Top 5 trusted taxi brands in Ho Chi Minh City

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Taking a taxi is popular when traveling from place to place and there is no exception in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. But what are the best taxi brands for you to catch? Let’s find out in this article.

Traffic in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is like a nightmare for some foreigners due to its density and hazards of traffic participants. So, why don’t you just catch a taxi and go around for a relaxing? It might be a little bit expensive but if you book the right one, your trip will be amazing. Here we will provide the top 5 trusted taxi brands in Ho Chi Minh for you to choose from.

1. Mai Linh

One of the best taxi brands in Ho Chi Minh City is Mai Linh Taxi from Mai Linh Group Joint Stock Company. This brand was founded in 1993 and was the first taxi enterprise granted “ISO Road Traffic Management System” in Vietnam.
Mai Linh offers transportation for people in 63 provinces and 4 island towns in the country. The mission that the company always aims at is to bring satisfaction to everyone while contributing to the enhancement and development of Vietnamese culture. The brand does not raise the price during peak hours and the customer service is available 24/7.
Now, you can book a Mai Linh taxi along the streets or just via Mai Linh taxi app. Thus, you can save a large amount of time from waiting. The price for the first 0,3 km is 5000 VND ($0.2), three times higher at the second kilometers and reduced for the next ones. The hotline number of Taxi Mai Linh in Ho Chi Minh is 028 38 38 38 38.

Mai Linh Taxi Ho CHi Minh city brand

Mai Lin taxi

2. VinaSun

VinaSun was born with Innova J, Innova G, and Vios from Toyota cars with an aim to bring the best service for the majority of Vietnamese people. Now, VinaSun has more than 4500 cars all over the country, offering taxi service with modern images, sound as well as techniques in such a discreet environment. It promises to bring the best, quickest, and most professional service to customers. The opening price for the first 0,5 km is 11,000 VND ($0.47) and from the next ones, the price will be a little higher. However, the further you go, the lower the price per km will be. VinaSun has more than 4500 cars all over the country, offering taxi service with modern images, sound as well as techniques in such a discreet environment 

vinasun taxi brand ho chi minh city

VinaSun taxi

3. Vina Taxi

Vina Taxi was established in 1992 by the combination of TRACODI and TECOBEST Company. But in 2003, the brand belonged to ComfortDelGro, a Singaporean company that is at the top of leading road transport groups in the world. Five years later, Vina Taxi added a GPS navigation system so as to serve customers better with practical benefits. Thanks to its improvements in transportation services, Vina Taxi was honored with numerous prestigious awards for being one of the best taxi brands not only in Ho Chi Minh City but also in the whole of Vietnam. 8,000 VND ($0,34) is the price for the first 0,5 km with VinaTaxi and if you want the driver to wait, the price for each hour is 45,000 VND ($1.94).

vina taxi saigon brand

Vina taxi

4. Saigon Airport

Another trusted taxi brand in Ho Chi Minh City is Saigon Airport taxi. It serves customers mainly in Ho Chi Minh as well as some neighboring provinces. “Safe and economize” is the motto of the brand. Saigon Airport taxis always put the pleasure of customers first. Its drivers are professional and the customer care is super willing to deal with any problems. The first 0,7 km costs 12,000 VND ($0.52), the next kilometer costs 16,500 VND ($0.71) and from the 31st km, the price remains at 12,000 VND ($0.52).

5. Taxi Hoang Long

Taxi Hoang Long has been established for over 10 years. Now it is available in Ho Chi Minh City and other neighboring places. The brand offers four-seat and seven-seat taxis like Toyota Vios, Toyota Innova, and Fiat. Moreover, it also has so many types of services such as taxi coupons, taxis in the airport, taxis for provinces, and so on. The price of taxi Hoang Long is generally cheaper than other brands in Ho Chi Minh city, which is about 10,000 VND ($0.43) for the first 0,7 km and 14,2000 VND ($0.61) for the next ones. However, if you want to catch a cab during peak hours, it is a little bit hard for a taxi from Hoang Long brand.

taxi Hoang Long Ho Chi Minh brand

Taxi Hoang Long

It can be said that there are a variety of different taxi brands in Ho Chi Minh City, however, the most trusted ones are mentioned above. Thus, if you are looking for a comfortable journey by taxi, don’t forget to give them a try.

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