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Sao Beach is one of Phu Quoc's most beautiful beaches with sparkling white sand, crystal-clear water, and fresh air, which can bring relaxing and peaceful moments. If you are looking for a perfect beach having palm trees swaying in the wind, a forest as a backdrop, and a few bars to enjoy a cocktail while watching the sea, Bai Sao is a great choice for you.

Sao BeachSao Beach1

Sao Beach (Bai Sao) is about 28 km from Dong Duong town, considered as the most famous beach in Phu Quoc tourist area. The reason behind its name "Sao Beach" is because here in the past, every night when the sunset fell, there were thousands of starfish in the white sand. They moved on the shore as well as underwater. So the people here took the name Sao Beach – Starfish Beach to name it as a special symbol of this island.

Sao Beach With White Sand

Sao Beach With White Sand

Sao Beach has a gentle curve of shoreline, surrounded by stone capes toward the sea. Whenever you come here, you will feel fascinated with the pristine beauty of the sea, from a long white sand to clear sky, fresh air and blue water. Visitors can totally immerse theirselves in the cool sea breeze blowing from the ocean. Thus, it is a great place to relax in summer days. Because of that, Sao Beach is a tourist destination where many couples or families choose as a private, quiet and peaceful place to escape from the bustle city.

Sao Beach

Sao Beach

According to the local tour guide, the best time to travel is from June to October; although this is the rainy season but the direction of the wind is obstructed so the waves are calm and the water is very clear. Moreover, when traveling to Phu Quoc, do not forget to explore Sao Beach and bring some souvenir items as gifts. Surely, this beach will retain the most wonderful experience in your memories.

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