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Phnom Penh Weather in September

March 14, 2023 - 56 views

Phnom Penh is one of the many tourist destinations worldwide in Cambodia. Please keep in mind the facts about Phnom Penh Weather September if you have the chance to travel there.

Is September a best time to visit Phnom Penh?

In Cambodia, the rainy season begins in September. Since you need to bring umbrellas and other waterproof gear when you visit during the rainy season, it can be challenging. But because the landscapes are in the nearby lakes, it highlights their unique and vibrant splendour. You cannot turn back the tropical forest or the lush rice fields!

Camping is a must-try activity in the lush garden's shade, and visitors can take a boat ride along the river to witness lots of white storks while taking in the scenery. Additionally, you can access neighbouring crocodile farms, a fresh supper, and hammocks where you can relax while fishing. On hot days, having fun in the water park is an option for travellers who do not have enough time to travel far from the city centre.

The ideal time to tour Phnom Penh's countryside is when the first flooded fields appear. Going upstream to Tonle Sap Lake and touring mangroves and towns will be perfect.

The sudden downpour, which often lasts only a few minutes, adds to the unusual and pleasant mood despite the high temperature. Visitors can enjoy a delicious dinner on the tranquil river bank while enjoying the glittering beauty in the chilly evening air.

Phnom Penh weather September seems to be not too awful!

September is perfect time to go upstream to Tonle Sap Lake

Stunning Tonle Sap Lake in spate in Phnom Penh September


How is the Phnom Penh weather in September?

Overview of Phnom Penh weather September

Temperatures and humidity levels are to be relatively high in September. There are 12 wet days per month with an average monthly rainfall of 225mm. The average monthly temperature is 28,3°C (74.9°F), with the lowest temperature falling to 23°C and the maximum temperature reaching 33°C. 

It rains for most of the month. As a result, it may result in flooding; therefore, always bring an umbrella and raincoat. The other is sunny and offers visitors the chance to participate in exciting festivals and other outdoor activities. Whatever, the month is favourable for organizing a trip to Phnom Penh. Please heed the September Phnom Penh weather if you are doubtful.



Sunny hours per day



Rainy Days

Chance of Rain 




33°C (80.6°F)

23°C (59.9°F)



225mm (18in)

12 days



Phnom Penh weather September


Pros & Cons


  • Most cost savings

- The costs are lower in September. It is not the busiest travel month. Travel firms, hotels, and transportation providers have introduced numerous deals to increase demand.

  • Service booking convenience

- Fewer tourists result in lousy weather. You can avoid grappling with crowds by doing this. You don't have to worry about exhausting slots when there are few travellers. Even if you don't need to make any reservations in advance, you can easily do so once you are there. Of course, you should consider a few addresses to reduce unnecessary dangers.

  • A thorough investigation of the location

- Enables the visitors to enjoy a quiet setting interrupted by other factors. It is possible to see the place for what it is. The attitude of natural beauty is inherent, without colour or pomp!

- You may easily take it slow, pose, and even take wacky photos when you aren't concerned about feeling self-conscious in front of hundreds of others.


- Strong wind gusts that can produce large waves are dangerous, as are high winds. As a result, you shouldn't hike mountains or spend the night in the wilderness.


Tips for travelling Phnom Penh in September

  • Organize your preparations

- Bring a nylon backpack cover or a waterproof bag with you; if it rains, ensure the furniture is constantly dry to prevent water absorption.

- Always wrap clothing and other stuff in a thick, large plastic bag so that even if you put them in a backpack, the garments will stay dry if the equipment gets wet.

- Sets of raincoats are unbreakable items. It should be to wear a raincoat to prevent getting tangled up, make it easier to walk around, and avoid getting your feet and body wet.

- If you get a cold or have an unanticipated accident in a foreign place, don't forget to pack a personal medical kit.

  • Consider the weather forecast seriously

- Always check the weather prediction before any trip so that you can organize your destinations and activities and schedule appropriately. You can even consider modifying plans and cancelling tickets to ensure safety as part of your mental preparation.

- Stay away from the beach and the mountains on stormy days. The weather is unpredictable and occasionally hard to forecast. It is not permitted to swim in the ocean if you visit the sea on a day when it is raining. The slippery path and frequent hazards like landslides and rock slides make climbing on a rainy day extremely risky.


September's weather is unique in both its characteristics and its beauty. However, a period of regular storms can interfere with the trip you've been looking forward to in the future. For a suitable travel plan, choose a time that fits your specific demands, and check the Phnom Penh weather September prediction in advance for your upcoming incredible Phnom Penh trip

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