Phnom Penh Weather in February

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Welcome to the capital of Cambodia! Not a purely touristic city, but the city is an excellent place for you to start exploring the whole country. Phnom Penh in February may not have majestic temples like Angkor Wat, but that does not mean that this place lacks attractions. The capital area is a space that blends the modernity of a developing city with the past's aura. 

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Is February the best time to visit Phnom Penh?

February is the middle of the dry season; thus, it is still a good month to explore every corner of Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh weather in February is fancy for little rain, crystal blue sky in marshmallow sunshine. 

The extraordinary architectural works such as the Golden Place or the beauty of nature bestowed on the Mekong River will not disappoint you. The weather is enjoyable to take a long walk around the pathways and discover the food as it is less rainy.

Phnom Penh Weather February Best Time To Visit

February is the best time to visit Phnom Penh

If you are traveling with your lover for Valentine's Day in February, why don't you prepare for the most romantic celebration? Valentine is a reasonable time to express your feelings and do sweet things. If 364 days of having quarrels together, February 14 is the time to soften the unpleasant stuff and raise the feelings.

The Phnom Penh sub-region expanding with pristine nature is proper for various types of eco-tourism such as hiking, river rafting, and kayaking. A tour of temples is something you can't miss. 


How is the Phnom Penh weather in February?

Overview of Phnom Penh weather in February

When you travel to Phnom Penh in February, you can expect the status of rain-sun alternatives in turn and thunderstorms every once in a while. Watch out for the heat wave! During February, you can expect a heat wave with tropical weather and an average temperature above 34℃. Look at the UV index (11) in February and take note: Wear SPF 30 + sunscreen, a long shirt, trousers, sunglasses, and a hat. Phnom Penh, in February, experiences heat wave days. Usually, the time shining fluctuates around 11 - 12 hours, and the wind is a light breeze. 


Sunny hours per day


Precipitation per day

Rainy Days

Chance of Rain 

29°C - 34°C

11 - 12



2 days



Phnom Penh Weather February


Pros & Cons


  • Fine weather

In addition to choosing a location with beautiful scenery, the weather also plays a significant role in your itinerary. Because it's in the dry season, there is no possibility of unseasonal rain, no storms, or strong winds. The weather is nice but not hot, the highest temperature on days is acceptable.

  • More travel combos

With travel combos, visitors will save high costs and can have fun and visit beautiful landscapes. The high peak of tourism allows people to have more choices.

  • No worry about opening hours

The opening period in the dry season is permitted to stay longer than another season. Thus, you can have more time enjoying the landmark.


  • Being stuck with tricks

The demand for tourism increases, leading to a development in service prices, but there are many cheap and even super cheap tour ads. Travel agencies advise tourists to be careful lest they be deceived.

  • Being stuck in a crowd

Some summer tourist spots in the country are overloaded, with thousands of tourists gathering. Tourists flock to several hot destinations across the country. Thus, entering the attractions or using services at the goal takes a long time.

  • High price

The high price of services causes transportation, food demand, and accommodation problems. The people have to spend more budget. 


Tips for traveling to Phnom Penh in February

  • Seek more sites

With growing tourism activities in Phnom Penh weather in February, green lands and places with unspoiled beauty appear more and more on the map of travelaholic. These are the perfect addresses to quickly experience the full range of activities that are hard to find during the peak season in popular tourist destinations.

  • Plan early

One of the things that you should do for high-season travel is to plan early, about 3 - 6 months, depending on domestic or international travel. It helps you be more proactive in finding the best deals to save money on the trip.

  • Keep everything in one app

When traveling, you will probably have to store each type of online ticket or hotel receipt in individual files or scatter them in different emails. Failure to properly manage these essential documents will lead to the risk of losing records. 


Phnom Penh is one of the famous tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. After deciding to arrive in this bustling central city, many tourists often wonder what it will be like in Phnom Penh weather February. If you are planning to visit this city in February, let's see the best Phnom Penh tours at right now.

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