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Ninh Binh Weather February: Temperature & Thing to Do

May 20, 2021 - 452 views

To prepare for every trip, it’s necessary to research the weather, an important factor that can impact your trip significantly. Take a look at Ninh Binh Weather February: Temperature & Thing to Do, necessary information for BestPrice team to have a more exciting trip.

Ninh Binh is an attractive destination for tourism almost around the year because of its passionate beauty of nature. But that's not all. Take a closer look at this famous attraction, you can find it really historical which used to be the capital of this country for three feudal dynasties. Up to now, Ninh Binh still has well-preserved traditional culture shown as many historical sites, traditional villages, and festivals. 

That makes Ninh Binh more attractive on the Lunar new year occasion, which usually occurs in February. Thus, visiting Ninh Binh this month, you will have a chance to enjoy beautiful landscapes and know more about the special culture of this land at the same time.  Let's learn detail about the Ninh Binh weather in February below.


Ninh Binh weather in February overview

The average temperature of February in Ninh Binh is about 22°C. The lowest one is 13°C while the highest one at noon is 30°C. The humidity is about 88% and rainfall is just 29 mm. 

February is the last period of winter, which usually begins in November. Besides, it’s also the coldest one. With many people who live in a warm climate from the South of Vietnam or other countries with the same type of climate, it’s a bit too cold and may bar your travel.  

However, it’s clearly a chance for you to have many new and interesting traveling experiences. In cold weather, you will feel less tired when being active for hours. Moreover, it hardly rains in February, another good point of this month’s weather for traveling. 


Ninh Binh weather february


Suitable activities for weather in February

Visit temple 

Not only well-known for its many beautiful landscapes, but Ninh Binh also attracts tourists because of its featured traditional culture you can’t find anywhere else. Up to now, there are many temples and pagodas which are well-preserved or monumental.

February is also the new year season. There are many activities to welcome the Lunar new year and the most appealing one is the festivals which are annually organized in many temples, giving tourists a sacred space for spiritual tourism. 

In general, temples in Ninh Binh are almost historical sites that keep many values in culture and history. They were built with unique decorative patterns that were representative of the fine arts of that period and many sub-constructions such as lakes, flower gardens. Thus, it’s no doubt that they look very beautiful and solemn.

Here are some suggestions Ninh Binh Temples & Pagodas for you: Hoa Lu temples, Thai Vi temple, Tran Temple...

Hoa Lu Temple


Try a local homestay during Tet

Homestay is the best place for accommodation which can help you combine travel and culture exploring at the same time. By choosing homestay, you will have a chance to take a closer look at the daily life of local people. Thereby, you can know more about the culture shown as lifestyle, cuisine and many other aspects. 

Especially during Tet, you can take part in this biggest holiday of Vietnamese, when they clean and decorate their home, buy new furniture and prepare delicious food. It’s time for families, relatives, and close friends to gather after a year of hard work. They meet and give the others best wishes for the new year with good health and more successes.

Moreover, you can receive lucky money from the people here, instead of a thousand good wishes. It will be a very interesting experience. 


Taste local traditional food for Tet

The cuisine is an indispensable part of every trip. When traveling on a Tet holiday, it’s even more than that. You definitely can’t miss local traditional food which is specially prepared for Tet. It’s extremely delicious because the cooks are meticulous and skillful.

Some of those are jellied meat, pickled small leeks, rice sticky cake, meat stewed with eggs in coconut juice, etc. Not only for eating, but that traditional food is also firstly for ancestor worship with a special five-fruit tray which is called “Mam Ngu Qua” in Vietnamese.

Let’s taste local traditional food for Tet and you will find Vietnamese food so wonderful. 


Tips for traveling to Ninh Binh in February

Book tickets and hotel or homestay soon to have good prices

With a long vacation for the Tet holiday, many people choose Ninh Binh to travel with their families. In other words, Ninh Binh is so crowded this month, and soon booking for tickets, hotel or homestay is really necessary. It helps you get better prices and have the accommodation at your desired place. 

Keep warm and do skincare better to avoid cracked skin

Winter in Ninh Binh is cold and dry, featuring a humid subtropical climate. Thus, besides keeping warm for your body to assure you will not be ill during your trip, let’s do skincare better with suitable moisturizing products to avoid cracked skin.


Traveling to Ninh Binh in February will never let you down. You can gain many new and interesting experiences, especially in exploring the traditional culture of this land through many historical sites such as temples and pagodas. Trying a local homestay to welcome the Lunar new year and tasting delicious local traditional food for this special occasion are also good ways to know more about this beautiful land.

Ninh Binh Weather February with temperature and things to do from BestPrice team hopefully is useful to make your trip going well. Wish you many wonderful traveling experiences. Thanks for your reading!

Let's book Ninh Binh tours to enjoy your wonderful trip to our biggest festival now!

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