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Top 5 Outdoor Activities in Southern Vietnam

December 21, 2022 - 580 views

The South of Vietnam has attracted numerous tourists by plenty of must-try outdoor activities. Let’s discover the top 5 outdoor activities in Southern Vietnam. It’s true to say that outdoor activities always bring you interesting experiences. When you come to the South of Vietnam, there are many exciting outdoor activities for you to have a try. The following article will introduce you to the top 5 outdoor activities in Southern Vietnam including biking, motorcycling, hiking, sailing, and fishing.


There is nothing more satisfying than exploring Southern Vietnam on a bicycle. Take a guided tour or simply rent a bike and start cycling - it's fun to explore the South of Vietnam without an organized plan. For those who want to make a full day outdoor, it can also explore some locations in the South of Vietnam by bike, including museums, parks, as well as rice fields, and pagodas.

There is nothing more satisfying than exploring Southern Vietnam on a bicycle

There is nothing more satisfying than exploring Southern Vietnam on a bicycle

Another good suggestion for you, the road in the Mekong Delta (Southern Vietnam) is more comfortable to cycle. The scenery here is beautiful with rice fields extending to the horizon. Bicyclists can experience exotic riverside towns where there are many colorful vegetables and fruits sold on boats floating in rivers.


To see the South of Vietnam from a completely different perspective, you’d better embark on a guided motorbike tour around the city. Learn about the history of Southern Vietnam and get rid of follow-up with the help of knowledgeable guides. This form of transport means you can also get to the outskirts of the city faster, providing you with a deep insight into Southern Vietnam from every angle.

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are some very interesting tours that you should try: Cu Chi Adventure, Cuu Long Delta Experience, Student City Tour, and Evening Food Tour.


Instead of a city tour, you can take a hiking trip in Southern Vietnam. The hiking scenery makes you forget the time and distance when the surroundings become extremely attractive. The ability to interact with local people in local markets and villages is a highlight of the tour. You will have a great feeling for the Vietnamese because they have very few things they share very self by.

Hiking is also a great idea - 5 Outdoor Activities in Southern Vietnam

Hiking is also a great idea

The South has plenty of perfect hiking places in Vietnam thanks to pine forests and granite mountains. The trekking routes in the South are far away from the tourist area, so you can wander on its slopes for days and local interactions based on mutual curiosity rather than trade. There are many high mountains, limestone, and streams here. The topography of the South is quite complicated with "temperate weather types, but highly localized, creating different conditions among different regions"


In the current marine tourism industry, overnight cruises on sailboats are one of the most popular tours for Vietnamese tourists. This tour brings many interesting experiences of outdoor activities in southern Vietnam.

For a truly successful and convenient sailing trip, preparation is very important. We need to learn carefully about the weather, climate, travel schedules, travel destinations included in the trip, geological features at the place, and the activities on a trip. This useful information will determine what we need to prepare for the trip, what you need to bring, and what you should not bring.


There is no denying that the South of Vietnam is blessed with beautiful nature including picturesque mountains, green forests, and many waterways that provide a lot of outdoor activities for both locals and tourists. If you’d like to fish in the South of Vietnam, you need to read the instructions for information on the types of fishing, where to fish and what you should bring, and when to go fishing in Vietnam.

Fishing is one of the exciting outdoor activities

Fishing is one of the exciting outdoor activities

The fact of the matter is that Vietnam is a country with nearly half the land adjacent to the sea. There are many famous beaches from the North to the South of the country. With a 3,620km, long coastline and more than 2,000 islands, a variety of fishes can be found near and far in Vietnam. If you want to taste a little ocean flavor, then southern Vietnam will be a great place for you to make some fishing trips on the shore or in the deep sea.

At the rivers, lakes, or small channels in the South, you can fish in a small boat or at the river. Another type of freshwater fishing in Vietnam you might want to try is using bare hands to catch fish, instead of fishing rods. Freshwater fishes often live and hide in places such as hyacinth roots and small holes in the ground or between rocks, in a slow flow without large tide. When you find their hideouts, you can put your hands on them or lure them out and try to catch them. Be careful when trying to find fish by hand because there are some species of fish that have poisonous spines, so you may want to use gloves when catching them.

A wide range of fishes you can find here include pangasius catfish (locally known as basa), bronze featherback, common carp, airbreathing catfish, eel tail catfish, shark catfish, climbing perch, giant gourami, snakehead, Soleidae, goby, tonguefish, eel, and shrimp.

You will probably need to buy bait in these places. You will have to pay for the hourly service and surcharge based on the weight of fish you catch if you want to keep it. The price of the service is usually 1 dollar/hour. Most of these places will provide you with fishing gear, so you don't need to bring them.

Above are the top 5 outdoor activities that you should try when traveling in South Vietnam. Come exploring the South of Vietnam with BestPrice Travel!

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