ day. In addition, the average daily maximum UV index in Hue in November is 5, making it one of the months that have the lowest UV index, along with January and December.

Hue weather in November

The weather of Hue in November will give you a pretty good feeling given the humidity and wind. Generally, there will be a lot of rain yet it could not dull the undeniable charm of the city. Tourism is fairly slow during these months due to the weather, so accommodations will be lower priced. Also, the number of tourists will be less than other months as well as other destinations. Therefore, traveling this month is a wonderful time for travelers who are into quiet places.


Things to do in Hue during November

Despite the rainy days that may occur during your travels in November, it may not stop you from exploring the city. There are various things to do & see in Hue mentioned as follow:

Take part in a cooking class

Known as the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors and the ancient capital of Vietnam, hue is home to the Imperial city filled with intricate places and shrines. The city is known for amazing and unique cuisine, along with sophisticated royal food style.

Hue cooking class - Hue weather in November

Learn the culture through cooking class

The cooking class offers you to learn how to cook and eat like a true Vietnamese royal, from the once home of the Vietnamese kings and how to make a beautiful decoration as they did for the Royal Family.

Some of the classes include a tour to the market where you will source the fresh ingredients to make your dishes. So if you would like to experience the lively and colorful vibe of the local market, then you should give it a go. The cooking class is a good opportunity for you to taste the characteristics that make Hue's food incredibly distinct and learn more about Vietnamese culture.

Hue market - Hue weather in November

Visit a market for fresh ingredients 

Have a blind massage

If you want to support the local community and also relax and unwind at the same time, then you need to make an appointment at the Institute of the Blind. Here you will find a number of blind massage staff who will give you a massage and all the proceeds go to helping those who live at the institute find employment. At the end of the massage, you will also get to spend time in the onsite herbal steam room. 


Visit the Imperial Museum of Royal Antiques

The reason to visit this museum is to see the beautiful wooden structure that houses the antiques, rather than the displays themselves. Built in 1845, the small garden house is an architectural wonder, with walls inscribed with Vietnamese poetry and a ceiling festooned with beautiful cravings. Inside there are miscellaneous royal knickknacks, such as wooden incense boxes, many inlaid with mother-of-pearl, plus statues, old weapons, and jewelry.


Tips for traveling to Hue in November

  • Remember to stay hydrated, even though it’s not a dry season in Hue during November, the humidity is higher among other months.
  • When it’s not raining and cloudy, be mindful that the sun can be harsh to your skin so it’s better to have sun protection such as sun cream, hat, sunglasses, or umbrella.

What to pack?

  • It is essential to pack some light jumpers, waterproof jackets, cardigans, and scarves as it can get chilly, especially during nighttime and early morning.  
  • Since Hue in November often rains, be well-prepared with rain gear such as umbrellas, raincoats, or rain poncho.
  • You can consider throwing some strong bug spray into your bag as the mosquito can be very savage in the rainy season.
  • Bring personal health care with your beloved brand-name essentials as it may be difficult for you to find alternatives while traveling here.
  • Make sure to bring comfortable footwear if there is a lot of walking included in your travel itinerary, a pair of sneakers as well as flat or sandals.

Rainy day in Hue - Hue weather in November

Hue often has light rain in November

Hopefully, this information will come in handy when you are planning a trip to Vietnam and particularly, to Hue in November. Visit BestPrice and join our Hue Tours to see how carefully this ancient city is maintained as a priceless traditional treasure.

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