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Top Things To Buy In Halong Bay

January 26, 2024 - 4012 views

If you find yourself in Halong Bay unsure of what to buy, here are some unique choices you shouldn't miss. From intricately crafted souvenirs to local specialties, these options are worth considering to bring a piece of the picturesque Halong Bay home with you.

Top 7 Things To Buy In Halong Bay

Best Things To Buy When Traveling To Halong Bay

Squid Paste

Squid paste has an attractive yellow color and a delicious flavor typical of the sea. This is processed into a crispy layer, creating a unique culinary experience with salty, sweet, and sometimes a little spicy flavors.

People here say that only squid living in the highly saline waters of Halong have such sweet, chewy meat. Perhaps for this reason, Halong squid paste become special and much more delicious than squid paste from other coastal areas.

Below are a few reputable brands of squid paste and prices for you to consider choosing:

Brand & Contact

Price (Per Kg)

Thoan Ha Long (02033627219)

US $16.5 - $22.7

Dasavina (0962083232)

US $14 - $20.2

Ong Ba (0947211899)

US $15.7 - $17.3

Hoai Phuong (0988891050)

US $13.6 - $18.5

Hien Nhung Ha Long (020.3350.5799)

US $16.9 - $18.5

Squid Paste

Squid Paste


Dried Seafood

Dried Sipunculus Nudus

  • Price range: From US $82.4 - $103 per kilogram. Can be up to $206.1 with the premium type.

Dried sipunculus nudus is precious seafood and has a quite high price thanks to its rich and healthy nutritional content. With a distinctively sweet and salty flavor, these dried marine creatures offer a delightful culinary experience, embodying the essence of coastal cuisine.

Sipunculus nudus contains high levels of amino acids, glycine, alanine, glutamine, taurine, and many other minerals that are beneficial to the human body. Therefore, this dish is very popular because of both its delicious taste and nutrition.

Dried Sipunculus Nudus

Dried Sipunculus Nudus


Dried Squid

Dried squid is a typical dish of Vietnamese cuisine, made from fresh squid caught in Halong. After the fishermen catch the squid, they cut and clean the squid, leaving the body and head intact. Then dried in the sun or dried until the squid becomes dry and hard.

Dried squid in Halong boasts an irresistible blend of robust flavors, mixed with the sweet and salty sea. The squid is meticulously dried, creating a slightly crispy exterior while maintaining a tender and chewy center. 

Below is the price list for your reference:


Price (Per Kg)

28cm - 33cm

Around US $45.3

18cm - 23cm

Around US $43.2

15cm - 17cm

Around US $39.5

10cm - 14cm 

Around US $28

Dried Squid

Dried Squid


Halong Pearl

The outstanding features of Halong Bay pearls are considered by experts to be high purity, a thick layer of mother-of-pearl, and many luxurious and attractive natural colors such as gold, lapis lazuli, cherry pink, and aqua gray. This incredible item is not only a precious product, but also a symbol of the natural beauty and unique culture of the region.

Products made from pearls are quite diverse, and exquisitely crafted, with sparkling colors and different sizes, creating attractive jewelry items such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. Other components such as oyster shells are produced by the skillful hands of craftsmen into very unique jewelry and souvenirs.

Below are some types of pearl with price for your reference:


Price (Per One)

Tahiti Pearl

Around US $123.8

South Sea Pearl

Around US $115.5

Akoya Pearl

Around US $103.1

We also suggest some reputable addresses for you to choose from:



Halong Pearl

Halong Vincom Center, Halong City

Legend Pearl

Dai Yen Commune, Halong City

SJC Pearl

Cam Pha Vincom Center, Cam Pha City

Note: You shouldn’t buy pearls on ships or in shops in popular tourist locations, as prices are often higher than in shops in the city center. Please check carefully to avoid buying fake goods.

Halong Pearl

Halong Pearl


Seashell Accessories

  • Price range: from US $0.8 to $16.5.

Halong Bay, renowned for its abundant seafood resources, is not only a captivating natural wonder but also a treasure trove of handmade souvenirs crafted from the exquisite shells of snails and seashells. The local artisans skillfully transform these marine remnants into beautiful and intricate items such as wind chimes, bracelets, necklaces, and beads will definitely be ideal items for your friends.

We also recommend a few trustworthy locations for you to consider:

Hoang Phat Trade Center

187 Nguyen Van Cu, Halong City

Thanh Nien Mart

Bai Chay Post Office Junction, Halong City

Ha Long Supermarket

Le Thanh Tong Street, Halong City

Seashell Accessories

Seashell Accessories



Hoanh Bo Soaked Rice Wine

  • Price range: From US $3.1 to $3.8 per liter

Halong cuisine not only has delicious dishes but also drinks that are also notable local specialties. It seems that every province has its own type of wine, and Halong also has the delicious Hoanh Bo Soaked Rice Wine. After returning from a trip to Halong, don't forget to buy a few jars of Hoanh Bo-soaked rice wine as gifts.

This rice wine is made by the Halong people from the best sticky rice here. After cooking, the sticky rice is incubated for a certain time and waits for a while for the rice to ferment then yeast made from leaves taken from the Hoanh Bo forest.

We suggest you buy Hoanh Bo soaked rice wine in Halong Market 2.

