Is Hoi An Worth Visiting? 10 Reasons Why You Should Come

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Hoi An tour is an interesting experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. As an ancient city located in the territory of Quang Nam province, Hoi An not only captivates people by its beautiful landscapes but also its cultural, historical, and culinary features. If you are still in hesitation, give it a go, don't miss these reasons below!

1. It's an ancient town with up & down history and interesting fusion culture

Hoi An ancient town used to be a busy international trading port, a trading centre of Southeast Asia regions. Therefore, Hoi's architectural works and cultural values ​​, An ancient town, are converged from many different cultures. It created for us a land of convergence and cultural diversity.

With the mix, interference of many different beauties. The architectural works, religions, beliefs, and cultural values ​​of the ancient towns are the most vivid evidence for the formation, development, and even the decline of the ancient city. Assembly halls, temples are typical works for relics of the Chinese. Besides, the roofs recording the traditional features of the Vietnamese people and the houses with ancient French style are obvious. Once stepping into this beautiful old town, we can deeply feel the diverse, artistic, and ancient blend by the close rows of houses with architectural features of different cultures.

Hoi An Ancient town

Hoi An Ancient town


2. Hoi An offers both sightseeing and beach holiday in only 1 short trip

A food tour accompanied by sightseeing in one day is possible, buddies. Using the bike to walk around the old town is the best way to cool off and feel a peaceful life. Let's experience the cool riverside culture with fragrant cups of coffee, the cool morning breeze, and Hoi An's peaceful atmosphere. Streets in the Old Quarter are arranged horizontally along with a chessboard style with short and beautiful streets, winding, embracing houses.

Sipping a cup of coffee watching the peaceful Hoai River flowing will make your spirit wonderfully recharged with positive energy. Having taken photos, this is the time to start the quality experiences only available at VinWonders Nam Hoi An. Participating in games at this famous amusement park is an activity that you should not miss during a 1-day Hoi An tour.

Hoi An beach

Hoi An beach


3. It's the best choice for both a short and long vacation

When recommending Hoi An, people often refer to quiet neighbourhoods, poetic rivers combined with ancient features. But not everyone knows that this place has romantic beaches and white sand. Visitors will be immersed in the sound of waves crashing. Spending seven days walking on the smooth white sand will make you feel lost in paradise.

Next to the beach are resorts with small architecture with full amenities. Visitors can stand in the room but see the whole beauty of the beach. All mixed to bring you back to a peaceful, gentle life, letting go of all the troubles that the world outside brings.


4. The town is tasty

Hoi An cuisine is extremely diverse and rich due to the convergence of many different cultures. The place used to be a busy international trading port, a meeting place for Japanese, Chinese, and Western merchant ships. Therefore, Hoi An is heavily influenced by these countries, especially in Cuisine and special dishes.

One of the pieces of evidence for this recommendation is Dumplings- dishes originating from China, introduced into the old town in the 17th century. The locals have absorbed and transformed it into a speciality. Depending on your preferences, you can come and enjoy all types.

Tube ice cream is another item that you cannot miss when coming to the old town. Although the appearance of other fast foods such as grilled skewers is increasingly crowded, tube ice cream still has a special place in the hearts of tourists, especially children.

Tasty food in Hoi An

Tasty food in Hoi An


5. There are many lovely and impressive check-in points

Are you a fan of photos on the social network Instagram? Let's check in with Hoi An with attractions from the mossy walls? The old wall ledges bring a nostalgic and emotional touch to each photo taken. Rows of tile-roofed houses are lined up close to each other on both sides of the river, and the boatyards are both nostalgic and romantic. The sunlight will make the landscape here nostalgic and loving, very suitable for those who love street photography.

Surely, the bougainvillaea in Hoi An is a feature that makes us feel this place is nostalgic and ancient. You can easily find paper flowers on any street corner in Hoi An. Therefore, always be prepared to check in with these flower arrangements.

The last thing- Lanterns have almost become the symbol of Hoi An: wherever you go, you can see lanterns, in the house, in the alley, on the street, on the roof. Let's take a selfie right now!

Check in Hoi An ancient town

Check in Hoi An ancient town


6. You can find so many things to do here!

There are many activities for you to explore about Hoi An's life!

First, there is nothing better than visiting the ancient houses and social works here. Cantonese and Fujian Assembly Halls are typical ancient works that can't be missed.

The Pottery Village will be the next stop of the day. It is one of the famous pottery villages, which produces unique artistic ceramic products, and is also the sightseeing choice of many tourists to Hoi An. You can visit the ceramic production process, experience pottery making, and buy products as gifts.

When it starts to get dusk, sunset gradually falls on; it is also when you should feel each distinct beauty of Hoi An. At this time, you can walk slowly through the roads, small bridges, or along the river and feel the transition between day and night, when the sunlight gradually fades, and the houses and shops begin to climb.

Don't forget to visit The Bridge Pagoda - one of the preserved ancient architectural and cultural works that have become a feature of the ancient town of Hoi An.

Boat ride in Hoi An

Boat ride


7. Twinkle full moon days: What an exotic beautiful scenery!

On the 14th day of the lunar calendar every month, Hoi An will be fully lit with electric lights and lanterns, and then visitors will admire the mysterious beauty that nowhere else can be. Around this time, visitors will admire the beautiful festival of lanterns.

This is one of the very meaningful activities loved by many tourists. Lanterns made with flowers are sold along the routes. Each lamp will carry people's wishes. Visitors will be able to manually release beautiful small lanterns floating on the river. This place is like a picture with shimmering lights in the middle of the night from a distance.

Fullmoon night at Hoi An

Fullmoon night


8. Not only joyful daytime, but Hoi An also has a wide range of amazing nightlife activities

Nightfall is a great time for tourists to explore the beauty of the old town. Don't let the bustling night market out of sight because you can easily buy souvenirs or specialities for beloved family members. In particular, once walking around the market, tourists can also admire the unique and impressive lanterns, pottery. The night market is an extremely interesting highlight for the old town.

Hoi An nightlife

Hoi An nightlife


9. It's just 1 hour driving from Da Nang

Only 30km south of Da Nang, Hoi An is a destination not to be missed when travelling to Central Vietnam. There is no airport, port, or train station in Hoi An, so visitors can only go from Da Nang to Hoi An by car and motorbike. Motorbikes are the means of transport used by tourists travelling alone or couples.

Besides, you can catch a bus at any station in the city very easily. Taxi is the most convenient, comfortable, and fastest means of transportation. It only takes about 45minutes depending on traffic conditions and catching time. Taking a taxi from Da Nang airport to Hoi An is especially simple, get out of the check-in place, and there are many cars ready to wait at the gate.


10. Hoi An is not expensive at all

The city of the Central area possesses impressive beauty and is also an ideal tourist destination with a cost suitable for all tourists. Hoi An attractive cuisine dish is one of the most typical examples as you will not have to spend too much on eating. The amount you need to spend is only about $40 per day but still deals with Hoi An specialities. And for the most cost-optimized trip, you should book services such as Hoi An tours, transportation, and accommodation at least two months in advance to have a cheaper price than booking close to the date.

In addition to the cultural values ​​through diverse architecture, Hoi An also preserves many intangible cultural activities, with cultural festivals being preserved and promoted along with traditional craft villages. The Cuisine makes Hoi An increasingly attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. Are these criteria enough for you? Get up and fly to Hoi An now!

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