Hue Weather in October: Temperature & Things to Do

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Hue is Vietnam’s former imperial capital, a small city located close to Da Nang and a short distance from Hoi An, Hue is known as an excellent place to learn about the history of Vietnam’s dynasty. If you’re planning to visit the city and surrounding areas, it’s best to know the weather of Hue in October for better preparation.

Hue weather enjoys hot and humid seasons throughout the year, but it’s known to be hotter than most cities during the summer months due to its location in Central Vietnam and the hot south-westerly wind from Laos. However, the weather during October is different from other places within the country.

Hue Weather in October

In October, the average high temperature is relatively the same as in September - a warm 28.1°C (82.6°F). While the average low temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night), in Hue, is 23.3°C (73.9°F). During the night it can be very warm and sticky. In this month, the average heat index (a.k.a. 'apparent temperature', 'real feel'), which represents the influence of the relative humidity to air temperature, is estimated at 32.8°C (91°F).

The average relative humidity is 83% and rarely falls below 63%. It rains very often in October with an average of 21.3 rainy days and 299.5mm (11.79") of precipitation. Throughout the year, there are 237.5 rainfall days, and 1230mm (48.43") of precipitation is accumulated. Rainfall tends to occur frequently and lasts for hours, it also increases in October with the potential for flooding.

In Hue, the average length of the day is 11.8 hours with the average sunshine is 7.3 hours. The average daily maximum UV index is 6. A UV Index reading of 6 to 7 represents a high health hazard from the exposure to the Sun's UV radiation for the ordinary person.

Hue weather October

Hue weather in October

Traveling to Hue in October, you will still be able to enjoy some warm sunshine and cooler weather. However, October is the starting month of the rainy season, resulting in fewer crowds and lower hotel rates. This is the perfect time to visit Hue and enjoy a cup of coffee with the cool ride along the Perfume River.

Things to do in Hue in October

During this month, travelers can still enjoy plenty of sun and warm weather besides some light rains so it’s suitable to do some of the following activities in Hue:

Shopping in Dong Ba Market

Covering an area of 16,000 square meters, Dong Ba Market is the biggest and oldest market in Hue. It’s located by the bank of the Perfume River and about 1km east of the Imperial City. Open from 3 am to 8:30 pm daily, there are hundreds of stalls here selling fresh produce, clothing, and souvenirs like their famous conical hats embroidered with poetry.

This spot was made famous when celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain came here and filmed an episode of his show ‘No Reservations. Bourdain sampled the Bun Bo Hue here but you will find a huge number of other dishes including noodle soups and che. Dong Ba market offers an excellent window into local people's life and it is a perfect spot for travelers who are into street photography.

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market


Visit An Dinh Palace

An Dinh Palace is not as popular as other places yet it’s a highlight to visit when you travel to Hue. This palace was the last abode of Bao Dai, the last emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. He lived here following his abdication in favor of Ho Chi Minh’s Communist in 1945. There is an aura of mystery and tragedy as you walk through the An Dinh Palace grounds and the building along with the building’s ornate interior and exterior work.


Cyclo around the Imperial Citadel

Hue is a small city when you compare to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City but it’s not small enough to be easily discovered by just walking. Exploring the areas on other sides of the Perfume River takes a significant amount of time to go by foot. If you would like to discover Hue without too much walking, then perhaps you would like to be interested in a cyclo tour.

Cyclo along the citadel - Hue weather in October

Cycling around the Imperial Citadel

A cyclo ride is a pleasant and relaxing way to visit Hue which can bring you around the city and visit the most centrally located highlight of the city. A cyclo is a three-wheeled bicycle that appeared in Vietnam during the French colonial period and has been a popular method of transportation since then.


Tips for traveling in Hue in October

  • Mind your hydration so remember to drink water often on your journey of discovery, especially when you are doing some outdoor activities.
  • Be mindful to dress appropriately when visiting Imperial Citadel and Royal Tombs. Tank tops or strapless are no longer acceptable as shoulders and knees should be covered to show due respect to the historical, cultural, and spiritual significance of the monuments within the complex.

What to pack?

  • You can consider bringing some travel accessories such as a wide-brim hat that offers excellent sun protection for eyes, ears, face, and neck. Or sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection significantly reduce eye damage from sun exposure.
  • Visiting Hue in October, travelers should plan on bringing a totally waterproof rain jacket since it will often be raining. Also, bring your shorts or a skirt because it can be very warm or even hot.
  • Comfortable walking shoes or sandals in case it’s raining. Hue’s rain is small but long so it’s ideal to not have your foot soak in water.
  • Don’t forget to bring sun cream while doing your outdoor exploration, even if it's rain or shine, it is important to take precautions and protect your skin against the tropical sun.

Hue is a charming travel destination and a wonderful place for anyone who prefers to have a tranquil retreat. Therefore, the information above is useful for you to have a memorable trip to the ancient capital of Vietnam. Visit BestPrice and join our Hue tours with our experienced tour guides and excellent services. 

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