Sin Chai Village Sapa

Located at the foot of Fansipan Mountain, Sin Chai village is one of the best view spots in Sapa, about 40 minutes walk from the town.

Offering spectacular landscapes and cultural experiences, Sin Chai Village is one neighborhood village that you don’t want to miss during your trip to Sapa. Similar to Cat Cat Village, Sin Chai offers a true traditional cultural experience with fewer tourists, which enables Sin Chai to be one of the unreached hill-tribe villages for tourism.

 Sin Chai Village

Sin Chai Village

Sin Chai Village is located on the roof of Fansipan Mountain – the highest peak of Indochina. There are many wonderful sceneries that could make the toughest soul melt away. Hiking up on the mountain to reach Sin Chai, travelers are exposed to a wonderful painting of rice paddles, waterfalls, and leisurely grazing buffaloes. The short trekking trip to Sin Chai is interesting thanks to the natives, who would spend time to teach you weaving or dying fabric, take you on a locally constructed trail to explain the name and functions of the local flora. You can also join them in planting trees or their traditional sporting activities.

Sin Chai is the home of Red Dao people (an ethnic group of Vietnam), in which women wear beautifully embroidered garments with silver jewelry and huge turbans. Walking through the village, tourists are mostly accompanied by the local children, who are probably not well-educated but still being extremely hospitable and enthusiastic to make you happy. Fortunately, thanks to tourism development, some local children speak fluent English as the main communicating way to the generous tourists.

 Local People in Sin Chai

Local People in Sin Chai

From Lao Cai train station, it takes an hour to drive to Sapa town. Travelers can take a taxi to the town or reach right away to the starting point of the climb or cable car station. Fansipan mountain foot is only 2km away from Sapa town, but you would need 30 minutes or more as the roads are narrow and packed with cars or other heavy vehicles sharing the roads.

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