Hoanh Bo Soaked Rice Wine

Hoanh Bo Soaked Rice Wine


Morinda Officinalis Wine

  • Price range: From US $3.3 to $6.2 per liter

Morinda officinalis wine is wine-soaked from morinda officinalis tubers grown quite a lot in Quang Ninh. Depending on the type of white or purple root, the soaked wine will have different colors.

This type of wine is rich in flavor, has the characteristic aroma of purple tubers, and has the spicy taste of rice wine made with yeast from this land. That is the difference that creates the characteristics of Halong morinda officinalis wine. This wine has many good health effects, especially for the health of men.

We also suggest some dependable addresses for your consideration:

OCOP Halong

Supermarket Go!, Nguyen Van Cu Street, Halong City

Vietnamese Traditional Drinks

Sunworld Ancient Town, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City

Morinda Officinalis Quang Ninh

Area 5, Ha Tu Ward, Halong City


Vietnamese Rice Grain Painting

  • Price range: From US $8.2 to $82

Rice grain painting is an idyllic genre of art and creativity made from rice grains. This unique form of creativity comes to life through the skilled hands of artisans who masterfully arrange and combine rice grains to craft stunning paintings encompassing a diverse range of subjects, including portraits, architecture, landscapes, etc.

Each painting is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and artistic vision of the creators. The process involves selecting and sorting rice grains of varying colors and sizes, transforming them into a medium that adds depth and texture to the artwork.

You can choose to shop for Rice gain painting in Cai Dam Market or Halong Market 1.

Vietnamese Rice Grain Painting

Vietnamese Rice Grain Painting


Handicraft Coal Statues

  • Price range: From US $5 - $6.2/ small product to over US $420 for sophisticated products.

Handicraft coal statues in Halong are unique artworks crafted from coal, showcasing the talent and creativity of local artisans. With intricate details and the natural essence of the material, these coal statues are artistic creations.

Quang Ninh coal handicraft products are rich in designs such as Buddha statues, miniature Halong Bay, 12 zodiac animals, etc. These items can be displayed in many different spaces, or made as meaningful gifts or souvenirs.

Here are 2 trusted addresses for you to choose from:

Artist Quyet's House

Hong Ha Ward, Halong City

Cute Coal

Area 4, Hong Gai Ward, Halong City

Handicraft Coal Statues

Handicraft Coal Statues


Where To Shop In Halong

Halong Seafood Night Market

  • Address: Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City.
  • Opening hours: 17:00 to 23:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Halong night market boasts 335 diverse stalls offering various products, from food and souvenirs to clothing and specialties. Designed with sturdy concrete stalls equipped with electric fans, lighting systems, and ample parking, the market provides a vibrant and exciting shopping experience. 

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by bright lights and an extensive array of items, including intricate handicrafts that showcase the local craftsmanship in a sophisticated and impressive manner.


Cai Dam Market

  • Address: Tien Ong Street, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City.
  • Opening hours: Daily from 07:00 to 18:00.

The market sells a variety of items and has a modern 6-story design with more than 750 fixed business locations. Each floor is zoned for trading different items. On the ground floor, they sell agricultural products, food, and fresh seafood.

The first floor sells fashion, footwear, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, stationery, and general merchandise. The 2nd floor sells electronics, jewelry, souvenirs, wooden furniture, etc. The remaining floors of the market sell other general services.


Halong Market 1

  • Address: Bach Dang Street, Halong City
  • Opening hours: Daily from 06:00 to 18:30.

This Halong market is quite large in scale, including indoor and outdoor areas. The outdoor area of Halong 1 market is where all kinds of fresh seafood are sold. Inside is a four-story building with many booths of different industries.

On the 1st and 2nd floors of Halong Market 1 is the trading area of handicraft and souvenir stalls. On the remaining floors, you will find many clothes and shoes suitable for many different ages. The products sold in this market are trendy and reasonably priced.


Halong Market 2

  • Address: 433 Le Loi, Tran Hung Dao, Halong City
  • Opening hours: Daily from 08:00 to 17:00.

The indoor area of Halong 2 market includes two floors with a variety of items from clothes, shoes, and household appliances, to souvenirs. Goods sold at Halong 2 market have quite beautiful designs and stable quality.

The area outside is where fresh seafood is sold. In particular, this place is also famous for dried foods such as dried squid, dried shrimp, and dried fish.

Shop In Halong Market

Shop In Halong Market


Local Tips When Shopping In Halong Markets

Before going

  • It is recommended to research the price range of the item you want to buy to ensure you do not end up purchasing at an excessively high cost.
  • To make the most of your market experience, plan to visit in the early morning. This not only ensures a broader selection of goods but also allows you to explore with greater ease before the crowds swell later in the day.
  • The markets in Halong are often quite large and have uneven surfaces. Comfortable sports shoes ensure that you can move around the market easily and comfortably.

When you go shopping

  • Thoroughly inspect the quality of items, particularly handmade products. Engage with vendors, inquire about the product's origin, and ensure you are satisfied with the craftsmanship before making a decision.
  • Markets can be crowded, providing opportunities for pickpocketing. Keep a close eye on your belongings, use anti-theft measures like crossbody bags, and avoid displaying valuable items openly to minimize the risk of theft.

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