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Hue Weather March: Temperature & Thing to Do

September 01, 2022 - 349 views

The Hue weather & temperature in March is perfect for outdoor activities. Read on for more details about the weather in Hue and what you should wear, what you can do during this time of the year.

Similar to other Central provinces in Vietnam, the Hue weather is hot and humid. March is the starting month of the dry season which lasts between March and August. So Hue weather in March is not too hot as in the middle of summer, and there is not much rain, making it a good time to visit the city.

Hue weather in March overview

In March, the weather in Hue is really nice and comfortable for traveling. You will never have to worry about sweating or heat shock while staying outside for long. The warm and pleasant weather of Hue gives a strong impression of the spring vibe in this Central Vietnam city. The Hue temperature in March ranges from 22℃ - 28℃ and the average humidity is 81.5%, making it perfect for going around and discovering every corner of this old capital city.

Hue is called the rainy city of Vietnam. The people here experience more rain than anywhere else all over the country. And even when March is considered the beginning of the dry season, the precipitation in this month is still quite high, at around 54.4mm with 12 rainy days on average but the rains can never affect the life flow here. However, Hue’s rain brings a really special experience that you can’t feel anywhere else. It makes the city become very quiet and peaceful, and thanks to that, you can clearly feel, and understand Hue deeper. 

During this month, there are 180 hours of sunshine in the city and the perfect temperature in March makes Hue so crowded with travelers coming to the city.

Weather in Hue in March

Pros and cons of Visiting Hue in March

Pros: Travelling to Hue in March, you can either enjoy the beautiful scenery without worrying about catching heavy rain since the rainy season is over and traveling comfortably since the summer has not yet hit the city. During the whole month, the temperature of Hue is always under 30℃ creating an ideal condition for making an interesting journey.

Cons: The Hue temperature in March is so ideal that March becomes the favorite time for tourists to travel to the old capital of Vietnam. The city is crowded and accommodations run out quickly. So for both accommodations and transportations, you must book at least 2 weeks in advance. And be well prepared for higher prices.


Things to do in Hue in March

Hue weather in March makes it so pleasant to explore the city’s historical sites such as the Imperial City and temples on foot. In addition, visiting the Nguyen dynasty Kings’ tombs is also a good choice to know more about Vietnamese history and the royal architecture in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Besides the historical monuments, Hue offers you far more with stunning nature of beaches, mountains, and waterfalls inside Bach Ma national park. At this time of the year, Hue is a perfect destination for outdoor sports and activities such as swimming, cycling, walking, and camping, etc. 

From January to April, Hue celebrates some interesting festivities. Coming to Hue in March, you miss a chance to celebrate Tet (between January and February), but you have an opportunity to see the preparations of the Hue Festival which takes place in April. From cultural shows, traditional music performances, royal ceremonies, and vibrant markets, you will see them all if your trip is long enough.

Hue Imperial City

Imperial City


Tips for traveling Hue in March?

  • When you travel to Hue in March, you should plan on what to wear carefully. For example, given Hue weather in March can be a bit chilly and it often rains, a waterproof rain jacket is a good option. But make sure to bring shorts, some T-shirts or skirts because they can be very warm as well.
  • As the weather in Hue can be hot and humid sometimes in March, it is important to stay hydrated. Therefore a water bottle, sunscreen, and a hat are the must-haves to protect yourself.
  • For girls, your most beautiful dresses will be useful because the scenery of Hue in March is so stunning and I know you will not want to miss a chance to take some memorable pictures in such a place as Hue.
  • Of course, a passport, travel insurance, and other personal documents are certainly needed.
  • Booking your flight to Hue in this high season, if you don’t have time to hunt for cheap tickets or accommodations, buying tour packages from a trusted travel agent will help you save a lot of time and money. 

Hue is a unique city in Vietnam, and besides Hanoi, this is a great place to learn about Vietnamese culture and history. So whenever you have time to visit Hue, don’t miss that chance. Let's find the best Hue tours to enjoy your wonderful trip now!

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Hue Pham 

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