Phnom Penh Weather in August

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Many people think traveling during the rainy season should not be because it wastes time and money. However, we cannot predict how the weather will change. Let BestPrice Travel show you what it would be when traveling under Phnom Penh Weather in August.

Is August the best time to visit Phnom Penh?

August weather in Phnom Penh is more pleasant because the temperature has decreased, and rain typically only lasts a short duration. Everyone who appreciates being outside will be excited by nature.

Consider a lake getaway rather than a beach vacation since August is rainy. Visitors will be astonished to discover a massive python wrapped around people on multiple boats when they arrive. You'll go by ship to view the region's attractions. Pass by the fruit-selling boats and have a cool coconut while on the water.

Phnom Penh Weather August Best Time To Visit

August is also a great time to take a cruise tour

Nothing could be more enjoyable than basking in the view while chilling out on a sightseeing boat on the Lake of Cambodia. Try some of the lake's delicacies, such as the well-known and delectable dried snakehead fish!

For those who enjoy the fresh raindrops falling from the sky, bringing the lovely cold weather with them, August in Phnom Penh is absolutely paradise. However, the picturesque, dramatic skies painted as soon as the rain ceases are sufficient justification to travel to this place.

Most tourists may find more temples with Angkorian and Buddhist architectural influences in Phnom Penh. If you want to visit this city entirely, you should ride a bike or walk. Soon, a plethora of statues of creatures and deities will surface, showcasing the magnificence of Khmer culture.

The Phnom Penh weather in August is comfortable enough for you to have a wonderful time even if it rains most of the day.


How is the Phnom Penh weather in August?

Overview of Phnom Penh weather in August

Typically, Phnom Penh's climate is hot and muggy. This makes the brisk winds and cooling downpours the perfect time to travel to this location. The capital area has its strongest rains in August. At this time of year, the river's water level is at an all-time high, making boating excursions and waterfall visits more enjoyable.

The colors of the skies, trees, and water immediately after a rainstorm make the entire area more gorgeous and photogenic.

August in Phnom Penh, the percentage of time that the sky is cloudy in some areas is balanced, staying at or near 91 percent throughout the month. Average 26°C daily lows, rarely dropping below 25°C or rising beyond 27°C. August's 31-day precipitation total is still 187 millimeters. Due to persistent rain and thunderstorm patterns, August in Phnom Penh is typically cloudy and rainy. The number of sunshine hours for the year remains constant at 12 hours.

August in Phnom Penh has such great weather because the climate is mainly consistent.


Sunny Hours per Day



Rainy Days

Chance of Rain 

25°C - 27°C







Phnom Penh Weather August


Pros & Cons


  • Pleasant climate

The rainy season offers youthful clients many opportunities to overcome obstacles. Tours to see woods and mountains are still thought to be highly appropriate, particularly times to see tropical forests and lakes.

  • Bargain-basement

It is hardly surprising that costs are lower in August than in other months.


  • Health problem

Some folks could get sick after spending the entire day in the downpour. Because body changes brought on by the weather can cause abnormal fever, you must still pack warm clothing and cold medicine. Cotton bandages are also essential to keep in your suitcase.

  • Bad Road conditions

Road conditions are bad in July. Since most roads lack pavement, they develop rough patches with pits and potholes filled with liquid muck.

Basically, after a rain, puddles on better roads may dry out in a few hours, but if you ride, you risk falling. So arm yourself with the tools you'll need and have the courage to tackle the obstacles.


Tips for traveling to Phnom Penh in August

  • You shouldn't go boating alone if you don't swim. There should be a swimmer among the group. The first step is to put on a life jacket before getting on the boat. As a result, many well-known tourist destinations, including the floating market, require visitors to wear a life jacket before boarding the ship.
  • Additionally, it would be nice if you had umbrellas and raincoats ready. It would be best to pack light bags to make moving about easier.
  • It would help if you were cautious with electronic equipment during river sailing to avoid damage from falling into the water.
  • There is a thriving and popular river and garden tourism industry. Visitors should wear long sleeves and bring insect repellent because there are frequently numerous insects and mosquitoes in this area.
  • Nothing is more entertaining on rainy days than taking a tuk-tuk tour of the city and sampling all the local cuisine. The experience of sharing an umbrella with your spouse will undoubtedly bring back flirtatious memories for individuals who enjoy romance.

Life moves quickly daily while we are still intensely focused on our jobs. But when visiting Phnom Penh in the rainy season, take some time to calm down and appreciate life's precise, tranquil moments. The city offers tourists romantic scenery and homestyle fare on a cloudy August day.


BestPrice Travel would like to provide you with a comprehensive guide to Phnom Penh weather in August. We sincerely hope you take this guide with you on your next travels. If you adhere to the advice mentioned above, you can have the best experiences on your Phnom Penh tour.

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