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Phuket Weather in May: Temperature & Things to Do

January 12, 2021 - 516 views

Phuket in May allows travelers to explore various attraction spots that make this charming province one of the top destinations in Asia. Let’s go into details about the characteristics of Phuket weather in May and discover recommended things to do.

Characteristics of Phuket weather in May

Phuket weather in May officially marks the transition from the dry season (November to March) to the monsoon season. Visitors to Phuket in May will notice that rainfall has significantly increased compared to April. May is not the most suitable month for traveling, but visitors can avoid large tourist crowds if choosing to visit during this time.

The temperature regularly exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, and you should also be aware of some scorching hot days. The sea temperature is around 30 degrees. However, water-related activities such as canoeing and scuba diving might not be suitable on days due to unstable sea conditions. May is one of Phuket's wettest months with high overall humidity. Tourists should bear in mind the weather predictions of each day and plan your activities accordingly to ensure a safe and convenient holiday.

Phuket weather in may

Despite the increasing rain and uncomfortable heat, Phuket weather in May, especially at the beginning of the month, is still favorable for touring the city. Also, you can swim between quiet and windy days, as the water in the ocean is warm all year round. The destination is quiet with few tourists, so reasonable cost are the plus points for May in Phuket.

What to expect in Phuket in May

There are lots of activities in Phuket to check out when the weather is not favorable. For an authentic local experience, you can sign up for a cooking class or get a massage or spa treatment at reasonable prices. The museums in Phuket, such as Thailand National Museum and Tin Mining Museum, are great for rainy days out with the family.

Fantasea shows

There are many attractions in Phuket, and of course, you should not miss watching Fantasea shows. It is a spectacular show staged with many repertoires: singing, dancing, magic, recreating the legends of the Thai nation. The ticket price is about 50 USD, including the dinner buffet. Fantasea show is a program full of elements of Thai history and culture to promote the image of the country with international friends. Coming to this show, you will witness unique performances combining high-tech sound and light effects. The stories recreate the mythical beliefs of Thailand, virtual reality, leaving a lot of impression for visitors to watch the show.

fantasea Phuket

Mango season

While Phuket weather in May is not the most desirable for outdoor activities, it kicks off mango season in Thailand. Travelers to Phuket during this time will be able to taste a variety of street foods. Mango in Thailand is unlike any others, and a visit to this country is not complete without tasting one of many mango dishes.

Travel tips in Phuket in May

  • Keeping the weather in mind when packing is crucial during this time of the year. It is advised to prepare an umbrella and comfortable shoes for walking around.
  • The nightlife scene might not be as eventful as the peak season due to the reduced number of tourists, but you can still pay a visit to a restaurant or grab a drink on an evening out.
  • The start of the low season in Phuket means hotels and accommodation options offer more discounts. Additionally, there are Phuket tour packages at great prices that are worth checking out.

The experience of exploring Phuket will be more wonderful when the weather in Phuket is quite favorable in May. We hope this guide on Phuket weather in May will help you out on the best time to visit the beautiful province and enjoy exciting activities to the fullest.

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