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Phuket Weather in June: Climate & Places to Visit

August 23, 2022 - 4102 views

In June, the Phuket weather is coming to the monsoon season with more frequent short showers and strong winds. If you are planning to visit Phuket in June, do not forget to check out this guide.

Generally, Phuket is warm all year round. From April to May and September to October, the average temperature is high. Let us give you further details of Phuket weather in June and must-do activities during this time.


Characteristics of Phuket weather in June

Phuket weather in June is mild, with an average temperature of around 29°C. Throughout the month, the highest being 32°C, and the lowest is 25°C. Meanwhile, the average sea temperature is 30°C.

Due to the humidity level, the Phuket temperature may feel hotter than it is. The average humidity of Phuket in the middle of June is 85% and can peak at 90% in September. For this reason, it is advised to pick a good time to go outside.

You can expect an average rainfall of 240mm over 16 to 18 days, whereas you can expect more rain at the end of the month as the monsoon is getting into full swing. At this time, foggy days are very rare, but you can expect one or two days around June and July. Even though it rains, it is rarely cold due to its proximity to the equator.

phuket weather in June


What to expect in Phuket in June

Some day tours might be cancelled due to the unexpected thunderstorms, but there is more to the charming Phuket than sand beaches. While it is raining outside, take the opportunity to visit a lovely cafe that contributes to Thailand's diverse food and beverage scene; or visit an indoor facility such as the Phuket aquarium or museums.

Brunch & coffee shops

We have two suggestions that made the list of the top 5 cafes in Phuket. The first is The Neighbors Cafe, a trendy spot that offers breakfast and brunch dishes as well as drinks throughout the day. Try out its crepes, pancakes, French toasts, or desserts here, and you will be surprised! A plus point is that both the restaurant's decoration and dishes are easy on the eye, which makes the best Instagram pictures!

The food attracts a lot of foreign customers

The food attracts a lot of foreign customers. Source: The Neighbors Hostel & Cafe / Facebook


There is also Rose Espresso, located in Phuket Town. Rose Espresso's style of decoration is vintage. This coffee shop is worth a visit if you are in the area, looking for a freshly-made cup of tea or a tasty English-style breakfast. Expect to find good customer service and quality food here if you happen to come across Rose Espresso on a rainy day.

mouth-watering desserts in a pretty shop

Enjoy mouth-watering desserts in a pretty, cozy shop — what more could you ask for? Source: TripAdvisor

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Travel tips for Phuket in June

  • Water activities like scuba diving and snorkelling are not recommended on some days in June. On days with a good chance of sunshine, we suggest sunbathing by the beach.
  • The atmosphere is much more quiet and peaceful as June is the low season in Phuket. It is a great time to visit if you want to avoid the tourist crowds.

To sum up, the weather of Phuket in June offers an ideal time to visit this lovely island. Follow our travel guide on weather overview and suitable activities to enjoy your summer trip. Let's book Phuket tours to enjoy your wonderful beach vacation.

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