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Mekong Delta Weather & Temperature: Complete Guide to Travel

July 13, 2021 - 799 views

Mekong Delta, an area of around 40,000 square kilometres, where 20% of Vietnam’s population live, is a wonderful land of Vietnam. It is a great place to see the peaceful countryside with the simple life, friendly and smiley local people, and much more. That is why a large number of tourists coming here each year. Before the trip, it is necessary to know the weather condition in this place to better plan your holiday. The below article is about Mekong Delta Weather & Temperature. Hope it is helpful for your trip to one of the most appealing destinations in Vietnam.

Mekong Delta weather overview

Located adjacent to Southeast Vietnam, Mekong Delta shares the same climate as the south. It has a humid tropical and sub-equatorial climate. The average temperature ranges from 23°C  to 34°C. The disparity between day and night temperatures is not high; there are not many storms or typhoons occurring in this region.

This region has two distinct seasons: the dry season runs from November to April with less, even almost no rain while the rainy season is from May to November. Ninety per cent of the year’s rainfall occurs during this season. The climatic factors of this area are said to be suitable for developing not only all agriculture types but also tourism.

Rainy season

The rainy season from May to October. The rain takes place in the afternoon and often lasts for only 1 hour, so it does not affect your trip much. The beginning of the rainy season is also the hottest time of the year and the humidity is often high, and you may feel uncomfortable. This period is considered to be the low season for travelling in the Mekong Delta. However, summer is a great time to eat fresh fruits that have been grown locally, such as dragon fruits and mangoes. Moreover, fishing is also said to be better during these months.


Dry season

The dry season lasts from November to April. During this time, some rivers are harder to navigate, and boat journeys in remote places may not be possible. However, the dry season seems to be the best time to have the best weather in the region. The region is described by the azure sky, lush vegetation, and calm rivers during this time, you have a good chance to enjoy the peacefully beautiful landscape here with no worry about the rain.

Mekong delta weather & temperature


Mekong Delta weather by month

January: is the coolest month of the year with an average temperature of 29°C. There can be little rain in this region this month. January is the busiest month for tourism in Mekong Delta.

February: The average temperature is 31°C, with a light breeze. This month is the end of flower season, so take the chance to visit this region if you love to see them before raining season comes.

March: The average temperature in March is 33°C. It is the least humid month of the year (68.2% relative humidity).

April: is the hottest month of the year with an average temperature above 34°C. Travelling this month, you can expect exceptionally rain, which may occur only 2 times during the month.

May: It is the second hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 34°C. There can be occasional rain, about 3 times.

Boat trip in Mekong delta

Boat trip in Mekong delta


June: The average temperature drops to 32°C. There is more chance for rain than in the 2 previous months.  Together with July, and August, June is the fruit season in the Mekong Delta. Coming to visit the region in June, you can explore the ripening fruit gardens, catch the sweet ripened fruit on the branches, and enjoy many kinds of fruits

July: The weather is more comfortable than in April, May, June with an average temperature of 31°C. There is more chance to rain, estimated 5 times per month. July is the wettest month of the year. This month welcomes more wind, so you will feel much comfortable travelling this time. This month is among the busiest months in Mekong Delta.

August: is the windiest month of the year with an average wind speed of around 9.4 knots. Cool wind and rains are hoped to ease the heat of 32°C on average. Tourists are unlikely to visit in August, therefore visiting Mekong Delta this time, you may see the price least expensive.

September: is the most humid month in the Mekong Delta (80.6%). The average temperature keeps the same like August, at 32°C.

October: October is the rainy season in the Mekong Delta, and you can expect rain from time to time. Everyone should be prepared for rain and thunderstorm too. The average temperature of this month is still high at 31°C.

November: is the last month of flooding season, with an average temperature of 32°C. The food causes difficulty to the farmers as their fields are flooded, the crop fails. However, they can easily catch fish, shrimp when the river rises. Visiting Cai Rang floating market or Thoi Son islet in My Tho this time, you enjoy the beautiful scenery in the flood.

Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang floating market

December: The average temperature is 29°C. The weather is dry and the seas are calm, this area becomes beautiful with colourful flowers almost everywhere. DO not miss your chance to visit famous flower villages such as Sa Dec village in Dong Thap, Cai Mon village in Ben Tre, or My Tho village in Tien Giang.


Best weather to visit Mekong Delta

The best time to visit Mekong Delta for good weather is the months between September and November. It is the floating season in the Mekong Delta when the water from upstream of the Mekong River flows into the two upstream rivers of Dong Thap and An Giang provinces, creating a flood. The weather is comfortable, and the rainfall is low. Visiting the Delta this time, you do not have to worry about the rain as it rarely happens, tourists can take part in many interesting outdoor activities such as biking to the countryside, visiting local people, joining cooking classes, go fishing…

Besides the flooding season, summertime is also a great time to visit this region. June, July, and August are in fruit season. Visiting the fruit garden this time, you can enjoy the best fruits such as durian, mango, tangerine, and grapefruit.

Hopefully, you were able to choose the best month to visit the Mekong Delta base on the weather overview above. If there is anything you need to help with, do not hesitate to contact us. BestPrice Travel provides transfer, hotel accommodation, or Mekong Delta package tours, so let us.


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