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Nga Nam Floating Market

December 21, 2022 - 1071 views

With many rivers and canals, the Mekong Delta has many floating markets: Cai Rang (Can Tho), Cai Be (Tien Giang), Phung Hiep (Hau Giang), Tra On (Vinh Long), etc. Speaking of Western of Vietnam, people often mention Cai Rang floating market of Can Tho province, but there is another unique and interesting floating market: Nga Nam floating market.

Located about 60km from the center of Soc Trang city, Nga Nam floating market belongs to the same name town: Nga Nam. The name: “Nga Nam” in Vietnamese means “five directions” and this floating market is located at the intersection of five river branches flowing to five different directions: Ca Mau, Vinh Quoi, Long My, Thanh Tri, and Phung Hiep. From the early morning of 3 - 4 a.m., the whole river was full of boats and motorboats. The busiest time is usually from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m., especially on some big festivals, the market will take place throughout the day.

Nga Nam Floating Market

Nga Nam Floating Market

In the process of developing the Southern of Vietnam, unlike the upper area, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, which were salty alum, it was necessary to dig the canal. The name “Nga Nam” appeared when the French dug the Phung Hiep canal. People began to gather in this area for trading, gradually forming a special feature in the West of Vietnam, which was the Nga Nam floating market. In the river, boats carry goods moved along the river and all the trading activities take place on boats.

Having Breakfast On The River at Nga Nam floating market

Having Breakfast On The River

As a local market serving the essential food needs of the locals, Nga Nam floating market trades all kinds of goods: vegetables, food, salt, fish, meat, clothing, fabrics, and even coffee, breakfast, etc. In the past, local merchants here were not used to foreign tourists, but now small traders in this market are familiar with them who visit the market every day. Come to Nga Nam floating market, visitors can catch the friendly smiles of the sellers in the Ba Ba shirt. Tourists are served the typical dishes of Mekong Delta, fresh fruits, etc., and enjoy the peaceful noise of Nga Nam floating market.

Advertise Stick at Nga Nam floating market

Boats with Advertise Sticks

Nga Nam floating market attracts a lot of boats from neighboring localities every day coming to trade, it is not difficult to see some boats being both a stall and a home for people living in the river area. Another interesting feature at Nga Nam floating market is the advertising sticks. At each boat, there is an advertising stick hanging in front of the boat. What's on that stick is what that boat sells. This makes it easier for travelers and customers to find what they need in the crowded market. For first-time tourists, the advertising sticks help a lot in determining the direction and find what they need when they are unfamiliar with a floating market.

Fresh Fruit sold at Nga Nam floating market

Fresh Fruit

If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can consider the fresh fruit. Almost all sellers at Nga Nam floating market exchange fruits from their home gardens, the fruit is very sweet and delicious, not afraid of pesticide as much as the fruits you buy in the urban area. Bargaining is almost unnecessary here, Nga Nam floating market is well - know but the locals used to live spontaneously, honestly, almost no one sells too much expensive. Even communicating with them shortly, you will be given gifts to bring back.

Along with Bat Pagoda and Ok Om Bok festival, Nga Nam floating market is one of the must-go destinations that you cannot miss if you have the opportunity to visit the Mekong Delta.

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