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Ninh Binh Weather November: Temperature & Thing to Do

December 27, 2022 - 1594 views

Ask all experienced travelers what the most important factor we should take note of before traveling is, you will definitely get the answer of weather. So, why is it? Let’s imagine that you prepare everything so well for your trip and depart excitedly. But when you arrive after hours of movement, the greeting of that land is not beautiful landscapes like you think. It rains or is foggy all day. Of course, you will be upset and disappointed. What a waste of time and money! 

Don’t make your trip become a disaster because of the neglect of the weather. If you are planning to visit Ninh Binh next November, this article about temperature and things to do in this attractive destination is for you. Let’s start.

Ninh Binh weather in November overview

The whole area of Ninh Binh is in the humid subtropical climate. It means that this province is hot and humid in summer, colder, and dryer in winter. The average temperature of winter is below 20°C.

November is the beginning of winter in Ninh Binh, which lasts till the March of the next year. As a transition time of seasons, Ninh Binh weather in November is a bit more special than other months. It still has a little of the tenderness and romance of autumn’s scenery, combining with some cool and dry breezes of early winter. About temperature, it’s not so cold in November. In fact, the lowest temperature is 15°C while the highest one is 33°C.

Thanks to the end of the rainy season in October, Ninh Binh hardly rains in November. It makes sure that your trip to Ninh Binh this time will not be hampered by rain. 

Ninh Binh weather November


Suitable activities in Ninh Binh for weather in November

After overviewing Ninh Binh weather in November, we can see that this month is really suitable for traveling. You can visit Ninh Binh this time without any worries about bad weather. All you need is to prepare your package, plan about things you want to do, and start your trip. If you are still confused about them, these three suggestions below may be helpful. 

Take a boat trip to Tam Coc or Trang An

It’s obvious that you can’t skip Tam Coc or Trang An when you come to Ninh Binh. They are the most famous attractions of this province, possessing beautiful natural landscapes like heaven, which can catch your breath at the first sight. They have their own beauty and a lot of things for tourists to explore. While Tam Coc is famous for the three cave with the charming landscape with various tones of green color, Trang An is famous for the diversity of terrains, creatures, and limestone mountain system which is more than 250 million years old.

But the similarity is that they both have a slight river flowing through, making a boat trip the best way to explore and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. It’s also a favorite activity of almost all tourists. To get on a boat and start exploring, you need to buy a ticket of around 150.000 VND for a classic boat trip. Another choice is Kayak, at the same time being an outdoor sport which you row yourself. Kayak is still new to most tourists, suitable for those who have rowing skills, and costs a bit higher price around 300.000 VND.

Take a boat trip in Tam coc or Trang An

Take a boat trip in Tam coc or Trang An


Bird watching in Thung Nham Valley

Thung Nham Valley is located in Hoa Lu district, near Hoa Lu ancient capital. It’s a famous attraction with peaceful, beautiful landscapes and hundreds of precious rare species of birds.

Bird watching in Thung Nham Valley is very suitable for a trip in November thanks to cool weather but still sunny. At the same time, it’s a good choice for families with young children, giving them a chance to take a closer look at many various species of birds which they just can see on the television in common.  


Visit Mua Cave and conquer Mua Viewpoint

Capturing beautiful landscapes after conquering 486 stone steps at Mua cave is exactly an exciting experience for every single visitor. Mua Viewpoint is very famous because it can lead tourists to the immense space with limestone mountains, rice fields, the slight deep turquoise water surface of Sao Khe river, all arranged in a perfect way making awesome peaceful scenery of nature like paradise. 

Mua Cave and Mua Viewpoint are always at the top destinations in Ninh Binh. Enjoying charming landscapes from a high position, you will immerse yourself in a relaxing and peaceful space. It's really worth trying and makes your trip more memorable. 

Conquer Mua view point

Conquer Mua view point


Tips for traveling to Ninh Binh in November

Here are some useful tips for traveling to Ninh Binh in November.

  • In November, it’s cooler with a bit more breezes. Thus, it’s necessary to bring along some jackets. Don’t wear too short or too thin.
  • November is the peak time of tourism so booking hotel or airplane/train tickets soon is still a good idea to save money.
  • To capture the best moments of your trips, early morning and sunset times are very ideal. Try to arrive at your chosen destination in time to take better photos. 

Ninh Binh weather in November is such necessary information to take note of before starting your traveling. Thanks to nice weather with a bit cooler temperature of the early winter, traveling to Ninh Binh in November will give you a chance to enjoy beautiful sightseeings easefully. 

At the same time, it helps you get ready with determined things to do in Ninh Binh when you arrive there. There are some recommended Ninh Binh tours for traveling which hopefully give you something new and useful to make your trip more exciting. 

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