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The Ultimate Bucket List of Things to Do in Phuket

You are about to travel to Phuket but have no idea the best things to do on this incredible island? Phuket is internationally famous for its magnificent beaches but you can discover more things to do in Phuket.

1. Enjoy The Sun, Sand, And Sea At Beautiful Beaches

Phuket is the largest and the most fantastic island in Thailand. So, coming here, the very first activity in Phuket you should not miss is spending time on beautiful beaches. There are many stunning beaches with unspoiled coastlines where you can enjoy the bright sun and white sand. Prepare your swimsuit, take your beach towers and bring your sunscreen, it is time to relax on the splendid beaches of Phuket.
There are several beaches in Phuket to do plenty of beach activities, whereas others are more quiet and peaceful. You can consider Freedom beach, Kata beach, Kata Noi beach, Nai Harn beach, Ya Nui beach, Surin beach, Kamala beach, Karon beach, Laem Singh beach, and Patong beach. All of them, whether busy or quiet, are scenic, where you should spend your Phuket trip on.
Phuket is well known for its stunning beaches

2. Pay A Visit To Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is well known for its incredibly stunning beaches and amazing cultural attractions. When it comes to Phang Nga Bay, we often think about a destination with mountains, reefs, rivers, and sparkling limestone. Visit Koh Panyee and James Bond Island for the best time relaxing. Besides, the cultural destinations you should pay a visit to include The Tsunami Memorial Park in Hat Khao Lak (which is built to acknowledge all the individuals who passed away in the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 – one of the most deadly natural disasters of all time).
If you love the wild nature in a national park, you have a reason to visit Phuket. This province has several serene national parks. Visit them and explore coral reefs, splendid beaches, and wildlife and this will be your memorable experience. Some famous parks include Similan Islands Marine National Park, Khao Lak / Lam Ru National Park, and Ao Phang-Nga National Park.
If you are a fan of recreational activities, Phuket is no doubt your ideal destination with a variety of adventurous things to do, including hiking, snorkeling, swimming, motorbiking, boating, and more.
Phang Nga Bay is famous for its incredibly stunning beaches and amazing cultural attractions

3. Instagram Time At Karon And Khao Rang Viewpoint

If you can bring one thing when visiting Phuket, it should be a pocket –camera. Yes, you do not want to miss any moments in the Karon and Khao Rang viewpoint. Khao Rang is often called Rang Hill Viewpoint. This location is outstanding with its beautiful open pagoda, its landscaped gardens, and mature rubber trees. All these things will make you feel fresh and peaceful when visiting this destination.
Now it is Insta time. Take the most stunning pictures and post them on social media so that your friends can know how beautiful this place is. After many activities on the glorious coastline, if you want to find something peaceful in your mind, Khao Rang Viewpoint is just a perfect destination.
Rang Hill Viewpoint make you feel fresh and peaceful when visiting

4. Wander At Phuket Old Town

When it comes to Phuket, most tourists remember the sand, sun, and sea. Come on, this amazing destination is much more than that. You will have plenty of things to do in Phuket Old Town. One of the most exciting places which reflect the life of Phuket locals in the past is the Memory at On On Hotel. This is the oldest hotel in Phuket since 1929. Filled with artifacts from the tin mining booming years and silk ground floor, this is where you can feel the real historical life.
Besides, do not forget to visit the Thai Hua Museum, an amazing colonial building, which is currently the center of old Sino Portuguese culture. When coming to the “City of Gastronomy”, remember to try the most mouthwatering foods and drink here. The best restaurants and food stalls here include Tunk-Ka Café, Mee Ao Ke, Boonrat Dim Sum, Tu Kab Khao, Coffs & Burgh, Torry’s Ice Cream, etc.
Phuket Old Town is one of the most exciting places which reflect the life of Phuket locals

5. Make a wish at Phuket Big Buddha

One of the most important landmarks of Phuket island is the Big Buddha. Located on the top of the Nakkerd Hills, between Chalong and Kata, the Big Buddha could be seen from Phuket town and the Karon beach because of its 45 meters tall. You can make a wish, write a message on items for good luck and strong health. And in your travel to Big Buddha, please wear suitable clothes (for instance, no beachwear, no short skirts, no revealing clothes, no T-shirts with offensive images or texts) because if you do so, it is disrespectful to the Buddha.
Phuket Big Buddha is one of the most important landmarks of Phuket island

6. Explore Phuket Weekend Night Market

As a fascinating destination of secondhand goods, curios, live animals, souvenirs, and famous local food stalls, the Phuket weekend night market has nearly everything you need and is a perfect place to walk around. You do not need to buy anything, just visit and see how crowded it is. To the west of the market, at the end locates the food area. Many tasty yet reasonably priced foods are worth trying, such as boiled buttered corn on the cob, spicy sausages, grilled chicken, exotic fruit, deep-fried insects, and other more.
If you have not gone to any night market before, note things you want to buy first or you will end up buying anything and running out of money. And to avoid the crowd, it is suggested to visit the market at about 4 pm.
Phuket weekend night market has nearly everything you need and is a perfect place to walk around

7. Play With “Giant Kittens” At the Tiger Kingdom

Do you love tigers and look for chances to see the giant kittens in your eyes, visit the Tiger Kingdom? This place is large, clean, and well-organized, where you can see how animals are treated. The sizes of tigers available in the Tiger Kingdom are the smallest, small, medium, and big. The fee for visiting these giant kittens varies according to their popularity, not their size. The most popular sizes are the cute cubs and the adults with a higher fee to visit than the other two types. However, if you want, you totally can choose the option that includes all four sizes, which is expensive. Before coming, read the attention and the Do’s and Don’t of Tiger to ensure your safety.
Visit the Tiger Kingdom, where you can see how animals are treated
Phuket has many more things than just sandy beaches and crystal sea. If you get a chance to visit this stunning island, do these must-do activities to make your trip memorable. Phuket is no doubt an exciting and famous island in Thailand that welcomes millions of tourists annually. Coming to this island, you can spend your time on sun-drenched and sandy beaches, pay a visit to natural, cultural and historical destinations as well as experience the real Thai environment in the night market.