Thailand Weather in April: What to Do and Where to Go

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Do you know how Thailand is in April? What should you do in Thailand at this time? Read the article to know about the climate and must-do activities in Thailand during April.

Thailand is the ideal destination to travel for tourists from all over the world. This Southeast Asian country welcomes millions of visitors per year. Actually, choosing the best time of year to travel to Thailand is also important to make a perfect trip. A lot of tourists wonder whether April is a suitable time to visit this beautiful country.

1. Thailand’s Weather in April

April is in the middle of summer in Thailand, which is hotter than other seasons in the year. The average temperature in this month is about 35°C in daytime and 25°C at night time. The average rainfall is relatively low, from 38 mm to 173 mm, depending on each region. The wettest region is Phuket and the driest one is Hua Hin.

Due to the hot climate, a lot of tourists still choose Thailand to travel this time. Due to the hot weather, people will choose to go to the beach or waterfalls rather than visit the temples.

Phuket Beach - Thailand’s Weather in April

Thailand is one of the ideal destinations to travel in the world

2. Suitable activities in Thailand during April

If tourists come to Thailand in April, visiting Elephant Sanctuaries is a suitable choice. Elephants are considered a cultural symbol of this country. A lot of sanctuaries have been opened by the government and non-governmental organizations to protect these animals. In elephant sanctuaries, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in daily activities with elephants such as making food for them, feeding them, and taking baths for them.

In addition, Thailand has a lot of waterfalls for tourists to visit in summer. You can go to waterfalls to enjoy the beautiful scenery and dip in fresh pools to have the most relaxing moments in hot weather.

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Elephant Sanctuaries  - Thailand Weather in April

If tourists come to Thailand in April, visiting Elephant Sanctuaries is a suitable choice

3. Thai Festivals in April

April is the month with the most festivals held in Thailand every year. At this time, Thailand people celebrate their traditional New Year. It is also called Songkran Festival and is one of the biggest events of Thais.

Coming to this New Year event, tourists will have a chance to join in the water festival. People will splash water on each other. People here believe that this ritual will help them clean themselves of negative energy and bring good luck in the new year.

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Songkran Festival - Thailand Weather in April

Songkran Festival is one of the biggest events in Thailand

Actually, having enough information about weather characteristics in each month will help you have a good preparation for your trip. April is also a suitable time to travel to Thailand with a lot of interesting activities. Do not miss the chance to take a tour and travel to this beautiful country this summer.  

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