Is Ninh Binh Worth Visiting? Top 3 Reasons to Go

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Ninh Binh lies in the Red River Delta's southernmost regions, roughly 100 kilometres south of Ha Noi, provided numerous points of interest that are famous both inside and outside the country. For first-time visitors, you are probably wondering: “ Is Ninh Binh worth visiting?”. The answer is “yes” and absolutely a firm “yes”. Together in this article, we will figure it out

It's no surprise that Ninh Binh is becoming a more and more popular tourist destination in Vietnam. Ninh Binh is a must-see destination with its boundless rice fields, towering limestone mountains, and magnificent caverns. Here are 3 reasons why Ninh Binh worth a visit. 

1. Discover the amazing Ninh Binh scenery

Ninh Binh provides a different perspective of the rice fields in Vietnam in comparison with the terraces in Sapa or Ha Giang. Its rice fields thrive on the flat ground and the limestone mountains that emerge from the rice fields, on the other hand, provide a distinctive aspect.  You might even see ducks swimming and playing in between the grains if you're lucky.

Taking a Tam Coc boat ride is the ideal way to see all of the natural beauty around the mountains and the surrounding waterways in Ninh Binh. The sights from the trip along Ngo Dong River are splendid among the most popular in the area. The river runs directly through the flat rice fields, which are encompassed by high mountains, rocky cliffs, and stunning grottos. 

Discover the amazing Ninh Binh scenery

Ninh Binh from above

Another attraction that makes Ninh Binh worth visiting is Trang An Landscape Complex. This place often known as "Halong Bay inland," is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a river meandering through stunning limestone mountains joined by rice fields rather than solid land or water. Small sampan boats are used by locals to navigate this particular terrain without destroying crops. Trang An's peaceful lake and lush vegetation have been provided to travellers like a terrific opportunity to slow down and appreciate the surrounding natural beauty. As you go through caves and tight and vast canals with breathtaking landscapes, the scenery changes.

Many visitors to Ninh Binh also stop off the Thung Nham Bird Park which they can see nature’s spectacular sights of thousands of birds flying out of their nest in the early morning or watch witness them returning to their home in the late afternoon. The Bird Park has located 6km from Tam Coc town and also features many walking trails to explore, it is well-known to be home to many birds, even to rare species. The best thing to do is bring some food and find a decent area to enjoy your picnic while watching these gorgeous feathered animals glide through the air.

Ninh Binh does not have only Tam Coc, Trang An, or Thung Nham Bird Park that makes the region worth the trip. It also has a diverse range of ecosystems at Cuc Phuong National Park or gorgeous caving systems and numerous temples to visit. In addition, climb to Hang Mua Peak or the top of Bich Dong pagoda to have a bird’s-eye view of Ninh Binh’s surrounding landscape. 


2. Enjoy the silence at Ninh Binh temple & pagodas

Ninh Binh posses a lot of spiritual sites which attract a lot of people coming to visit including local people and foreign tourists. Aside from rural life, temples and pagodas in Ninh Binh are some of the few remaining elements of Vietnamese culture that make Ninh Binh worth visiting. There is a complex of pagodas, lamas, communal dwellings, and tombs. Each structure has its own distinctive charm, and they all depict the old and heroic beauty of history. There are many pagodas in this region that were built in the ancient pagoda style. Some pagodas were erected inside the limestone mountains, while others were built outside. Many other architectural works have significant historical and cultural significance.

Enjoy the silence at Ninh Binh temple & pagodas

Bich Dong Pagoda entrance

Pay a visit to Bai Dinh Pagoda when you travel to this area. This is Ninh Binh's most well-known pagoda, attracting visitors throughout the year. Visitors will be impressed by the magnificence of this Buddhist masterpiece when they see this Pagoda for the first time. Visitors are also immersed in Bai Dinh's historic sacred contemplation, which takes place among the most majestic and gigantic Buddhist structures in Vietnam. 

The historical city of Hoa Lu, which served as the capital of Vietnam in the 10th and 11th centuries during the Dinh and Le dynasties,  is also worth a visit. The Hoa Lu Temple is now a significant architectural and historical site in the country. 


3. Get a taste of the Vietnamese village culture

Ninh Binh is a unique destination where, in addition to the stunning landscape, you can easily access the most rustic and authentic side of the Vietnamese village. It’s very relaxed and serene, just how the Vietnam experience should be.

Renting and riding a bicycle to explore the surrounding countryside is a wonderful thing to do to immerse yourself in the beauty of this region’s countryside. You can look up the landmark that you want to visit on google map then choose a longer and more unusual route to get there. By avoiding the main traveled road, you will greatly enrich your trip experience. 

Get a taste of the Vietnamese village culture

Ninh Binh countryside

Besides, strolling through the rice fields on little trails or down the unpaved road that leads to the local communities and villages. Anytime you pass in front of local kids’ houses or their playgrounds, you will receive lovely smiles with their enthusiastic hello. 

It’s amazing to observe the local people’s lifestyle especially their living conditions, their farming techniques, and how they spend their time during the day. 

For those reasons above, hopefully, it is more than enough to answer the question “Is Ninh Binh worth visiting”. Because of its spectacular natural beauty and fascinating culture, Ninh Binh should be added to your trip itinerary when visiting Vietnam. Visit BestPrice and join our knowledgeable guides on Ninh Binh tours to experience the best that it can amaze you. 

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